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  1. Thanks! Unfortunately, we do have to try and move it come Monday... *mind boggles*... which is why I'm posting the vids NOW, before it has the potential to become a sad one!
  2. This weekend in Ashland, OR, there will be a Chocolate Festival Celebration at the Ashland Springs Hotel... Chocolates, coffee, vino, and a great food area, what more could we ask for? Hope to see some Egulletiers there....
  3. I know this is totally self-aggrandizing, but I am really proud of what the kitchen crew just accomplished this week at work. Go team LillieBelle! (xposting vid link to Pacific NW forum)
  4. missmaia

    Latte 101

    I'm glad the french press worked for you. Huzzah!
  5. missmaia

    Latte 101

    Jende is correct, that's a Cafe au Lait- coffee with milk. Delicious, but not a latte...which should be espresso with steamed, dense foam optional, milk. (ratio varies depending on your location). There are some reliable frothers on the market, but if you already have a press, try putting your heated milk in it and 'pumping' the screen through it quickly to areate it cheaply
  6. missmaia

    Coffee Art

    /funneh!/ Why is your latte still swishing so violently as to ruffle the pattern? maybe balance the edge of the cup on the counter when you first tip it to draw... that way you'll be a bit more gentle when you set it down? Or it could be a problem of foam consistency... but yours looks good from the photo...
  7. missmaia

    Coffee Art

    That's a very nice rosette, nothing to slouch about! It *might* be a little more clear if you draw though pattern with a straighter pull...?
  8. I'd say five is probably my max to wait in line... and I even work in the biz. The problem at the store I work for is that the lattes and cappucino are NOT the ones that eat up all the barista time, the ice-cream shakes are. Rather doubly unfortunately, they are mighty popular. I do like the idea of an express "drip only" line, though, I'll have to look into that.
  9. Looks interesting...does it have anything to do with the Imbibe bar/lounge on (I think?) Division?
  10. I must admit I still trawl the B&J isle looking for it... we *must* bring this one back!!! As far as on topic, when I was a kid I pitched them "Ticonda roca", a white chocolate ice cream with almond roca chunks in it. They did say no, but at least I got a real signature on my denial note...made my day as a 12 year old.
  11. OK, I'm going out on a limb with this one as I am actually unfamiliar with these urns; but based on what marlene said, I wouldn't use the West bend at all. Anything put in aluminum is going to taste like aluminum (unless, of course, it's lined). That includes water for tea, and CERTAINLY coffee as well.
  12. In pacific northwest...(or at least my neck of the woods!) A "Red Eye", a "Depth Charge" and a "Shot in the Dark" are synonymous. Coffee, usually black, with a double shot of espresso added. Also synonymous are "Cafe Affigato" and "Cold Shower". Ice cream with hot espresso poured over the top. Many local cafes here have adopted Starbucksology...a Macchiato has to be explained to half of our customers who have suprised looks on thier faces when we tell them that it will NOT come in a 20 ounce size.
  13. missmaia

    Why do we?

    1> Don't push down too hard or too quickly, and coffee "blowout" will no longer be an issue. 2> They do. Bodum makes a finer screen, and there used to be a company called... er... Melliure(?) that somewhat specialized in top-notch french press pots... every one came with a removable finer mesh screen. It has been too long since I've had one in my hands, unfortunatley, and I can't remember if the screen was nylon or another metal. I *do* remember though that you could pull them out and they would fit into another pot if you wanted. Might try searching for old screens, sterilize, and the
  14. missmaia

    The Basics

    The first thing I ever cooked was a batch of brownies, no recipe. I just decided to wing it, at the ripe old age of eight. They actually turned out ok. Three things all cooks should know...in term of recipes, 1> How to make a stock 2> A decent vinagrette 3> And one great recipe that was passed down to them. In a broader sense, I think all blooming cooks should learn (or re-learn!) 1> how to taste using all of the senses 2> how to shop (local and fresh, if possible!) and 3> how to handle a knife.
  15. I'm a little late to chime in on this one (sorry!), but you're in NoCal... looks like Napa? Make a trip to the East Bay and find yourself a lovely market called the Berkley Bowl, located in Berkley (I *think* off Telegraph?). I found some of the most wonderful, strange, and exotic fruits and veggies there... It's one of the big reasons I'll find myself missing the Bay Area. I've bought fresh tamarind there, among other things.
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