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  1. Judas Goat opens in Gastown's Blood Alley. The old Marrekech to become Terracotta. Cork and Fin open across from the Irish Heather a couple weeks back. Gastown Rocks!
  2. Jackson Meats is back soon on Fourth Avenue. Now I can walk to my butcher.
  3. Finally figured out where the Bearfoot's Keith Nicholson will land..... http://www.martiniboys.com/Vancouver/club-...-Wine-Room.html
  4. I think it has moved, but I can't remember where. ← It will/has moved to the Sea Shanty location on Yew around Abigail's Party area.
  5. I think the restaurant is related to this: Police in Vancouver believe they have arrested the No. 1 madam in the Lower Mainland: A female pimp named "Pinky" who allegedly made more than $1 million a year from the sexual services provided by Korean women entering Canada as tourists. But will it serve Korean food or perhaps more basic jail-type cuisine. (Anyone know what's on the menu in jail lately? It's been a while).
  6. And I missed that part! How will I ever redeem myself.
  7. I finally saw some action in the old Vintropolis space and reported at Martini Boys (also an update of Papi's in Steveston). http://www.martiniboys.com/Calgary/article...ings-10336.html
  8. ← I was confused about what we were talking about. Again.
  9. Isn't he Gord Martin's older, larger and more flamboyant brother?
  10. Here we go again! Shall we all debate this concept again? Is it fair to review a restaurant in the first days of opening? No? Or if they are open, they are open, 10% discount or not? IMO - If you review a place in the first stages, at least mention that it has just opened and that it may be going through some growing pains.
  11. ZIN On Robson has a kids menu and The Pacific Palisades Hotel is using this for Room service as well. The menu offers the usual kids favorites but incorporates organics and local ingredients as a healthier option for kids. The menu also introduces dishes that you wouldn’t normally be available for children like arctic char. Appetizers Organic Chicken Noodle Soup Organic Chicken Broth, Fresh Peas, Bread Toasts Mac & Cheese $8 Creamy Organic Elbow Macaroni, Local Cheddar Mixed Green Salad $5 Orange Segments, Citrus Vinaigrette Fried Rice $8 Crisp Tofu, Mushrooms, Bok Choy, Omellette Mains Burger $8 Grilled Burger, Local Cheddar, Tomato, Lattice Chips Pea Fettuccini $10 Spring Peas, House Made Fettuccini, Parmesan, Buttered Noodles Arctic Char $14 Herb Gnocchi, Organic Vegetables Steak Frites $14 Grilled Striploin, Lattice Chips, Veal Gravy Organic Chicken Strips $12 Panko Crust, Lattice Chips, Sweet Plum “Chutney” Thin Crust Pizza $10 Build your own with the following toppings: Oven Dried Tomatoes, Crisp Bacon, Ham, Pineapple, Mushrooms, Salmon, Grilled Vegetables, Bocconcinni Cheese, Local Cheddar Tasting Menu Hey young Zin crowd, Choose your own Adventure, Choose a menu item from each of the above categories and enjoy 3 courses for $18. Desserts Fruit Parfait $4 Fruit Salad, Yogurt, Honey Roasted Granola Warm Chocolate Cake $5 Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Seasonal Berries Vanilla Cheesecake $5 Berry Puree, Whipped Cream, Seasonal Berries Mocktails $6 Chocoholic Rich Chocolate Milk, Served Hot, On the Rocks or Straight Up Banana Rama Blended Bananas, Vanilla Ice Cream, Pineapple Juice, Chocolate Sauce Blasted Apple Fresh Pressed Apple Juice, Ginger Soda, Fresh Lime Moo Berry Fresh Local Berries, Yogurt, Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, Local Honey
  12. As panhandlers, my peeps and I are highly anticipating Boneta (once I got the name and characters right). Wine list by Neil Ingram...Mark Brand behind the bar, Jeremie Bastion on the stoves... Good talent, hip location, what more could we hope for? I guess dancing girls and free elephant rides. Edited so Andrew wouldn't fall totally asleep.
  13. Double post on Urban Diner for clarity.. BROWNS OPENS TODAY AT 5 pm - BUT... There seems to be some confusion. I have gotten several emails asking if I am going to the opening party at Brown's today. As Andrew reported they are opening today at 5 pm. Period. No opening party. They will do a Grand Opening later.
  14. Stephen, You are the official gastown expert!
  15. Where can I buy mini buns like those used at Mortons for the mini-steak sandwiches. HELP!
  16. Too busy for a full post, but I went in last night and the room looks great. Very modern. Just had a drink, so can't comment on the food. Will be back very soon as it is in my neighbourhood. http://www.chow-restaurant.com/
  17. Close - they're in the old Capri 19 space. Press release pending.
  18. Ouisi Bistro www.ouisibistro.com They have a $25 pre-theatre meal (menu on the site). The dishes are tasty, portions are generous and I bet you haven't had Creole for a while! I've done it several times pre-theatre and enjoyed it immensely.
  19. I plan to eat more casually this year. Can you assist my endeavor by divulging your favourite Vancouver Delis?
  20. In Aldergrove at Del Pollo The Mad Celts ...their repertoire includes the music of Ireland, Scotland, Newfoundland, The Maritimes and Australia ~ add in a little bit of humour, and some sing-a-longs and you've got a night of excellent entertainment! Saturday, January 20th 2007 Haggis & Roast Beast Dinner $17.95 Juicy prime rib and a wee bit of haggis, topped with a rich Scotch Whiskey gravy, served with neeps 'n tatties and veggies Haggis "Del Pollo" $15.95 Bob's own invention - chicken breast stuffed with haggis and topped with a rich Scotch Whiskey gravy, served with neeps 'n tatties and veggies
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