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  1. I joined as a new year's resolution January 1, 2005. I'm more of a lurker than a poster. Although I post a ton of stuff on Instagram.
  2. Thank you so much for including traditionally frozen. I'll give that one a shot.
  3. The Thai eggplants look great. And the mango puree made me think of freeze drying green mango to make amchoor (mango powder). I love this topic.
  4. The Thai round eggplants I usually quarter. The long green Thai eggplants, I roll cut. That said, I have no problem with the idea of slicing. Thank you so much for testing! One of the dishes I thought of using freeze dried long Thai eggplants in is "Best Eggplant Dish Ever" from Hot Sour Salty Sweet.
  5. I've never tried freezing eggplants. What do I have to lose? I'll try it. And now I have no reason to buy a freeze dryer. Cool.
  6. I think that would describe me. I'm fixated. On eating as much as I can from either my garden or from farmers I know. NYC's Chinatown is 100 miles away. I don't get there often. The closest Chinese/SE Asian grocery is 50 miles away. I don't get there often, either.
  7. If they would work well in a Thai curry, I'll need to change the plan for next year's garden. Thai eggplants have a short season and I eat as many as I can. If they freeze dry well, I'll plant even more than I do now.
  8. This looks so interesting. I would love to know if Thai eggplants would freeze dry well. If so, I'd seriously consider getting a freeze dryer. I had been thinking about getting a second deep freeze and now I need to reconsider. Just when I thought I had every cool kitchen gadget!
  9. I got errors yesterday because I couldn't remember my password. IIRC, the screen to retrieve my password only had a spot for my email address. Submitting that screen returned an error. I can't remember the message, it came up on a page all by itself. I can't remember what I finally did to fix that. Whatever it was, I finally got a screen to enter my email address and to type in some letters to prove that you're a real person. I believe the error before was because that box didn't show up. And, yes, I was working on an iPad. Then my mini-Mac. Then a Windows laptop. All had the same error. Good luck. Maybe this was all on purpose so that you'll feel as though you earned that 50% off.
  10. I didn't get the email, so thank you for posting this. I just downloaded the ebook and installed the Inkling app. I was surprised that the download process was not intuitive to navigate. Had it not been for the 50% discount, I would have bailed.
  11. Kim D


    Thanks. That makes my decision easier. Perhaps I'll be able to sell the Pacojet 16000 Advanced System once the Pacojet 2 makes it here. Any reason to pony up another $300 for the 16000 Super System? What is the advantage of the Gold Pacotizing Blade?
  12. Kim D


    I don't have a combi-oven. I like my toys under $10k. Preferably under $5k. My current focus is on the Pacojet. Not sure what will pique my interest after that. I'm trying to make my yard full of edibles. So I need a way to preserve my harvest. This year I added lingonberries, highbush cranberries, blackberries, black raspberries, red raspberries, boysenberries and rhubarb. The serviceberry tree is too small to count. Last year I planted a peach tree, a bartlett pear, an Asian pear, red currants, black currants, champagne currants, strawberries and blueberries. It will take years to get a good harvest so I have time to find the right toys.
  13. Kim D


    I am also looking at blast chillers. I have a thing for kitchen toys. What can I say.
  14. Kim D


    I want a Pacojet and have started researching. I see that there's a new model. Does anyone know when it will come to the USA? http://www.bighospitality.co.uk/New-Products/Pacojet-2-is-launched-first-upgrade-in-25-years
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