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  1. The wifey recently was gifted a big bag o nuts, pistachios to be exact.

    I was wondering if anyone had any tricks to getting the shells off of those ones that are nearly close, but have a little crack, or even no crack at all.

    I hate wasting and it would be a shame to throw them out - as the old saying goes, waste not want not! TooTrue!

  2. It is important to eat kale raw to get all its health benefits.

    I thought that kale, like spinach and chard, contains oxalic acid in amounts that interfere with the absorption of calcium and iron, so that it's actually better for you if cooked.

    I don't eat Kale for its Calcium or Iron, but more so for its extreme amounts of Vitamin A, C, and K, and all of the Carotenoids and flavonoids.

    Kale does have oxalates which would prevent the absorption of calcium if eating other dairy products, but not from the kale itself.

    It can cause bloating if eaten raw (as most other veggies in the family) but with the massaging method and the breakdown of the fibers that doesnt seem to be an issue.

  3. It is important to eat kale raw to get all its health benefits.

    We usually make a big batch of this salad a few times a month and it will last for up to 5-6 days in the fridge.

    Chop kale

    Grate fresh garlic



    Good EVOO

    Good Red Wine (or your preferred type) vinegar

    Massage all into kale

    - When you consume, toss with grated cheese of choice, we prefer Parm or Romano, and add either dried cranberries/cherries/raisins and some toasted nut (we like pumpkin seeds or almonds).

  4. Squared sinks look better, but rounded is easier to clean.

    I have this sink, I think its made by Moen, that is the best of both worlds, it LOOKS squared, but is not, and has a slight round edge to it which is easy to get to for cleaning.

  5. It's pretty pathetic that one ignorant woman's use of inappropriate language gets so much attention/publicity.

    Are there no greater newsworthy topics in this world, perhaps of some worth?

    She needs to take her $50+/- Million and enjoy life, buy an island somewhere and start her own TV network for the intellectually inept.

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  6. Is there any special process to making iced tea, besides the cooling part?

    I want to play around with it this summer (dont always have to enjoy a cocktail on a hot day!) and want to get a good ground basics first.

  7. mm8 - Clearly you have some serious skills. Are you currently employed (how do you find the time for all those involved dishes otherwise?!) in the restaurant biz?

    Thanks. I've never worked in the restaurant business. I'm currently unemployed, but I guess "self-empoyed" sounds nicer. I cook for private parties on occasion, but I don't really do any advertising. Following recipes helps me get better, so instead of going to school, or staging somewhere, I do this.

    Well, you have done an admirable job in your self education. Where in the world are you located? While I am fairly competent in the kitchen, my time limitations prevent me from spending the time that one must invest on those intricate meals (not by lack of desire) and thus I would employ your services in a heartbeat, however; based on the produce you are showing, I have a feeling the local will not make that feasible...

    Edit - Scotty, how do you know he/she is learning early, and not late? :)

  8. RE: peeling eggs

    If you add a bit of baking soda to the water when boiling, and then just peel the top and bottom of the egg, you can actually BLOW it out of the shell - super easy, just need some lung power!

  9. I believe buttermilk will have more of an impact on your end product when frying, rather than other preparation methods.

    More important question however; what on earth are you doing posting pictures of chicken at 4:45AM!? :)

  10. Hi Rotuts

    A shoulder is my favorite cook. The mixture of meat at the end is outstanding.

    This is a large Egg, and the shoulder was around 17lbs.

    Getting the Egg ready for this cook is fairly easy.

    First, cold beer on hand :laugh:

    Then I usually clean out the Egg inside,

    I only really worry about the first layer of charcoal around the air holes and botton grate.

    Then I fill it up to the top of the fire ring. You don't need to go that high, but I do.

    I keep my smoke wood close to the center,because the Egg usually burns straight down in mine.

    Light in one spot around 12'o'clock. Get things going.

    Grab a beer and STAY RIGHT THERE.

    It is really important that you catch the temp before it gets to hot.

    This is the hardest part of a low and slow for me.

    Around 50 degrees before my target temp(250/275)

    I begin to shut the vents down and let it get to temp.

    Then I hold that for around 1 hour, a little more smoke wood(cherry)

    After the smoke wood gets going and smelling good.

    The shoulder goes on.

    I do not lift the lid till the 21/22 hour mark.

    I will check the temps but once the Egg gets happy.

    It has never let me down :wink:

    I will be picking up my second large in a couple of weeks

    If you can ever get to an Eggfest in your area.

    You will be amazed by the food :smile:


    Hey Shane,

    The pork looks killer, I have been meaning to get an egg, but with all the madness that is my life, havent had the time.

    It looks as if you are a chef in Toronto? Curious as to what restaurant....

    Lastly, I would love to go to an egg gathering, where/when and do I have to bring an egg? :)

  11. I would be curious to hear how you compare say, Scaramouche to Spleidio.

    While in years past (and under previous ownership) I would suggest they were on par, these days, given the choice, I would eat at Scaramouche, hands down.

  12. Rather than offering sarcastic remarks, perhaps you should attempt what I suggested...you might then realize that for an object with such little mass to burn for so long (which you would garner if attempted) is not natural.

  13. Lately my salty snack of choice tends to be those rice crackers that have various flavours, like black sesame, etc.

    If you want to do an interesting experiment, next time you open a bag of Doritos, light one on fire, see how long it burns for.....there is NOTHING natural/normal about that! I use them for one thing, and one thing alone - fire starter material for camping! :biggrin:

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