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  1. I got it from a restaurant fine food supplier called Marche Transatlantique...out of Montreal.
  2. Picked up some tonka bean aroma/essence as well as some sumac powder and well...besides infusing panna cotta or creme brulee with the tonka bean, what else can I do with these 2 ingredients? Dessert, appetizer and main course dish ideas would all be welcome!
  3. Drive to Northern New Brunswick - towards Neguac and Shippigan, find Maison Beausoleil and Mallet/St. Simon...they'll hook you up. Maybe just give them a call in advance. I was served Beausoleil oysters at the French Laundry (Oysters & Pearls) in 2006!!! If you're looking to eat a few dozen presented with innovative garnishes, check us out at the Rossmount in St. Andrews NB.
  4. That's a vivid description -- I can't wait to try some. Have you actually tasted aloe vera? ← I'm not too crazy about aloe vera...I've had in juice form and tried eating a piece off of a house plant....but the samphire mimics its texture and the flavour is definitely redolent of the sea.
  5. For local raw milk cheese in NB, La Bergerie aux Quatres Vents in Saint Marie de Kent and for goat's milk cheese - try Aux Fond Des Bois also in NB. Beausoleil Oysters are pretty darn special too! If you like smoked salmon, Wolhead Smokers just outside of Saint George NB is some of the best!
  6. I found tons of this growing on a rocky beach here in New Brunswick...it tastes quite salty with a light grassy herbaceous quality...kind of like eating a thin aloe vera plant. You can saute it quickly in brown butter, add a touch of vinegar and serve with fish...its quite good and definitely regional.
  7. Has anybody challenged the C.C.C. exams recently? I have all the necessary information but am curious to know what the 2 day process actually involves. I'll be completing mine in 2 months and any insights or helpful tips would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. [ I've been asked to participate in another festival, "Indulge NB", this fall in nearby St Andrew's. I've been brainstorming a bit with the organizer, because this ties into one of my longer-term ambitions. As I've mentioned before, I want to pull together as many local chefs/producers/events as I can, to turn this whole region into the gastro-tourism destination that I think it can and should be. Hey there, I was part of the Indulge 2007 which was in my opinion a great success. We did a 9 course tasting menu entitled "The Best of Fundy West" We will definitely be involved again this year. We showcased local products and are trying really hard to do a "200 km radius" type of cuisine...except for chocolate and vanilla,,,things of tropical nature...although we don't use too many of them. Anyways, if you would like to come and cook with us as a guest chef when the festival is up and running, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. Regards Markian Shafransky Chef de Cuisine Rossmount Inn
  9. After dining there and for the stories...I browse through my French Laundry cookbook first...then my Charlie Trotter, el Bulli, Rob Feenie and Michel Bras books. Access to local regional/seasonal ingredients will provide our guests with.......
  10. Check this one out...I developed it for a "foiereo" recipe where I sandwiched a mousse of foie gras between 2 crisps. If you bake them right, they are really crispy with a nice color....if you want a killer sherry-brown sugar cured foie gras mousse recipe, let me know. Ginger Snaps For "Foiereo" yields 24 3 cm cookies Ingredients 1lb unsalted butter at room temperature 1.25 cup brown sugar 1.25 cup white sugar 1 tsp vanilla 2/3 cup molasses 4 eggs 6 cups APF 5 tsp baking soda 1 tsp salt 5 tsp cinnamon dust* 5 tsp candied ginger dustified* 1 tsp black or pink peppercorns ground* 1 tsp lavender flowers ground* 1 tsp orange zest minced fine* Method • Cream butter, both sugars and vanilla together in a “kitchen aide” on high speed with a paddle attachment. • Slowly drizzle in molasses while beating on slow speed. • Add your eggs one at a time and beat on medium- high speed • Whisk together flour, soda and salt and add any or all * “flavorings” • On slow speed add flour mixture gradually until a dough is just formed. • Remove from the machine and knead gently for one minute to bring it together, but be careful not to overwork it and form too many gluten strands. Flatten the dough into a disk 1 cm in height, wrap in plastic and Let rest for about 30 minutes in the fridge. • Preheat your oven to 375F • Roll the dough from the center out and cut into desired shape. • Bake until edges start to turn golden, remove from oven then flip and let relax until cool. Keep in an airtight container for a week...then bake some more!
  11. It seems there's always a tiny bit of cilantro turning into funky smelling brown juice towards the back of my herb drawer even though I use it alot. I swear, there's always one there! I've also got about 600 end pieces of old Parmiggiano and other hard cheeses kicking around...besides infusing soups and oils, any ideas?
  12. French Laundry 447 USD per person with wine Susur in Toronto 275 CAD for a five course tasting menu with foie gras and wine. Masa's in San Francisco 265 USD each for me and my wife for a 9 course tasting menu with wine, foie and cheese trolley. Toque! in Montreal 220 CAD each of us for a tasting menu with foie gras and wine pairing.
  13. With all the interest on molecular gastronomy these days, I'm looking to try some of the recipes that've caught my eye from the elBulli cookbooks. Does anybody know a source where I can order a few samples of food grade chemicals to experiment with, that will deliver to a remote area of New Brunswick, Canada? I'm specifically looking for: Calcium Chloride, Methyl-Cellulose, Agar-Agar Powder, Vitamin C Powder (in bulk) & Transglutaminase, as well as possibly some liquid nitrogen.
  14. "You guys are definitely filling a void in Fredericton's scene" Curious....have you ever eaten at Brewbakers restaurant? What did you think if have?
  15. [Also..The acclaimed Dayboat in PEI, also featured on Opening Soon will be losing Chef Gordon Baily....yikes! Where's he going?
  16. Does anybody know of any gourmet food shops online from Canada? Most of the places that will send me stuff from the US will probably get held up at the border for customs. I'm not interested in my Fourme D'Ambert or white truffle sitting out somewhere for a few days.
  17. I've attempted the Salmon Tartar with the Sesame Cones. The Tuilles didn't work for me and I tried it three times. It kept splitting on me. But I have made a bunch of other stuff and it turned out very tasty. The Quail Eggs and Smoked Bacon "Bacon and Eggs", the the Blini's with the Eggplant Caviar and Roasted Peppers, and the Gougeres....easy and tasty. ← I agree, that if you have the time, French Laundry recipes work out best with minimal interpretaion out of most cookbook recipes. Nice and simple @ their core is what I enjoy most. Parmesan tuiles from a moist piece of cheese are a thing of beauty...double the recipe!!
  18. Daniel Vezina - "Ma Route des Saveurs au Quebec"...is some pretty sweet action. "Anne Desjardins cooks @ L'eau a la Bouche" ... is very seasonally inspiring too! I'm happy to see chefs from smaller and rural areas writing cookbooks.
  19. As always when it comes to classic baking recipes/formulae.... you need to make sure you use: the same recipe ratio, ramekin/vessel and environment whenever attempting.... if possible. Mistakes do happen in a kitchen.
  20. I'm using it pretty much on everything right now....venison tartare with arugula and walnuts, butternut squash risotto with porcini.... I drizzle some on a pumpkin bisque with shiitakes and sherry vinegar...and most simple has been a snack or a nice "and expensive" amuse bouche for guests and friends with my rosemary sourdough. I love both varieties, but the "per me" is definitely more intense.
  21. I just ordered some of this amazing stuff...wow! I'm definitely not keeping this oil around for too long or saving it for a special occasion...life is a special occasion! Anybody else liking this oil as much as I am?
  22. El Bulli books can take few life times to understand and digest ← I agree...I find chef Adria's "cooking" to be quite amazing. In the same vain, I'm compiling recipes and techniques based on old Ukrainian & Russian books I've found, as well as a lot of stories people have been telling me. I find it quite incredible to see that many of the things I'm now learning are actually really really old methods that I'm simply putting my twist on. Do you do the same thing when creating new recipes?
  23. sexiest food words: molten bacon uni salsify/scorzonera
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