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    Tough wine pairing

    A younger pecorinno would contrast the sweetness of the beets quite well actually. Especially when its a blend of cheese and not all that much pec. You guys mention Pinot for the fruit etc...would a shiraz work? or would that be too big? Cheers.
  2. sadistick

    Tough wine pairing

    Well, I plan on making a beet stock to use as the liquid, reducing it and having a strong beet flavour. If when you say toasted you mean cooking the rice before deglazing till they become translucent, then yes...always I plan on using a mild flavoured cheese to finish the risotto, havent decided on that part yet, but im sure there will be parmigiano and maybe pecorino. Just need a wine pairing for this course. What other clues do you require?
  3. Ok, lets hear some suggestions...I would prefer a red if possible, but all ideas are welcome!
  4. I would have to disagree and suggest you dont waste your time going to Thuet, for the cost to quality ratio, I would MUCH rather go to Scaramouche or Splendido and would strongly recommend you do so as well.
  5. My uncle brought a bottle of Zacapa Centenario 23 back from Florida for me. This stuff is excellent, very smooth, a hint of sweetness...Easily consumed, that's for sure. Now, why the LCBO has not brought this to Ontario yet...thats a good question.
  6. A quick search on this forum will bring up a list of the best places to eat while in TO. You should be a bit more specific in terms of how long you have here, and what you are looking for in way of type of cuisine. However, I offer these suggestions. Kaji Sushi (amazing sushi, that is if you like sushi...try to get a seat at the sushi bar) Scaramouche or Splendido - Top 2 restaurants in Toronto.
  7. I love the salmon sashimi at My Sushi...some of their nigiri sushi is good as well (bbq eel, salmon) If you enjoy AYCES I urge you to try Sushi Island.
  8. I have been going now for about 2 years and being a sushi lover, I just cant get enough. Some may argue that the quality isnt as good, but how wrong they are! Best places I have found so far... My Sushi (yonge and steeles) Sushi Island (college and bathurs) ... just tried this place last night, get their nigiri AYCE sushi 'deal' ...a few great rolls too...and their soft shell crab was awesome! Feel free to share yours.
  9. I love pizzaville, they are cheap, and really tastey. Good crust (you can get either regular or thin crust), good sauce...and wide selection of toppings. I enjoy Mamma's as well, but they are overpriced IMO.
  10. If you folks had to chose one rum (not too insanely priced), to have a friend bring in from out of country, what would it be?
  11. Good to know Jason, which would you consider the top 3 of the RZ line? I was also wondering if this line is sold in NY state...as one of my GF's goes to school in Ithica, she could bring a bottle or two back, any info?
  12. Hey Stalder, You know...I do love going to Pusateri's...however, eventually...it becomes just as expensive, if not even more sometimes vs ordering in! Please let me know next time you are in the area, I will have one waiting for you! Where exactly is EDO? Someone brought take out from there the other day and it was very nice...although I found another amazing sushi place on Young and Lawrence area about 4 blocks north of lawrence on the east side. I heard about this place called 'Spring Roll' for Thai delivery, apparantly they are quite good...will have to try them out one of these days...however I have pretty high standards for Pad Thai after eating at 'Princess Thai' down on King St.
  13. Since I am most likely going to be ordering in tonight, I thought it may not be a bad idea for a topic on the best places for delivery within the GTA for various types of cuisine. I will add my thoughts later - but specifically, for my search tonight, we are deciding between... Chinese Japanese Thai Since location sometimes may be an issue, we live around the Avenue and Lawrence area... I'll tell you right now - My favourite pizza place with widespread delivery....Pizzaville!
  14. Darcy - I believe it is the Centrino 23 y/o which is about $80? I am not certain, maybe it is just called Centrino...and I believe it is the second best one by Zacapa next to the 25 y/o.
  15. I wouldn't buy them, lets leave it at that.
  16. Darcy, I too inquired with my local Vintages. I want to get my hands on a bottle of Zacapa, and was told they would put an order in, but typically its a 6 or 12 bottle min. If you are interested in putting together a organized purchase, I would be in.
  17. That is one tastey looking tomato, Susan. I love all the shapes and sizes and wierd deformaties they can take on...I will try to post some interesting shapes soon. What I really enjoy is making sauce from all the saved trimmings from cutting these guys up.
  18. Do tell, what exactly is that?
  19. Thanks for the tips, I will be sure to post pictures and some WTN's here as well. I must admit however, the one thing which scares me a bit is removing the cork, as Busboy mentioned. Typically when I have an older wine, someone else is doing that...any things to keep in mind and/or suggestions for removing a cork which is that old?
  20. I will be opening a '82 Lynch Bages this weekend for a anniversary dinner. I have heard various opinions on best practices, so I seek to find a consensus amongst eG's wine aficionados. - How long to leave the bottle up right to let the sediment settle? Can this be done at room temp? - How long prior to drinking should I open it? Should it be decanted? If so, should it be strained through cheese cloth? That pretty much does it...very interested to hear what you folks have to say. Cheers, -Justin
  21. All you need to do is put the wines in a few socks, and make sure they are in the CENTER of your suitecase, as long as they are surrounded by clothes and not able to bang together, you are fine. Done this many times.
  22. As promised, after a trip to my favourite cheese shop this weekend, I thought I would post a few pics. They have almost every cheese you can think of, and if they dont, they will do their best to get it in! Bounty...Cant remember all the names, but really strong brie, nice blue, unpasturized goat, petit basque, peccorino, and I believe a goats milk cheese in middle. Edited to add - They often have some great deals - For example, we got 2 pieces of Brie that big for $6!
  23. We are not all that sure actually...My uncle got tons of seeds from seed houses in the US - and had a local greenhouse sprout them in time for planting, however, they mucked up all the labelling, and we are not sure what is what anymore! Havent tasted it yet, but I will let you know if/when we find out. Will have some San Marzano's soon, but those are MUCH thicker than the ones pictured.
  24. Figured this may be the appropriate thread to post some pics of our garden and some produce from it. This is a shot of one of the gardens up at our farm, 45 minutes from Toronto. Some of the things growin are...Black raspberries, blueberries, various types of heirloom tomatoes, fava beans, peas, zucchini plants, garlic, onions, artichokes, pears, grapes...the list goes on! A shot of some stuff picked from the garden in preperation for upcoming meals
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