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  1. Does anyone have any info on the 8th Avenue Bistro?
  2. Is there any word on Sean Sherwood and Co's new digs, the Centry House?
  3. One more to mention - Akira sushi on Denman has been one of my favorite sushi spots for years. The staff are quite friendly as well.
  4. Would there not be some sort of autograt policy in place? Many restaurants have them for groups of 8 or more.
  5. Does anyone have any recomendations for good eats in Tofino. I'm sure there's a thread here somewhere on this but I can't find it. cheers
  6. There's a pretty good one in Kerrisdale near the caffe Artigiano. Can't remember the name now. Someones last name though.
  7. Is it true that Sauci's on Broadway will be no more? I heard that Banana leaf is moving in. Would be a nice addition to the area...
  8. Andrew, Excellent topic. I'll chime in with a thought or two here. What is it with restaurants that don't even try! I've been to many places recently that have all the making of a good venue ie. location, view, decor, etc. Then you order something, say an app or a beer and the beer is warm and the app is way sub par. A surly or unpresentable server can ruin a perfect meal. Why would a restaurant owner have them? I feel service, in Vancouver especially, will win over food and make your customers want to come back. If the kitchen is off, a good server can still win that customer over. If the server is off, good food will not win that customer over. There are far too many good places to go in this city!
  9. I have finally accumulated enough Monday night dining adventures over the past month to post some thoughts here. 1. Cioppino's: Myself, our chef, and head server headed out to check the Yaletown scene. Cioppinos seemed to be busier than Milestones on a Monday night which I love . Pino was extra kind to us as Jeremie our chef used to work under him, he may have gotten a kick out of this. Lobster ravioli was decent. None of the apps stood out as "mind blowing". The mains consisted of two osso buco's and a braised short rib. Both were examples of perfection. We all tried the desserts Creme brule, Gorganzola cheesecake, and warm chocholate heart of which the warm chocolate heart was so good we ordered another. Service was flawless and our meals were washed down with many rounds of Cosmos ($80 is the cheapest bottle of wine...owch). All in all a very good experience but not my preference for a meal out. I prefer a loud boisterous atmosphere which won't cost me the equivalent of a months rent. 2. Chambar: Here is a loud boisterous atmosphere! For a Monday night it was great to see this place bumpin'. Myself and two dining companions decended on Chambar an hour late for our reservation (we called ahead like decent people should). Another outstanding meal. Keri warmly greeted us as we walked in and we proceeded to order a round or 2 of cosmos. Apps came out 1. Fois Gras - Unreal smokey, maple fatty goodness. 2. Mussels Conolaise - Hands down the best in the city and such a large portion for $18. For our mains, we went for the Duck breast, Flatiron steak, and one other dish that I can not remember at the moment. It was all so good that I have no idea what side dishes were on the plates. Could also be that we downed it all with a Cline Syrah and did a shooter with our server. Again I was blown away by this place. They seem to have everything in place. Best dining experience I've had in years. The unpretentiosness of the staff and ambiance totally suits this city IMO. 3. The Reef: This was a Friday night, my first out in the real world in a long time (my girlfriend made me). No idea why we decieded to go here but I like loud places and this fit the bill. We waited a few minutes 2 rum and cokes worth of time for a table and since we couldn't deceide on what to order we told our waitress to bring out her favorites. Everything was good but the Halibut cheeks with coconut rice was fantastik! The jerk wings were very spicy as they should be! When I want spicy I want my mouth on fire. My lovely dining companion did not agree. Good place, I will definitely go back. 4. Tantra lounge in lonsdale quay - Great view! Finished a hike up to Lynn Peak and came in for beers and burgers. The beer was good and so was the view. That's all I'll say Next week Aurora! Cheers
  10. One place I've been frequenting or reccomending often these days is Trafalgers on 16th. Service and food never dissapoint and Steven is always a gracious host. Granted it's not known as "hip and happening". But it's good honest food and service. Possibly the best benny in town IMO. I would also add Zizzanie but alas......my monday night poutine binge is no more.
  11. From another piont of view, "the man" will not neccessarily make much more money on the mark ups that restaurants charge. The consumer pays PST at the store and then the restaurant will pay the PST on the corkage. Remember, licencees do not pay PST at the stores. I love that people can take botles with them. It's usually the deceiding factor for patrons unsure about how much wine they want, it adds value for them as well. Lets be honest too, how many people actually leave with unfinished bottles. Allowing corkage, as I see it, would be a real pain in unmoved inventory and tied up capital.
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