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  1. Hi there, I have a small 16 seat cafe ..open Monday to Friday..perhaps we could work something out..give me a call cheers..Lynn chef/owner ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS FOODS CAFE AND CATERING 604 733 5105
  2. Don't rule out Vancouver completely..there are many great areas and restaurants that are great. What are you looking for in a job and what are your special talents and passions...that should determine your location. As to salary's..they certainly vary as do benifits. Good luck and look me up if you get to Vancouver. cheers Lynn
  3. Presumably you have given 2 weeks notice, has your boss not asked for your recipes...if not, then perhaps he/she is not interested. I have had a few bakers over the years and generally we brainstrorm recipes together..I encourage my staff to exercise their creative talents. You, by the way, sound great..good luck to you and I wish you lived in Vancouver. And, as everyone has said...what goes around ...comes around..leave graciously.... cheers Lynn
  4. Michelle...who is representing Tim of Windy River Acres..who has the Russian Red Garlic..has asked me to advise everyone of her phone number. She still has a supply and is keen to sell..her number is 604 787 7385. She will still be at the market but I don't know which days..and she is also selling other products for other people as well. Cheers, Lynn
  5. I now use his garlic exclusively. It is truly wonderful to work with.There is something very comforting knowing this garlic was grown in our own soil so close to home and not a millon miles away ..using up expensive fossil fuels to ect etc etc He is going to grow other things and he is very open to suggestions. I have his contact if anyone needs to get in touch with him or if he is not there his vendor person is Michelle and you can leave a msg with her..she is very helpful also.
  6. My staff and I are going this evening..One of the rare Friday nights off for us and we are really looking forward to the evening.Hope to see you Leonard. By the way, I will be ordering every appetizer on the menu and then some..and of course desserts too. Cheers..Lynn
  7. We are a small breakfast and lunch restaurant with a great catering division.... please feel free to visit..cheers, Lynn
  8. I think that no matter where you are ..no matter what country..you must remember..as a restaurant..cafe..or personal chef...the customer has chosen you..you have not chosen the customer..accomodation..going the extra bit is what matters..make the experience wonderful..no matter how small or large
  9. MAY I BE OF SERVICE..I'd be so happy to chat ..plse check out my website and feel free to give me a call..Thank you..Chef Lynn
  10. Be bold and adventureous...add to .....soups...rice...noodles..veggies make another sauce...be the ultimate at fusion...add sour cream make a marinade..go wild ..enjoy
  11. Sounds absolutely fabulous...now how about letting pubs and restaurants in on this amazing taste sensation....
  12. You're right..this should be a much livelier and informative subject.. Nachos are great for groups of beer swilling partiers..a communal plate..to try to soak up some of the drinks.. So often tho, they are alarmingly disapointing..and expensive. Bridges pub use to do a great plate..but they are very skimpy on ingredients now...and seem to like using the broken bits from the end of the bag.. So where are the good nachos...
  13. In Vancouver we have a chain called the White Spot...It has been around forever and gone thru a few changes..but it's still basically a burger joint ..with.. I think a pretty good burger with a triple O sauce ..which is a gooey, messy mayo based sauce..yummy..but they have deleted some of the old things...like the honey dew drink..which I loved ..but the best was something called CHICKEN PICKENS...O MY it was the best deep fried bunch of chicken ever..mind you I would probably eat my shoe if it was deep fried... The White Spot also had many drive-in restaurants..sadly, there's only a few left..one of which, interestingly enough..is across the street from Lumiere's
  14. I tried Duffins ..once ..was a little underwhelmed...thought the sandwhich was a wee bit wee..but it was certainly cheap tho..I was surprised at the amazing selection..a lot of choice..perhaps I'll try it again..what would you suggest
  15. Patisserie Bordeaux....10th and Alma..great desserts and puff pastry as well
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