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  1. I've been twice now. Tacos are very good (carnitas are the best). The only thing missing now is their license to serve beer. Plenty of photos here from the night before opening.
  2. There are some who might disagree with that. One dimensional restaurants don't corner the excellence market in the one thing that they do. If a multi-dimensional restaurant like The Diamond can produce kickass gyozas that trump those on offer at Gyoza King and other Japanese and Asian hybrid restaurants in town, then it stands to reason that they could do just well with ramen too. The right combination of quality stock, pork, and noodles isn't a closely held family secret - nor is it hard to achieve for the home cook.
  3. I've been actively lobbying the folks at The Diamond for just that. They do Sloping Hills gyozas and great noodle dishes. Why not mix the two?
  4. Off the top of my head... Sooke Harbour House in Sooke. La Belle Auberge in Ladner. The Pointe at Tofino's Wickaninnish Inn. Fetch at the Ucluelet's Black Oceanfront Resort. The Aerie Dining Room at the Malahat's Aerie Resort. I hope that helps.
  5. The Macaroni Grill on Davie is reverting back to a Keg (stunning building, designed by famed architect Samuel McClure). Looks haunted now, with chain link fencing around the entrance...
  6. From Scout tonight: Bartender Tannis Ling, a fixture on the wood and well at Chambar since 2005, has just signed a lease that has given her possession of 163 Keefer Street, a space just around the corner from Main St. in Chinatown proper (MAP). Her plan? A modern Shanghainese/Taiwanese joint called “Bao Bei”. The small, 2200 sq ft, 50 seat room will feature an 8 seat bar (naturally) and a kitchen window not unlike the slit pass at Chambar. For the etymologists among you, the name is a Chinese term of endearment that translates along the same lines as precious, darling, honey, et cetera (a wonderful name). Her mother’s cooking is the main inspiration behind the food concept. Nothing is set in stone just yet but she says that we can expect “lots of noodles, dumplings, drunken chicken - stuff like that”. Though the menu will see some experimentation, she carefully points out that there’ll be “nothing crazy”, hastily adding that it won’t be fusion. “I’m going to try to keep it as authentic as possible”. Quality Chinese food + Tannis’ cocktails = lots of people, there. I assume (quite safely, I should think) that she won’t have to wait long for her first packed service with this, her first restaurant. I’m really looking forward to it, and I know I’m not alone. If you’ve ever taken a stool at Chambar, it’s very likely that she’s served you and served you well. Tannis is highly respected in local barkeep circles. She is, without a doubt, considered one of the top bartenders in this increasingly tough bartender town. When she competes on any given Sunday, she can blow the boys away. She often does. Tannis will stay on at Chambar until the end of June. She hopes to open Bao Bei by the early Fall. PS. Doesn’t it seem as if everyone you’ve ever wanted to see open a restaurant on their own is doing just that, right now? PPS. And there are more to come…
  7. On Scout this morning: Sniff. I loved that place.
  8. Angus An is closing Gastropod to re-brand and re-conceptualise it as an authentic Thai restaurant called Maenam...
  9. Bartenders Mark Brand (Boneta), Josh Pape (former Chambar bar manager), and Sophie Taverner (ex-Cascade) are joining together to open The Diamond, a new restaurant and bar in Gastown set to open next month.
  10. First look at Au Petit Chauvignol here. Looks terrific.
  11. Should anyone be interested in keeping track of the competitions in Banff this weekend (and being the first to know who wins), I've started a live blog from the inside here.
  12. Thanks fud. Whenever we move a story from the carousel into one of the blogs the permalink changes. I sometimes forget to fix, tech not being my strong suit... I went for dinner again after the Van Mag "Big Night" party tonight. Full room. We managed to squeeze together a few seats at the bar. Good times. I agree about the jitters, but that'll work itself out fast. They have some pros working the rooms. Lots of familiar faces.
  13. Market, the new restaurant from international celebrity chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, opened yesterday in the Shangri-La (which was also enjoying its first day). Pics and video here. Nice joint. Food was surprisingly affordable.
  14. I added the link to the photo first and then remembered I could add the photo via that same URL. Corporal Redundancy...
  15. I was just flipping through this week's Georgia Straight and spotted Chambar's ad - featuring "Dine Out" with a big negating slash through it. ← Popped in to Chambar the other night and they proudly whipped it out. We took a snap of it for Scout and put it up here. Amusing stuff.
  16. [Host's note: to minimise the load on our servers, this topic has been split. This discussion continues from here.] The restaurant replacing Aurora Bistro is now open on Main. It's called Wallflower Modern Diner. A gallery of photos here.
  17. Only a temporary thing, but Habit Lounge will be down for a few months due to a fire.
  18. First look at the new Lumiere and db Bistro Moderne. Nice digs. Opening Dec. 10th.
  19. Man, they keep coming! First look inside Yaletown's new Regional Tasting Lounge, softly opening very soon. Video and photo gallery here.
  20. First look at Fuel's second restaurant, Campagnolo, here. They should be open next week.
  21. I went for a tour of Piato yesterday. Video and photos are here. Also, shots of the new space being built behind Chambar and Medina are here.
  22. Whoops. I should have said as much. Thanks George! Scout is two days old now. The beta stage runs until January, but so far we haven't seen any major bugs. Just purring along. If you see anything that needs tweaking, let me know. Cheers, and thanks for looking.
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