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    Fatty Crab

    We went to the Hudson St. location on Friday night at 6:30. We met another couple there for what we thought would be enjoyable dinner. From the time I set foot in the place I knew it was a mistake. We should have walked. The decibel level of the music was in the red zone. Plus the music was shitty. From the get go we were literally shoved into a table and the rush to get us out was on. The music was so loud that I couldn't listen to my own intuition. The waitress immediately pressured us to start ordering. When we told her that we hadn't even had time to look at the menu she retreated and returned less than five minutes later. Very annoying and obvious. When we did finally start ordering she told us it was family style. Family style to her translated into a very hurried, meagre, poorly prepared set of dishes. This is the not the same restaurant that does business on the UWS. Two separate beasts. The slidders here were dry and tasteless with gristle to boot. The fish fry was meagre and uninspired. The duck breast was mostly fat and bone. How Frank Bruni picked this as his favorite inexpensive restaurant beats me. Then again much of what the former NY Times critic said was questionable. The bill came to $155 before tip. The order included slidders, the fish fry, a duck breast and I believe some steamed pork buns plus four glasses of wine. Mr. Pelaccio best look into what is happening here. It's not good. It's shamefully poor. It's very unprofessional. This is a warning: STAY AWAY! unless all you want to do is drink and get lambasted with loud music. Very very disappointing and at such a high cost.
  2. We finally made it to Max's for brunch last Sunday. While the food was quite good, the portions were very skimpy given their prices. I had a potato pancake with two large grilled shrimp with romesco sauce with punch along with two poached eggs. $14 no coffee. The pancake barely filled the plate. My spouse had a ham and egg croissant for $9. No coffee. We will not return for brunch. Chez Sophie or Beverly's provide more bang for the buck at lunch/brunch. Max's is the place to go for the scenesters and hipsters. I would like to try dinner, but based on the portions am skeptical.
  3. Eric, Tiznow (http://www.tiznowrestaurant.com/?gclid=CNqyguW7zJQCFQSwFQodd3Twlg) is across from The Parting Glass and near Scallions. Doc, take out a 2nd mortgage if you plan to go to Siro's.
  4. Thanks doc & ella. We'll give it a try after the madness. Though Beekman is before in the sampling.
  5. Doc Sorry to hear about Lanci's. We have yet to get there. It's now or never. How's the food at Tiz Now?
  6. Eric, if being a winter hot-spot is any indication, Max London's Restaurant on Broadway will continue to be the place to dine and deservedly so. The food is well done Mediterranean featuring tapas style small plates from Spain, pastas and wonderful wood-fired pizze from Italy and a number of French inspired dishes as well. The wine list is interesting and reasonable. In addition, they probably have the most serious and possibly the best cocktail program currently in Saratoga. The space is lovely. The normally very good service will likely be stretched thin like everywhere else in Saratoga in the summer. Beekman Street Bistro, Chez Sophie and Springwater Bistro continue as tried and true. Chianti is in a new location (ho-hum), though the restaurant never really appealed to me. I always saw t as more glitz thn substance. I'm suspicious when they take expensive wine bottles from the wine racks within the warm dining room. Mouzon House has a wonderful space. It is a restaurant that I really, really want to love, but I have been disappointed the last few times that I have been. Perhaps this will be the summer that I finally make it to Ciro's, however, living in the area, their season coincides with the time I try to avoid dining in Saratoga. I have heard good things about Lanci's though I haven't been. Saratoga National Golf Course has a new restaurant, Prime, that surprise, features steaks. It replaces Sargo's and is related to Angelo's 677 Prime in Albany that I have heard positive comments about. Speaking of golf courses, my favorite summer restaurant in the region is Farmhouse at Top of the World, overlooking beautiful Lake George. It is worth the trip for well prepared seasonal and local ingredients, much of which is grown on site. No restaurant in the area does more or better with local food. ←
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    Thanks. I did not know that Di Fara's was not in or near Bensonhurst. We decided on dinner rather than pizza. I have heard other good mentions of Da Tommaso from friends. Their wine list is not bad either.
  8. A friend wants to go to Bensonhurst. He's never been, neither have I. Any advice on places to dine would be appreciated. DaFara's I know about. I'm not sure if he's looking for pizza or something more. We are both southern Italian and would like a place with a good wine list. Thanks
  9. Well folks due to some subway drama http://animamundi.typepad.com/animamundi/2...o-connecti.html we were unable to make it to Pegu due to rezy time. I thank you all for your rec's and for sure next time in the city. Though that did spark an interesting debate that I enjoyed reading.
  10. Barbone's linguine con vongole has pancetta that adds another dimension. The flavors are quite strong and with adequate garlic. It is one of the better versions that we have had in the city. The late lamented Vucceria in SOHO used to make an excellent linguine with vongole.
  11. We always sit at the bar to imbibe. I'm not a cocktail drinker myself. I love red wine. My spouse is a vodka martini person and red wine lover. I know, I know. It's the gin, it's the gin. Churchill would have cringed. Thank you all again for the suggestions and tips.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions and since K. has her mind set on Pegu ...
  13. My understanding pain-plagued spouse wants to enjoy a good martini in NYC this coming weekend. I would be thankful for suggestions. We're looking for not only a good martini, but interesting crowd as well.
  14. Karavalli is ok. I've only had the buffet 3 times. I've had much better Indian food in Boston and NYC. I don't know if I'd go for dinner. I'n not a fan of Latham. Where did Little India move to in Saratoga Springs? Court? Thx
  15. djzouke

    Nuts In Honey

    Thanks to all you gluttons out there. I'll use them well thanks to you.
  16. djzouke

    Nuts In Honey

    I have two jars of nuts in honey, one almonds one hazelnuts. They're from Campania. I was looking for suggestions on possible ways to use them in cooking or as topping.
  17. Try Avenue A off New Scotland in Albany. Great paninis! The dinner menu is great too, though I haven't been yet. Some Korean-inspired dishes, but lots of other influences too. Several good reports on dinner. Decent wine list.
  18. Robert, Sorry for the mistakes above. I've been to Guadeloupe a number of times. The food there was quite good and they may get the nod over Martinique which used to be known for its cuisine. I was only in Martinique once in the 90's and found the fare to be quite good. Guadeloupe's cuisine tends to have more spice (piment!). We have been to Les Saintes twice on day trips and ate at some fine places for lunch. Marie Galante is supposed to be like Guadeloupe was 20 years ago. Never went but heard many good things about the pace and cuisine. On my last trip to Guadeloupe, I stayed on Basse Terre. I ate most of my meals at the apartment that I rented. The cook was the mother of a friend of mine. These were some of the best meals that I had on the island.
  19. Aldo came through his operation like the champ that he is. Hopefully, his recovery will be the same. Angell is amazing! Thanks to all who gave us recommendations for Brookline and JP. We ate at Zon's one evening and found it to be very good. We had a chicken dish with chorizo that was fine. We went to Rani on Beacon (Coolidge Square) and had an excellent buffet meal at lunch. We also found Wonder Spice to be quite good although we should have asked for more spice. In hindsight, I would have gone to Bukhara instead. Centre St. Cafe we found to be ok. JP Lick's has some of the best ice cream that I've ever had out stateside. Pho Lemongrass is a very good Vietnamese restaurant on Harvard St. near Beacon. The first night we had excellent fish & chips at Matt Murphy's Pub also on Harvard St. in Brookline. We met some people who recommended Rani and Pho Lemongrass. Rani was the standout meal. Ten Tables was on our list too but... Thanks again to all.
  20. Thanks again, I missed your question the first time. We're staying on Upland Road near High St. Close to Leverett Pond & Riverdale Parkway
  21. To both of you, thanks for the Thai rec's. We both love good Thai. Heartwarming cooking.
  22. Sincere thanks for all your suggestions and thoughts for Aldo, our bulldog!
  23. We are going to Angell Animal Med Ctr. to have our dog operated on. We'll be there from Monday Oct 31 to Thursday Nov. 3. Looking for reasonably priced solid full flavored fare. All cuisines. Also, good spots for coffee. Thanks.
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