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  1. I wonder if anyone can help? I seem to remember last year that Le Guide was released on a friday, However we got a press release on the wedensday night. Probably to allow the media to carry the story on the thursday, Do P.R companies get prior knowledge? I ask this beacause the press release was not supposed to be available until 8.30 on the thursday morning. Will it be the same scenario this year?
  2. Yeah, Emma I do agree with you. But What normally happens is that when these Young cooks move away, they stay away- With three notable exceptions, Niall at james street south, Brian at Shu and Derick at Deanes. As For More, Fair play to jason for taking the room on, And I'm glad he's doing well. Have you tried Molly's yard, Barry smith's new place?
  3. I understand cath gradwell from aldens will be cooking, Hardly a big name. I've had three terrible meals there in the last two months. With the iminent michelin guide, predictions for the country look dire to say the least.With Robbie millar gone and barry smith's new place,I can safely assume only one star in the country. And it only opens four services a week....
  4. Legally or not, He'll always be Skidders!
  5. Jason skidmore, formerly robbies sous and of northcote manor and gavoroche is i believe taking over the lease. May continue to be called shanks. Or not? (And Shank's is what the staff refered to the restaurant as!)
  6. As Far as i'm aware, Shank's reopens the first week in December.
  7. Recent news report's suggest Robbie's death was the result of A "tyre blow out". No alcohol was found in his system, And hazardous weather provailed on the night of his death. Still does not make it any easier?
  8. To be honest, i think it's too soon for the caterer to be publishing a massive " Robbie will be a great loss" Article, maybe next week. Anyway, fair play to Nigel haworth, who made it to the funeral. We had a good chat, and some thing along the line's of a Robbie tribute will be on the card's. Hopefully a few E gulleter's will get involved.
  9. I'd worked at shanks for the last three years and robbie was a great friend and mentor. It's absolutly gutting for the whole brigade and every single person connected with shanks. he will be sorely missed.
  10. Read the interview Andy, Venison with blue cheese and chocolate sauce?!? I can't think of anything worse to possibly eat......
  11. I'm afraid i'll have to disagree here, Niall Mc Kenna's food has to be some of the worst I've come across, Fair enough the room is nice but I think that has more to do with 24/7 who designed the place. His techniques are tired and safe and his repetoire very limited,And some of his pairings very strange to say the least. But he is a likeable chap who has done well. The oriel at present is doing some interesting food, But the surroundings are grim. I still think Deanes and shanks are the only Restaurants Catering to the northern irish pallate with any sort of flair. And may i ask when postcod
  12. Hello everyone, first post......... I live in belfast and would tend to agree with most of the opinions above, Although There are some decent places to eat. Micheal deane has three decent restaurant operations at the minute, With his thai venture 'Chokdee' Closing and making way for 'Deanes Deli'. His head Chef At his Brasserie Derek Creah was hestons Sous chef at the fat duck. Shu recently Had a change of Chef in Brian mc cann who, I'm led to believe was sous at The Square under philip howard. Also no one has mentioned shanks in bangor who have maintained a Michelin star for ten ye
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