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  1. I just posted on the other (South) board that we tried to go yesterday not realizing he was not open on Mondays during the winter. We will head over tomorrow after doing the WBTS tour fr/ Nashville down to Franklin, Spring Hill, Columbia, &c. ← carpetbagger & lan4dawg.....thanks for coming by the joint and thanks for the kind words about the food. in the next few days i may post an update on the joint and my experience since its inception. we're not out of the woods yet but we're trying hard, just serving the best and most consistent bbq/food we can.......the latter i have learned is one of the HARDEST challenges in the restaurant biz. y'all come in and eat anytime you can, i got kids to feed!
  2. Thanks so very much for the kind remarks carpetbagger.........i really appreciate it! we're working our tails off and tryin' hard. We've had a lot of success but we are far from being out of the woods yet. We've only been open for 10 months, Lord willing we'll be successful at this thing. Keep coming out and tell all your friends please, I GOT KIDS TO FEED! keep me posted on that Cornell chicken! If any of y'all are ever in the area please come out and see us. check the blog for constant updates/humor http://martinsbbq.blogspot.com
  3. tracey...thanks for reading my blog and posting this here on eGullet. Lord knows I have no idea as to how to post pics etc. here. racheld........please email me and let me know when you will be in, i'd love to meet you. i wont be having the fois gras/korobuta pork sandwich this weekend. but we are getting shrimp in from LA tomorrow and will be having shrimp po-boys this week with a lime/tobasco aoli. we also are going to be doing some of Bo's (my kitchen chef) jerk chicken with the 1/2 chix I smoke in the pit. He got the recipe from some really old balding "rasta" man down in the islands several years ago when he live working at Alexandria's. of course you can only have that after you have had our "Q". look forward to seeing you.
  4. Does anyone know where to find a manufacturer of tin tackers/tin signs for small microbreweries?
  5. i am so sorry i missed you......we're closed on sundays for church/titans games and mondays we're closed for prep. please come back as soon as you can! things are going pretty well for the 1st two and a half months. this has been learning experience like you would not believe!
  6. what are some of your recommendations? user friendly? interact with other programs, etc.? ProChef, iCook, etc...............
  7. oh yeah.....the phone number is 776-1856. the address on carpetbaggers post is correct.
  8. hey y'all sorry i've missed the posts here and holly im sorry about the lack of info. i have not had time to take a breath and because of that have not updated my blog or checked in with egullet. we are open everyday of the week except sunday (church & titans) and monday (prep day). saturday nights we have songwriters come out. things are going really well but almost too well. we were not prepared for all of the people that came opening week and therefore had some long wait times and even ran out of food at lunch on thursday. i think people understand that this was our first week but it kills me to inconvenience anyone. the feedback on the food has been awsome. this past weekend and this week have been very, very smooth. we still have some kinks to work out but for the most part those kinks are inventory, etc.. please come back by when you are in town again!!!
  9. my advice to you is to stay at it. try it again soon with a 6-7lb butt. when you get a butt thats almost 10lbs you might as well cook a whole shoulder (skin on ALWAYS). we cook shoulders 22 hours, sometimes longer than that in the winter. stay in your temp range around 225 and figure 2 hours per pound. flip half way through and flip again at the 3/4 mark. baste if you like the last few hours but your best bet is to have your butcher give you some hog skin with at least an inch of fat on it. lay it on your butt like a blanket during the last 4-6 hours of cooking for your baste. your life would be easier if you had a weber smokey mountain, green egg, or small off-set......it can be real frustrating when that internal has been sitting around 165* for what seems like a week, but just open another pabst and let it do its thing.
  10. thx racheld for the comments.......we are opening a week from today and i am getting a little excited and a little nervous about it all. i hope "they" come.....Lord knows i need it. i am running well over budget and am opening about 6-8 weeks later than i wanted to. i really, really need the cash flow. my short order cook is a life saver. we are doing prep tomorrow and wednesday. health dept is coming thursday. some of you have posted on the blog (http://martinsbbq.blogspot.com) and i want you to know i really appreciate it.........i need ALL the support i can get! Lord willing this coming sunday after church ill load that cooker up with shoulders for mondays lunch, that will be a good feeling.
  11. west side ribs has been closed for a while (almost 4 years).......its now BB's BBQ. I would also encourage any of y'all to come out to my bbq joint I'm opening in Nolensville (15 miles southeast of Nashville). We'll be opening in about 3 weeks. It will be cooked every day fresh.....shoulders, briskets, etc..
  12. speaking of etoufee' how long is too long to keep in the fridge?
  13. I'm getting a "cannot be displayed" when I click on the blue above. I did go in through the one up earlier---what a tag team you had going...sledgehammers and toolbelts---beats a Porsche and lotta money in the appeal department. Glad you can take your time---in your part of the country, Summer is almost everlasting, anyway. I used to live WAY South of there. And BBQ is NEVER out of season. ← sorry.......i forgot to add ".com"...........here it is: http://martinsbbq.blogspot.com
  14. ha.......racheld i wish it was. the town of nolensville screwed up a planning commission meeting for a variance i am seeking to enlarge the area off to the side where i will be cooking. that has pushed me back about a month!!! i could actually be open the 3rd week of this month if i wanted to but figured if its pushed out that far i might as well spend labor day with my family in corinth, ms and open up on sept. 7th because Lord knows i wont have much time with them after i open for quite a while. its actually taken some pressure off and givin me time to make sure things get done right the first time. we did all the demo work this week and will start construction this coming week. im also going to pick the cooker up this week. check out the blog.....it has really taken off, especially over the past couple of weeks. remember....there is NO "www" in the address. thanks for checking in with me though.....i really appreciate it! http://martinsbbq.blogspot
  15. got 5 rows of corn this year......2 rows of "silver queen" and 3 rows of "peaches-n-cream". bought a brown bag of seed this past spring at a place in Corinth, MS., but i know a guy was selling it at the franklin (Tennessee) farmers market this past spring also. If you can't find it next year and want to grow it ill buy it and send it to you!
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