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  1. The Neighborhood Restaurant Group does a Take Out pre-order. You can get everything from Fried Turkeys and Pork Loin to soups, sides & gravies to dessert. Pick up is the Wednesday before with re-heating directions on the containers. PM me for more info if you'd like.
  2. Has anyone been to From Scratch Bakery in Charlottesville, VA? I've heard great things, but am looking for more info...
  3. I'll put in my vote for the coffee shop just a couple store fronts down from cheesetique in Del Ray. The crust was actually - crispy and crackly, not chewy!- and the loaf had a good a good flavor. Everytime I buy some cheese from Jill, I buy a baguette (that she also sells from them in her shop) to go with. Sorry I can't be more specific on the name- anyone know which shop I'm talking about? ← Caboose
  4. Also consider Vermilion (corner of Fayette and King). Vermilion Website
  5. Carpool in Ballston is good for a casual date - the BBQ is decent (not great, but decent), the beer is cold, and if you need entertainment after dinner there's pool tables and darts...try to sit outside if it's a pretty evening.
  6. Stretch would be correct. My sources said it was not pretty! ← Did the lady who got sick in this case imbibe too much, or was it just the flu? ← According to people around them (and the server), the couple wasn't drinking extravagently. At one point the woman told her partner that she didn't feel well, but remained seated...five minutes later, all over the table. Then they got up, collected their things and left without apologizing to the people around them or trying to clean up after themselves. VERY nice. As for the neighborhood relations, the staff is doing daily trash pick up in the neighborhood and there are signs posted all over the restaurant asking patrons to respect the neighbors (if you read between the lines, that would include not throwing trash in lawns, throwing up on the sidewalks or idling your car with the high beams on in someone's driveway waiting for a parking space to open up at 11PM).
  7. Their sign says 7 Nights a week...
  8. Stretch would be correct. My sources said it was not pretty!
  9. Ouch! At $44.50 a gallon I can hop on Southwest Airlines and stock up on Blue Bell while visiting family!
  10. Since we're talking store bought as well, does anyone know if you can find Blue Bell ice cream anywhere in the DC area - preferably NoVA? Does Whole Foods have it (seeing as it's a TX HQ store)? I'm having a craving for their praline pecan...YUM!
  11. Not really on Columbia Pike, but certainly much closer (and tastier) than the BR on 50 is Lazy Sundae (2925 Wilson Blvd next to Faccia Luna and Mexicali Blues in Clarendon - Phone: (703) 525-4960). They have a rotation of off-the-wall flavors, mix ins, and most importantly, it's inexpensive. Enjoy!
  12. Definitely hit Foster's out on 15-501...great coffee, sandwiches and salads. They have brunch offerings, but their lunch is by far a better choice. I'm also a fan of the 501 Diner in Chapel Hill when I'm in the area (their french toast is YUM).
  13. FYI - Vermilion has a new website click here
  14. They have a great website - click here. The woman who took our reservations said dress code is dressy casual - jeans are okay but no shorts, sneakers or beachware.
  15. Thanks! The expectations for dessert on Friday night at Fix are high, but I have a feeling they will be far exceeded... Can't wait. Thanks for the suggestion at Mix - we'll have to drop by for happy hour one of the evenings we're there...and I appreciate the flag about Cravings. Tom Sietsema of The Washington Post included it in his review of Vegas eats about a month ago and liked it, so that would have been sad. Not a huge fan of Bobby Flay restaurants.
  16. I'm heading to Las Vegas for my first trip to Sin City with 14 women to celebrate our friend's 40th. Some of us have vowed never to leave the craps tables while the few of us realists are focusing on making sure we won't waste a meal on mediocre food. I've perused the threads to no end and have finally settled on Fix for the big celebration dinner on Friday night (think it might have a lot to do with the scrumptious picts from nightscotsman). That leaves about 7 more meals to fill slots for... We're definitely hitting a couple buffets (probably Cravings and the Bellagio), Burger Bar and hopefully Lotus of Siam. Any other suggestions for relatively moderate to cheap eats? Feasting at the bar is always an option as well. If we hit big, Nobu and Eiffle Tower are on the wish list.
  17. What's not mentioned in the article is the presence of the flagship store of HEB's Central Market which is a virtual clone of the Wegmans in Sterling in many way. ←
  18. I can't resist. Having worked out in Leesburg until recently, I must say that the businesses and residents out in Loudoun, Fauquier and the outskirts of the Shenandoah (some of whom actually commute for hours each day into the city for work and don't want to have to do that trip on the weekends as well) could use a few "urban-caliber" restaurants closer to home. It's difficult for professionals to find a fine dining establishment to go to with clients or potential employees (I used to interview MD's looking to come to the area, and had to travel 40 minutes to Tysons for a place to impress them during second and third interview trips). Tusky's, Lightfoot and the others are trying to fill the demands, but there is only so much of a good thing you can take on a regular basis. I'm also surprised that no one has mentioned that Todd Grey has had success with Market Salamander out in Middleburg. Talk about virgin territory for fine dining satellite locations with patrons capable of paying to cover costs!
  19. There are also a number of choices down 123 toward Vienna...there's an Italian restaurant on 123 on the right side of the street not far past the country club just inside the town limits (totally have forgotten the name)...the food was fantastic last time I went and they have a pretty decent wine list. And the Vienna Inn for hot dogs and a beer, of course!
  20. Took my family to Rays Friday night to celebrate my father hitting another year on the birthday calendar...what a joyous occasion all around! The hanger steak surpassed all expectations, and easily made my selection the most envied choice at the table (not that the NY Strip and filets weren't perfect). Unfortunately, we were all trying to save room for my mom's red velvet birthday cake waiting for us at home, so I had to skip dessert this time around. The hot chocolate definitely capped off a perfect meal for us all. Thanks to Michael, Jarad and the rest of the gang who helped make this year's celebration all the better. Can't wait for my next visit!
  21. I work with a small catering company. A client is having a San Francisco themed lunch party, and asked us to provide a sandwich/wrap option that is typical of the area. To be completely honest, we're stumped (we're from the other coast and keep coming back to Giradelli chocolate). Any suggestions????
  22. The Daily Planet Wine Shop in DelRay has wines from both regions, as well as a Kermit Lynch label or two. Daily Planet Wines
  23. 21P has a semi private room off the main dining room...they might be able to fit you in. Four of us ate there on Friday night - with drinks and apps - for under $50 a head.
  24. You might try 21P in Dupont (on the corner of 21st and P Street) - last week's menu featured a number of fish entrees. Also, if you go, I highly suggest starting with the tuna tartare.
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