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  1. And for those that live in the North of Ireland (where the skies are blue, not grey) there's here.
  2. At that point, I'd have got up, asked for a manager and created one hell of a scene. I've also been in that situation once before whilst eating out with my 90yr old Grandmother, where discussions of such sort could be overheard. I simply said - Grannie, please keep your voice down, everyone's staring at us. Works for me everytime.
  3. Try here It's a pretty awful guide, but it does list 'artisan producers'
  4. Chris Beanland, who writes on food for Metro in Birmingham is one to watch for the future. That is once he leaves home, cuts the apron strings, progresses into long trousers and sells his skateboard. He'll then be ready to take on the aforementioned National critics at their own game. Oh, and also, when he actually learns a little about food and realises that you can't really order chips with everything
  5. You shouldn't have any problem coming from outside the UK and using a credit card that doesn't use a pin. It only applies to UK issued cards. The registered disabled will still have the option to sign if they want and the elderly may get away with it if they plead Alzheimers.
  6. And Patrick McDonald at Paris in Birmingham, too. Just been upped to four AA rosettes and still nothing from Michelin. Compare that to the ludicrous award of a fourth rosette to Michael Deane's eponymous restaurant in Belfast (who already has a star) and it kind of makes a mockery of both guides in my eyes.
  7. I see Sat Bains has jumped from having no rosettes to having four! Zero to four in one hit's one hell of an achievement. Good on 'im - top bloke.
  8. Bloody Hell - Jason Skidmore's taking it on? Good on him! Last time I spoke to him he was working for Colleen at Fontana. By the way, he has now legally dropped the 'Skid' and is now just plain old Jason Moore!
  9. News to us (and Clandeboye Estates) Shank's[sic] have no intention of beginning to trade again during the first week in December.
  10. I'm led to believe that Shanks won't be re-opening at all (under the management of Shirley Millar) and that Lindy Guinness is already looking at alternatives. Two 'well known' names have already expressed interest in taking it over apparently. I've seen a few familiar faces from Shanks working elsewhere now and I'm presuming they were all made redundant after the accident.
  11. As far as I'm aware, Diageo have moved their production of Guinness (for the UK market) back from Park Royal to St James's Gate, so it should taste the same in England (presuming that the lines are well looked after) as it does in Ireland as it's all made here now.
  12. Organised by whom? Never heard of this competition before.
  13. Couldn't agree more. My Fat Duck experience was about as memorable as my first enema.
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