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  1. I think the flavor nuances in brewed coffee are particularly subtle. Coffee is probably an aquired taste in the first place and once aquired , some drinkers will go further and educate their palate beyond the basic. Even the pro coffee cuppers must brew up 3 cups of the same bean to make sure they are getting a tru flavor sample. Coffee flavors do change as they cool. What may have started out as pungant can become chocolaty as it cools. Coffee needs its own descriptive vocabulary like Eskimos have so many words for snow. I think that with straight shot espresso it is easier to detect flavor
  2. I never liked decaf until I started roasting. Now I love it. Its a great alternative. How about a sweet medium roasted organic fair trade Mexican brewed really strong in the French press with a bit of frothed 1/2 & 1/2 on top? Mmmm good!
  3. Hi all coffee lovers-I'm new here. I'm a coffee roaster in California and I am working on my espresso roast and blend. Since I don't have a "real" commercial type of espresso machine I have to rely on others reviews and critiques. I am looking for some baristas with good brewing and reviewing skills to sample the beans . My intention is to keep at it until I can get it right,so it may take a while. If anyone is interested , I will send out samples for you to try. Thanks--Joseph--
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