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  1. don't mean to nitpick, but the kubota hekijyu is the first image and the second one is the hakkaisan. i recognize the kubota because right after the niigata earthquake i attempted to drink all the kubota manjyu left in SF. i didn't succeed, but i also don't remember most of that month either, so it all worked out. oh, and the last character on the hakkaisan label (the one that looks like space invaders) is the one for "mountain." you'll see it all around chinatown SF on signs as part of the "gold mountain" (kumsan in cantonese?) name.
  2. umetaro

    Sushi Ino

    Here's some pics from one of my visits there: http://flickr.com/photos/umetaro/search/text:ino/ If you like Ino, you should also try the sushi bar at anzu in the nikko hotel. Same traditional style and attention to detail.
  3. I second a visit to Mitch's. Here's more pictures... http://flickr.com/photos/umetaro/tags/mitchs/
  4. from descriptions around the internet i got the impression that sakura is more of an izakaya than a sushiya. seems well worth a visit though.
  5. Dunno if that was a typo or not... it's "omakase." I haven't been to San Diego in a long while, but sushi ota is probably your best bet. http://www.gayot.com/restaurantpages/info....ES99248&code=SD also, sorry i'm the bearer of bad news but kabuto was sold to some korean folks (the owners of ariake) a few months ago and the owner of murasaki has contracted some kind of throat cancer.
  6. umetaro


    The $250 does not include tip. The tip is left to the diner's discretion.
  7. these are the top three on my list: ino hamako koo in that order. koo is less traditional than the other two and if you want to eat omakase style, i'd call a day ahead to let them know so they can plan ahead and buy things. let me know if you need addresses to these places. i'm feeling quite lazy right now.
  8. I wouldn't go to Kiss for the sushi. Their small dishes are outstanding, but I didn't think the sushi was anything spectacular.
  9. umetaro

    Narita Airport

    for future reference, i found this... http://joi.ito.com/archives/2002/07/30/sushi_iwa.html the uni donburi mentioned in the comments sounds sweet.
  10. Got a loooooong ass layover there coming and going. I think I just might need a break from all the Korean food I'll be eating.
  11. thank you very much for looking. much appreciated.
  12. Yes and no. You'll see when you get there. I'll report back. Eh, I'll be with a gyoppo who speaks Korean pretty well. And she loves to argue. If I get her drunk enough she starts punching too. Good times.
  13. Ah, my bad. I assumed that was a regional form of a similar dish instead of a foreign name for a particular dish. I guess I should have used google. Dur. Could you point me to those sites? Even sites in hangul would be okay. Also, what do you consider "insanely expensive?" If it's good enough I don't mind spending the money for it.
  14. umetaro

    Narita Airport

    hmm... on a trip back from vietnam, in november of 2003, i was able to leave the airport. have the rules changed recently?
  15. hwae is not sushi (i do enjoy hwae dup bap on occasion though). i have not had the pleasure of eating cho bap yet, but although "vinegared rice, sometimes topped with raw fish" might be considered sushi by some, they'd have to possess a pretty broad definition of the term. so, to be more specific and avoid confusion, i'm looking for good edomae style nigiri zushi in seoul. if you need a definition of "good," please use some of the pictures in this post as a referral: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showto...ndpost&p=892044 thanks much.
  16. I'm going to be in Seoul for two weeks and was wondering if there was any good sushi to be had there. I don't care what ethnicity the itamae is as long as he/she is damned good. Yes, I know it's not really the right time or the right city to be looking for Japanese food, but I have a serious sushi addiction (I spend more on sushi than on rent and I live in SF) and know I will be jonesing for some at least once or twice during my stay there. I speak/read a little Japanese and enough Korean to be dangerous if that helps any.
  17. So I have a four hour layover at Narita airport and was wondering if anyone knew of really good food I could get to without missing my connecting flight. I'm especially interested in sushi (but am open to other stuff) and my price range is probably under $100 US, but if it's good enough I'd be willing to shell out a little more. Also, if it's a factor, my Japanese is pretty terrible. Nihonjin usually think I'm retarded until they find out I'm American. Actually, that confirms it for some...
  18. umetaro


    <a href="http://frick.shutupyousuck.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=3">My photos</a> are a lot crappier, but my camera was uh... a lot smaller? No wait, I blame the sake. I think this is the only one that came out well. <img src="http://frick.shutupyousuck.com/gallery/albums/uploads/urasawa/CIMG2092.jpg" />
  19. umetaro


    Sasabune is in most probability the only sushi restaurant on oahu worth eating at. The Hawaii location is much better than their West LA one. In fact, I'd say Kumagawa-san has surpassed even Nozawa the "sushi nazi."
  20. Hey, I'm from Hawaii. The Sasabune on Oahu is fricking sweet. Way better than the one in LA. In fact, I was just at Nozawa the other week and I'd say it's even better than that shrine. It's actually the only place for really good sushi on the whole island.
  21. Hiya, thanks for the welcome. The avatar is my cousin's fat headed kid. So how many are going so far? I found out what the name of the place is. Totoraku. http://www.chowhound.com/california/boards...ges/126310.html http://www.chowhound.com/california/boards...ges/126002.html http://shop.pulgogi.net/archives/usa_losangeles/ here's a loose translation of what that says: someplace quite far from the center of downtown LA is a lunch place or something. from the outside looks nothing like a store that is often spoken of. I was surprised by the deliciousness of meat, it is comparable to that you would be served in japan the first time i went there [this was in the period beforei last went back to japan] to import beans(?) i went there to eat. it seems that the owner does business exclusively based on word of mouth. it's a small hole-in-the-wall that exists without publicity or marketing. if you're ever in LA certainly please drop by. what's funny (or sad depending on how you look at it) is i had to get my korean friend to translate that for me.
  22. I would take off of work and drive down to LA for that. I'm Japanese (well, sort of), but I speak Japanese like a milk deprived two year old so most Japanese people think I'm mentally challenged. Maybe I could get us in on pity?
  23. Anyone have any leads on where I can get some fine aged awamori in the US? I found some Ryukyu Ocho in a local Japanese supermarket in SF, but it was pretty substandard to what I'd had in Okinawa.
  24. I should be going there tonight. The last time I was there was about a year ago... As a warning, there will be pre-dinner drinking going on so any reports back may not be entirely coherent. [...] Okay, nevermind. They're on vacation until January 14th. I might go check out Koo instead.
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