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  1. redglass

    Low Calorie Recipes

    I'm a little late to this party, but for me, if I drink diet soda, it makes me RAVENOUS- I found that when I cut it out of my diet I wasn't nearly as hungry and could control what I ate much more easily. something about the fake sugar fooling your body and your body going through a sugar crash even though it hasn't actually ingested any sugar...
  2. Since you're in Arlington, you might also want to consider Pie Tanza in the Lee Harrison shopping center in North Arlington and also Sette Bello in Clarendon. I've only had pizza at the latter, and while it's a trendy place, if you like super thin crust pizza, they have the standbys as well as some more gourmet pizzas that I really enjoy.
  3. How about "humans have incisors for a reason"? And who knows, within 6 weeks, she may swing back entirely in the other direction. Without knowing anything about your partner, chances are within two weeks, she will feel like crap and be forced to at least eat some quinoa. In the meantime, you could make it (maybe? probably not) more bearable for you by checking out This book to try some recipes from. Charlie Trotter has lost his chef's card for basically bringing down foie gras in Chicago, but of the raw food cookbooks out there, this one is probably better than most.
  4. We've run out of meat and put ourselves on a strict grocery budget (last month's damage-$800 for two- was a bit too much for us), so we're doing pantry eating, too. We are lucky enough to have CSA delivery every week, so I don't really have to worry about shopping for produce. Dinners lately: pasta with pesto (frozen and still edible from last year's basil) Red Lentil Dal with ginger, chili, garlic, cilantro and coconut milk- served with basmati rice (i don't want to think about how long those lentils have been in the nether regions of our pantry) Chilled Beet soup Mock spanakopita made with the greens from the CSA I am going to have to break down and buy some chicken or SOMETHING from the meat group, but am holding off as long as I can!
  5. I subscribed out of curiousity, but they've done a couple revamps. It's at the point now that it's a pleasant surprise when I actually get an issue, b/c I've forgottent that I'm actually a subscriber (this thread serves as my most recent reminder). I've enjoyed the issues, but it's light reading- definitely not your serious, Savuer-type of food mag. Which I find a good thing. I wish them luck, but I think it'll be a tough go.
  6. I'll put in my vote for the coffee shop just a couple store fronts down from cheesetique in Del Ray. The crust was actually - crispy and crackly, not chewy!- and the loaf had a good a good flavor. Everytime I buy some cheese from Jill, I buy a baguette (that she also sells from them in her shop) to go with. Sorry I can't be more specific on the name- anyone know which shop I'm talking about?
  7. OT, and I'm not even sure if I want to start a separate thread on this for fear being completely grossed out, but what's this about worms in seafood? Was I absent from food school on the day they talked about this?
  8. I finished this book in two days, just a week after reading "Julie and Julia", all without having ever taken a look at a Julia Child cookbook! Needless to say MTAFC Volume I, freshly checked out from the library, has been my current reading and I'm struck by how many classic recipes are here that I never would have thought of as "French", so much a part of the culinary landscape they've become.
  9. I've been told by my gym rat roommate that the closer to your workout, the more simple the carbs should be, so that your body can use them immediately for energy for the workout. So, if you want something right before you workout, OJ or a banana would be a good choice. The more in advance of your workout, you could do more complex carbs- granola with yogurt, the aforementioned oatmeal, whole grain bread with topping of choice. Protein is for after your workouts to help with muscle recovery.
  10. It really doesn't matter to me re: water. Our tap water is tasty, so I don't mind it at all (although when I bake bread I use Brita water). My favorite mineral water is gerolsteiner- good taste and nice, big bubbles. However, I haaatte Evian- I think that if someone were to bottle saliva, this is what it must taste like. Nasty.
  11. Tonight DBF made Chicken a la King while I was at the gym. Nothing like a good workout followed by a calorie laden feast Verdict: another winner. We've never had Chicken a la King before and it's a keeper. We'll probably serve it with noodles or rice next time instead of the bread, but we enjoyed the "retro" chicken on toast. Sorry no photos- we wolfed this down waaay to fast to shoot pics of beforehand. I also made the Bobotie (not on Epicurious) a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed the crunchiness that the almonds brought to the dish as well as the sweet bites of raisin.
  12. This issue redeems such clunkers like the music issue from last year!! I don't have any photos, but I did make the short ribs with the ancho chile sauce. My first time making short ribs and it was great! And actually pretty easy. I served with mashed sweet potatoes instead of polenta. This issue is a definite keeper- if you don't have it yet, move fast- I've already received my February issue.
  13. Pancakes, bread, pie crusts, pizza dough, in summer- pesto and tomato sauce. I also do my own salad dressings- all brand name salad dressings are too oily for me. The main motivator for me was dollars- I could spend $3 on a big bag of King Arthur Flour and make all sorts of stuff with it, vs. buy one loaf of bread at the store that would get moldy before I could finish it. Same with sauce from my CSA's tomatoes (I mean I'm already paying for them and don't want them to go to waste, right?) Oh- and I do all of this without a food processor or Kitchen Aid.
  14. Wow, you all are hard core!! As for me, anything involving nuts or cheese usually get a substantial tasting before going into the dish. And of course, any appetizers served for a party are thoroughly taste-tested beforehand!
  15. This thread brings back so many cravings!! EGullet obsessions have included Larb, Pad Thai, and Lucy's tartiflette.
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