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  1. I attend cfp Jacques-Rousseau in longueil, I live on the south shore so it was easier for me to start off my day there and go into town afterwards to go to work. My program started in feb2004. The school is well equipped, properly staffed Classes are mon-fri from 8am to 2:30pm. We spend most of that time in the kitchens although there is a fair bit of theory involved as well. The school has a restaurant so we get to practice our menu simple, table d'hôte and à la carte menus in the production kitchen for actual customers. Gus feel free to ask any questions of message me if you`d like. Chefworks I am not set on one particular establishment to do my stage in, I would like to do it in a resto that isn't too large so I can maybe get some interaction with the chef. So far I have made requests at Garçon, Cocagne,l'express, café mélies, le2, Le castillon, an a few others, waiting for some replies.
  2. Wow I did not expect so many responses, thank you all for your kind words. I did not mean to come off as brash in my post, I was tired and a bit frustrated, I do not view my stage as a obligation or bother quite the contrary I look forward to it and am really excited, also a bit scared. I know that a long road lies ahead and it won't always be easy, I am not in a hurry to get a high positions quickly, but I do want to leave my crummy office job asap, working in that kind of environment is becoming hazardous to my sanity. So I am on a double quest stage and work, but seems I can't get anyone interested in hiring me for work, I am willing to do some trial shifts but have not yet been able to speak to a chef concerning this, just gotta keep trying. Cook em all(thanks for the heads up) I have applied at your establishment last week but came at a time where no one was available, a girl politely took my cv and suggest I come back another day have not had a chance due to loads of work to hand in this week. Thanks again for your responses, i was just bit down since I genuily feel that i have something to offer to someone willing to take me in but that I could not express this to anyone. Gus_tatory I will do write up for you on another post.
  3. Hello all, I am new to the board(been reading posts for last 4 months) but figured it might be fun to relate some of my recent experiences and in the process vent a bit. I have always wanted to work in restaurants and the last 2-3 years I have been reading,studying,experimenting extensively with cooking. After many years of working crummy office jobs I finally gave in to the voices in my head and at 25 decided to go into culinary school started a program in feb2004 and am into the last leg of my program I finish in june and have a 3 week stage I need to set up. I am also in the process of looking for a job in a kitchen(can't stand working current desk job anymore) the problem is that every restaurant I apply to seem willing enough for the stage and seem somewhat interested for employement but as soon as they look at my cv and see that I don't have any kitchen experience they get all hesitant and vague about employment and say "maybe after my stage". I can understand that they might be reluctant to take on a complete newbie, but how the heck am i supposed to get any experience if I cannot get a place to take me in. It is sad because I have been working really hard in school, staying extra hours and in general get 100% on most of my exams, I also read up extensively and will even spend my spare time trying out different methods at home. The problem is that there seems to be no way I can communicate this to the people I talk to, I rarely talk to the chefs and if I do, I dunno how to express this without sounding like a fool. I know that you gotta start from the bottom and freely accept the challenge would also want in return a chef or place where I have the opportunity to learn and apply myself. Anyhow so that's the predicament anyone have any suggestions?? Otherwise I am having a great time in school it's such an odd change(i feel like I lead a double life) to be in after working in offices since I was 17 but for the first time it feels like everything is in it's right place. I also find this place amazing, I have learned about new places to visit in Montreal, techniques from chefs and amateurs alike it's really cool.
  4. "The question is not how to best replicate a key lime pie or mock creme fraiche using other ingredients that are locally available, but why can't we get fresh key limes locally at an affordable price?" I am a newbie so please don't view my post as fuel to the fire but just stating an opinion. I think one of the main problems is making sure that these products we seek manage to make it here but also make it on re-order lists of the grocers. As others have pointed out too many times we see these special items rotting on a shelf. I think there are a couple of reasons wich are all interlinked. Price is often an issue on these items, too often they are beyond the reach price wise of the average consumer at least for a everyday purchase(you might go all out for a special occasion but for your weeknight dinner most will not). Also we have to try to get the average consumer interested in these goods, what do you do with creme fraiche, why is so an so lemon better then this one, yes there really is a difference between tomato A and tomato b, try and break the myth that this stuff is only for food snobs. Getting the general public interested in cooking regularly is another problem(but not the discussion for this topic). You are right there is no reason that we cannot get these foodstuffs just like our neighboring cities if we push hard enough, I think for things like creme fraiche(and other items) there is enough of a general demand(consumer and professional) for this to happen, we would have to find a way to push someone(preferably a small producer would be more willing to take this risk than a large one). On the same note I think that might be another problem is that in order for these foodstuffs to come in sometimes we have to go through suppliers who demand that a large amount be ordered at once wich make it difficult for smaller grocers to want to take risks or for individuals to place orders. Anyhow I think both camps have valid points , we do have a great wealth of products and easy axs to some foodstuffs but it is true that there is indeed a gap in the offering available.
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