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  1. Like I said before, I have faith that the new owners are going to do the right thing. Im glad they sank a few bucks into the place. I can't see what is happening from vietnam so I hope I hear good things. I was doing a little snooping and I found a link to a design company doing some work for the Kolachy co and if you scroll down and take a look it's pretty good stuff. http://artbackwash.blogspot.com/
  2. well fellow egulleters, I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for all your support over the last 4 1/2 years and to let you know that i am now semi retired. I fully believe that without the help i got from egullet and its members the shop would not be what it is today and for that i will always be grateful. Maddie, the girl who has worked for me for over 2 years will be managing the store so you will still get the same awesome service and the kitchen crew is still going to be the same so the food will still be the same as well. The new owners of the shop are great guys and i feel completely confident in their ability to take the kolachy shop to the next level. So once again thanks to everyone for their comments (positive and negative) and eat well.
  3. I thought the episode was very good, but i must agree that more focus on the room and food would have been nice. i assume that there must have been some limitations on shooting the entire room as a whole because it didn't seem to ever show up in its final stages. by the way, Andrew i didn't even notice the crooked glasses.
  4. know when you are coming in next and I will get you a cranberry lemon on the house, sorry
  5. Not the fanciest place but still one of the best in the city is Tapastree, great food, great service (ask for Brad). If you are a social eater and don't mind a little noise this could easily become "your" place
  6. 2 features this week, butter chicken is making it's second apperance and we also have a toutier kolachy. the feature dessert will be a pineapple cheesecake. Sorry i haven't romanced the description but it's been busy.
  7. I find the actions childish and unprofessional but I also think that me thinking about this and having a chuckle was childish and unprofessional as well. Don't be too hard on yourself Neil I'm sure there were others (myself included) ←
  8. I just made my first reservation on Open Table and I don't think I'll ever use the phone for a reservation again, no chuckles from the host when you ask for a table on Saturday at 8:00pm on Friday, I should know better but on-line it's available or it isn't
  9. As a person involved in the qsr bus. I shouldn't have but I must admit that chuckled when I saw this. To say that finding good people in this bus. is a bitch is an understatement. Once you find someone you have to treat them like part of the team and not like a tool. They should be running your shop. When I say this I say it with sincerity, your employees are your number one asset. I can't comment on this particular situation but if you treat your employees like shit you get what's coming. That being said no matter how well you treat people often times you can just get assholes for employees. I would love for Scott to reply to this thread because if I saw this in my window I would have just turned around and called it a day. For the record I have to give my staff a pat on the back for their loyalty and this little photo makes me appreciate them even more.
  10. We had a breakfast feature that had pork and beans in it (english breakfast). Not one of my personal favorites but it sold like crazy and we had a lot of people asking for it to be brought back so watch for it soon.
  11. I was invited to dinner at the Beach House at Dunderave Pier on Saturday and I was a little concerned. The last time I was there I was really disapointed, mind you it has been some time since I was there (before the new renovations). Man, was I suprised. The moment we walked in the door we were greeted by a very nice hostess and given a really nice table. That's all fine and good and something I would expect from any self respecting hospitality based business, but the food and table service were amazing. Our table shared some calamari with a spicy chili sauce that was one of the best I've ever had. 2 people at the table had a prawn and scallop dish that was just fantastic. Another person order the lobster ravioli, a dish that seems to be on too many menus but this one was perfect. I had the tuna and again a hit. Being a huge creme brulee fan I order at almost every place I go and the trio of brulee was so good that it is difficult to describe. I know that this post may not come as a huge suprise to people that have been going for the last few years but I just wanted to let others know that if they are like me and had the impression that the beach house was a dated tourist trap that you (and I) couldn't be more wrong. My apologies Beach House.
  12. It was great!! Since I didn't have the opportunity to get on line until today, I thought there'd be a bit more about Neil on here. It was nice to see him interviewed, and I thought it was a great promo about the Vancouver food scene in general. The rest of the shows were great too, however, they seemed to be trying to be comparable to the Global shows quite a few weeks ago. Any comments about the other places commented on ? ← I thought there would be a bit more on Neil as well ! They shot enough footage for a short film, but I ended up on the cutting room floor. At least I get free Kolachy's for life now. ← With the amount of footage they shot in the shop we could have been the news for monday. I however am glad that most of my stuff ended up on the cutting room floor. by the way Neil, did you notice that there are no green peppers in the new feature?
  13. if you knew the friend i was talking about you wouldn't ask that question. i think she goes out for toast. by the way when i make livers at home a make a really simple sauce with brandy and whole peppercorns with a reduced pomagranate juice. it is quite good but the livers have to be med rare
  14. Just thought I'd give a heads up on the new feature kolachy for monday. Slow roasted new zealand leg of lamb in a traditional greek tomato sauce with cinnamon and whole pepper corns. I cooked the lamb for 8 hours so it's pretty tender.
  15. ok, i just checked with ctv and they said that it will air at 7:50pm
  16. If anyone is interested, there will be a short snipet on CTV Monday Jan. 9th on the 5:00 pm broadcast about the kolachy shop. Neil(aka nwyles) of Hamilton Street Grill fame was asked where he enjoys eating and the camera crew followed him to the kolachy shop (thanks Neil). I don't know how it will come across as i wasn't as prepared as i would have liked but it should prove entertaining.
  17. I don't think that I have posted much on this thread due to my shyness (anyone who has been in the store knows how shy I am). that being said i just want to let everyone who has posted on this thread (positive and negative) that I really appreciate all the feed back that has been given to me. It has been a great tool in finding out what the kolachy shop has been doing right and hopefully a way to fix the things that we are doing wrong. So again, a long over-due thanks to all my fellow egulleters for your insight and your business.
  18. we also have poppy seed which is a very traditional eastern european kolachy. the feature kolachys change about every 2 weeks. the next one will more than likely have something to do with chocolate.
  19. There is a place on the North Shore called Le Bistro Chez Micheal that does a really good turkey dinner on Christmas Eve. they are about 2 minutes away from the seabus station. i would recomend calling ahead to see if they have any room.
  20. I have a friend who moved to Toronto from Vancouver about a year and half ago and keeps complaining that she can't find chicken livers anywhere. I tried to tell here with so many fantastic restaurants in TO that she just isn't looking hard enough. if anyone knows a place that has good livers on the regular menu i would love to prove her wrong.
  21. I have worked across the street from dix for almost 3 years and to say that they have improved a lot is an understatement. I used to think that there menu never reflected the fact that they had the biggest smoker i've ever seen. now when you walk into dix all you can smell is beef and pork ribs slowly smoking. to have a rack of ribs during a PPV game is a little bit of heaven. I haven't been to MB in while so I'm not going to comment but i love tony's beer more.
  22. All the usual stuff for thanksgiving and always finish it off with the liver and the heart of the turkey that no one in my family (thankfully) appreciates.
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