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  1. Kasteel Cru, a fine lager made with Champagne yeast. This is probably the lightest and most refreshing beer I have ever had. It is so unique, it almost tastes like a beer at the start and then finishes like a champagne. Expensive stuff but worth the price.
  2. There is a great one in NYC called East on E 44th between 2nd and 3rd. Only the front part is around the grill but they have a large menu and on 1 day during the week they have a special half price deal. Enjoy!
  3. theres a bakery called Glendale Bakery on 87th and lex across from an italian restaurant...they have great pretzel rolls.
  4. I totally disagree with you. Vodka makers use many chemicals when they are making the vodka and that is the reason they have to distill and filter their products many times in order to get them to be clean. With organically grown ingredients and no chemicals used during the distillation process there is definitely going to be a difference between organic vodka and regular vodka. In response to your comment regarding congeners, the experts believe that they may play a role in getting a hangover but that ethanal is a more likely cause. See this article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Congener
  5. You may be right about not getting a hangover from the organic vodka, because it doesn't have as many impurities due to the organic process.
  6. I like that idea--we can make organic penne a la vodka now!
  7. Great article. I like the Cucumber one...sounds refreshing. I found the website www.theplantindumbo.com which lists all of his organic juice bars you were referring to. I am going to stop by one of them tomorrow to see what juices are offered. Interesting you should mention Rain Vodka. They seem to be in all of the organic restaurants I have found so far because the label states it is made from organic corn. However, it is not USDA certified Organic.
  8. I like the comments, but to respond to rlibking-There is a lot more to the process than as you say, "just organically smashing it." To get Square One Organic Vodka certified by both USDA Organic and Oregon Tilth is an extremely difficult process. Everything about the brand, from the recycled paper and soy inks used in the packaging, to the organically grown rye, and every step of the distillation process is eco-friendly. You can read more about it at www.squareonevodka.com. Nathan, thanks for the info on UK5. Not sure if they are available in the US right now, but that is a good point and I believe it proves that all over the World there are people that are looking to support organic products, whether it is a organic tomato or an organic vodka. Also, an organic drink recipe would include, as you mentioned, organic juice, a fresh organic puree or a pre-packaged organic flavored tea. Can you please tell me how to get in touch with Matthew Kenny?
  9. Hi all, I am doing some consulting work for a new organic vodka and I am looking to the group here for some suggestions. I would like to find some restaurant owners that have a high interest in organic food and may want to also add an Organic Cocktail to their list. Organic food has enjoyed 20-30% growth over the past few years so now is a great time to offer them a special organic cocktail made with organic puree's or an organic martini made with organic olives. Please share any Organic drink recipe ideas that you may know of. If people pay much more for an organic cucumber at Whole Foods then they would probably pay at least $2-$3 more for an organic cocktail. What do you think? Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks, Scott
  10. Since Organic food is so popular these days I am looking to start a list of the best organic restaurants in NYC. Also, if a restaurant isn't 100% Organic but does offer Organic dishes I am interested in adding those restaurants to the list as well. To get it started - MAS Farmhouse on 39 Downey St is 100% Organic. The service is outstanding and the food is amazing. I have eaten there numerous times and I am always impressed. Every night the chef starts you off with a special taste, which is delicious. My favorite dish there is an appetizer. Its called the Blackfin Tuna l'Occidental Flashed Beurre Noisette and Crispy Shallots.
  11. That would be great if you could add it here. Thanks.
  12. That is exactly what I am looking for. Would you be kind enough to email it to me if you can't figure out how to post it? Thanks
  13. There is a new Tequila out called Tezon. Have any of you tried it yet and what do you think? I think its very smooth. It is made by slow cooking the pina for 3 days in a brick oven then uses a traditional Tahona process, which crushes the agave and squeezes out additional juice and pulp. Really cool looking bottle too.
  14. Try this one... Fill glass with ice. Fill 3/4 of the glass with Stoli Peach, then top off with Pom Wonderful Mango. Sounds like it would be too strong, but trust me you can't even taste the alcohol--this drink goes down so smooth.
  15. Hi, I am looking for unique Tequila Flight trays and I thought this would be a good place to start. Do any of you have pictures of Flight Trays? Or do you know of any accounts in NYC that have Tequila Flight trays? I would also be interested if you could send me some names of places that serve flights of any kind. I already have seen them at Flatiron and Pegu so any others would be great. Thank You
  16. I believe Pampano on East 49th St has it.
  17. Was recently in Mexico and I had Sangrita mixed with tequila and a splash of lime juice and it was amazing. I brought home 1 bottle from the duty free store in the airport ($5) and it was gone in a matter of days. It was called Sangrita el Jimador. So, does anyone have a recipe for Sangrita, know if any place that serves it here in NYC, or know of a liquor store that sells it already bottled? Or maybe you know of a liquor store in Mexico that can send me some?
  18. The people featured from NY were Dale DeGroff at The World Bar, Julie Reiner from Flatiron Lounge, and Michael Waterhouse from Dylan Prime.
  19. There is a great show on TV this week featuring some of the best bar chefs and mixologists in the US. check it out on the Fine Living channel.
  20. Its made for Japan only but you can usually find it for sale on ebay.
  21. You can get them at the Palm Restaurant..
  22. Try WET gin, my favorite cocktail is the ginger martini. The recipe is at: www.wetbybeefeater.com
  23. Have any of you tried Kahlua Especial? It has a stronger coffee taste and it is 70 proof. Try a taste test between Starbucks, Kahlua and Kahlua Especial.
  24. You can also try the new Malibu flavors--Malibu Mango or Malibu Pineapple. I also heard that Malibu Passion Fruit flavored rum will be released soon.
  25. Risotteria is very good. http://www.risotteria.com/
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