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  1. Haven't seen Fage yogurt anywhere but must add my voice to those who recommend Liberty: their flavours are fantastic and are worth the extra price. The closest I have found to Greek yogurt is the 10% plain Mediterranean style, but it isn't as widely available as the flavoured types. Whole Foods and Capers definitely carry it, though.
  2. Funnily enough I had brunch there last Saturday, with the $20 coupon. The soup intrigued me so much that I had to order it, and it was rich with a very satisfying flavour - a definite recommendation. Also had the flatiron steak - no complaints, and the ginger scone - a total winner! My friend did not do so well - the waiter brought the wrong order, and when he replaced the original with the correct (eggs benedict) order the eggs were one step from raw. She did send it back again and eventually enjoyed her meal. She was not charged for the main dish, and was also given a free scone to compensate - a nice touch but getting the correct order first time would have been preferable. Service was very gracious, but super slow - we were there for almost 3 hours. Would definitely go back, even with the glitches. Please let us know how you fare, should you decide to go.
  3. Thanks kissmekate for clarifiying what happened to El Patio: I used to go there a lot a few years ago, and found it hard to believe that the same people would do a midnight flit. On another note, Olympia Seafood on Thurlow is closing at the end of this month.
  4. The El Patio in Yaletown did indeed close earlier this year, as the space was apparently sold for development. I believe it is re-opening in a location on Denmand close to Davie, as a sign announcing that fact has been up for a few weeks.
  5. Does anyone know anything about the latest Indian restaurant on the 1200 block of Robson? It's called Flavours of India and has replaced Da Pasta Bar. Interestingly, there are now 3 Indian restaurants within a block on Robson - Taste of India, Indian Flavours and now Flavours of India.
  6. You could also try Le Gavroche or the Hermitage if your father prefers a quiet atmosphere. Cru is terrific, too.
  7. I always take this evening BA flight when I visit my family in the UK and can safely say that the food is fine - you get a full dinner about an hour into the flight and then a breakfast before landing - the quality of the food is perfectly decent, although not stellar, and the portion are generous enough for an adult with a good appetite. You will also get free alcoholic drinks - one of the best things about flying with BA! If you are still concerned, the Fairmont Hotel at Vancouver airport does "gourmet" packed meals designed to be eaten on board and the cost is not too high. Happy flying and have a great holiday.
  8. Is this the building beside the Delta Museum with the Olde English Towne theme? ← Yes. So very sad. That was a standard stop for our family. Anyone know what happened? Did the family that owns it just retire, or were there other circumstances involved. ← The couple who owned it have retired. Here is a link to an article in the Delta Optimist. http://www.delta-optimist.com/issues06/024.../024206co4.html
  9. Uncle Herbert's Fish and Chips in Ladner is no more. The owners have sold up and have, literally, "gone fishing".
  10. Firstly, I'd like to thank Chef Julian and Jeff for the hospitality on Thursday evening: their generosity was much appreciated, and Julian's natural exuberance and passion for his job shone throughout the evening. Thank you also to Lee for your efforts in arranging the evening. I had previously visited CC only once, not at that location, and left distinctly underwhelmed. Not so this time. The seriousness with which the management conduct their operation was an eye-opener, as was the impression that staying at the top of the game was their prime motivator. I was gratified to leave thinking that the deliverance of a quality product remained the #1 consideration, rather than just the bottom line (crucial though that is). The tour of the back of the house was my definite favourite, and the fact that the freezer was no bigger than the average apartment closet (and not the walk-in type) was a big surprise. That, and the rest of the tour, confirmed their fast turnover of product and the freshness of the food. The food has pretty much been covered in previous comments, but I'd like to add that the beers, especially the Ugly Ale(with lemon) - were very good. I'd give the burger a 7 out of 10 - perfectly serviceable and decent value, but not a knockout. Desserts were well appreciated by those of us with a sweet tooth, and all tasted fresh. Yes, the ice cream is excellent - at least for us sweetie fanciers! The burgers did end up being a bit of a sideshow, but I did not feel "used". We probably were not their target market, but looking around the restaurant during the evening it seemed as if CC attracts a wide clientele. It is no mean feat to offer "something for everyone" given the diversity of the population in the lower mainland. The overall impression was of a highly tuned and efficient operation which is centred on constant self-reflection and improvement. It is set up for maximum productivity without sacrificing its essence. This is a seriously well-executed business that deserves its success. Would I be more inclined to visit a CC again? Most definitely - but out of admiration for the business itself rather than the food.
  11. Good to see that Caffe de Medici has many admirers. I love their take on Sangria - it is their signature drink and is called the Sangtini. Absolutely heaven to drink!
  12. We went for Valentine's day last year, and the biggest standout for me was the Onion Tart which, I believe, is one of their signature dishes. But everything was of a high standard. Le Croc also has a most tempting selection of after-dinner drinks - if you have any room left do try some.
  13. Glad to read you enjoyed it. Please note: as an e-gulleter you should know that eating all of your dessert is NOT a bad habit!
  14. I checked the expiry date and terms of use for the gift certificates: they can be purchased at the discounted price of 40% off until February 9th and are valid from Sunday to Thursday until April 30th. Time to stock up!
  15. Marquis Wine Cellars is my recommendation. Especially Dave Lancelot who has worked there for many years and is unfailingly helpful, plus a really nice guy. He did not pay me to say this. Prices are good too, and they always have a stack of EAT magazines and City Food. ← I'd second the Marquis recommendation.
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