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  1. I made 8 batches of these marshmallows today only to realize that I had forgotten the salt! Is this going to affect anything significantly? They tasted fine in the gooey stage (still have to set overnight), but I'm wondering if the missing salt dramatically affects the final product?!?

    Quick replies will be appreciated as these are for a wedding on Friday and I would have to re-do everything tomorrow if necessary...


  2. Bread pudding from any leftover rolls or sandwich bread and add fruit, nuts or a sauce.  You are buying wholesale - right?

    Most of the ingredients we get are purchased from Gordon Food Service (GFS). Some stuff comes from Sam's Club and we also get lots of donations. The donations tend to be more veggies and meats though.

  3. A couple of months ago, I became the unofficial Pastry Chef for my church. We have a 1,500 sq. foot kitchen with two convection ovens, two large two door refrigerators, one large two door freezer, a walk in fridge and a walk in freezer. Our church has around 7,000 members and there are numerous events held throughout the week where desserts are requested. Last week alone we produced around 1,500 pieces of dessert for a special event taking place over the course of 4 nights. We also have a cafe where lunch and dinner are served and desserts can be purchased.

    The primary obstacle I'm facing is that we have an extremely tight budget so I'm looking for some suggestions on low cost recipes that still provide a high perceived value.

    Right now, we make lots of cookies and bars. The use of chocolate is almost impossible to swing so we use cocoa powder for our brownie recipe and chocolate toppings are often made using chocolate chips.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Edit: By the way, I don't have any formal training (hoping to go to FPS in January), just doing this because I enjoy it!

  4. I'm not sure exactly how to phrase this question, but I've always wondered how to determine if a recipe can be doubled, tripled, etc. Recently I've been guiding the pastry effort at my church where we need large quantities of items. I'm wondering how to know if changes need to be made to certain ingredients in certain recipes to get the recipe to work properly? How have you all determined which recipes need this? Is it just trial and error? Hopefully my question makes sense??


  5. I want to use an Oreo crust instead of a graham cracker crust for a cheesecake I'm making. My question that I should know is whether or not to only use the chocolate portion of the oreos when i crush them. Logically, that sounds right, but I just wanted to confirm that.

    Also, what ratio of crumbs to butter should I use.


  6. Hi Everyone!

    I'm making some Chocolate Grand Marnier Truffles this week and would like to put a small sliver of candied orange peel on the top of each truffle. I'm looking for a good candied orange peel recipe.

    I tried using the search feature on the site, but I must not be using it correctly or with enough specifics because when typing in Candied Orange, I hit a ton of threads, but nothing seemed that applicable. So, if this topic has been discussed, please point me in that direction or if someone can give me some tips on searching on the site, I will gladly look for the topic if it has been discussed.

    Thanks in advance!

  7. Looking for tips and advice on coating truffles after making the softer interior of the truffle. Anyone have any clear recipes that are trustworthy for a newbie at making truffles? I'm most interested in the best way to coat the truffle with the second layer of chocolate to form the harder exterior shell???

    Thank you very much!

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