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  1. I used to lug up my espresso machine. Seriously. Because no-one wants to know me before I've had my espresso. No-one. And I hate Starbucks lattes. Now I have a pump-driven machine though, so I have to suffer with whatever I can scrounge up there, but geez, why didn't I take my Bodum last time? Idiot. Really, it's such a little thing compared to an espresso machine! and you can have a nice coffee in bed if you like before heading out for breakfast!
  2. Exactly!!! My mother was always SO happy that I didn't like lobster or asparagus as otherwise my tastebuds seemed to be connected to an invisible price gauge. The caviare, duck, foie gras, Champagne and Pauillac she wasn't so lucky with.
  3. If your kids love foie gras, start working overtime now.
  4. Ooh, it's getting exciting now: West Diva at the Met Brix Parkside Well, exciting for me, at least!! two new restaurants, and two old favourites.
  5. I always say it tastes like Pez...it's not bad with the right amount of vodka. Lets you maintain the buzz for longer as it helps keep you awake. I mean, if one were to want to get buzzed... I had one as a coffee substitute one morning, though...that was really no substitute at all.
  6. It is *never* too cold to be excited about gelato. Especially pistachio. Never!
  7. Their voicemailbox is now full, you can't even leave a message. Give it some time; they are obviously overwhelmed.
  8. My "living room bistro" is kinda cute... it comes with two black manx cats and a 32 in. digital TV with surround sound...the prices are fair but the cooking is a bit uneven.
  9. I got sucked into a 2-for-1 salmon and halibut with mango salsa, so no kolachy for me today, either. Ling, I'll see you there on Tuesday Hospital food! dinner will make up for lunch, I reckon!!
  10. Somebody better reserve a table! Headline: KOLACHY SHOP SWARMED BY ENTHUSIASTIC EGULLETEERS!!
  11. I'm there basically without fail on Tuesdays, and sometimes on Wednesdays (Mondays I'm lazy, Thursday is Chicken Curry at Beatty Street Bar & Grill, and Fridays a bunch of us from work usually go out together). So if you want to book for Tuesday coming, right around noon, I'll see you there!
  12. Hmm, I don't normally do the hotel brunches, but I've had some very good breakfasts in Whistler: La Brasserie des Artistes has always served decent Eggs Benedict for a good price...it's not fancy, but it's good. Kind of diner-y Eggs Ben, which I suppose is an oxymoron I also had a really extraordinary brunch one late September Sunday at Araxi, outside in the sunshine...the food and wine were both very good, although the company and the weather are what made it really stand out. Of course if you give me lots of coffee and hot food to help with the hangover (usually hungover on a Saturday morning in Whistler, somehow ) I guess I don't ask for all that much of brunch
  13. Yup, that was me! Forgot to mention that the pic is old; I've since dyed my hair (closer to my natural colour) and it's a bit longer now. Which kolachy did you get? I had the Reuben, the Chicken Marsala, and had bites of my bf's steak and cheese and bacon dog. The Reuben was my favourite though! Yum! ← Oh I had the Greek and the minestrone (I really like the soups there). I may try the Marsala tomorrow if I head back. Next time I will know it's you then, and say hi
  14. Hmm, I saw someone Ling-ish there, except her hair was dark...was that you in the corner? I was the blonde with glasses and a black puffy down vest. I always get mine to go so I can feed my internet addiction over lunch
  15. My mother started taking me to good restaurants when I was 5 years old (Report Card Dinners, solemn occasions, and usually French restaurants so I could practice my French) and even though I was the best-behaved child in the world, and terribly polite, staff (unless they knew me from a previous visit or knew my mother) would almost always expect the worst, and v e r y slowly warm up...the good part was that by the end of the meal, when I was still sitting up quietly, not running around or crying or doing "brat" things, they'd often bring me free dessert (or an extra dessert) to make up for having had bad thoughts earlier on. Unfortunately, kids I think are even more badly behaved now than they were *cough*thirty*cough* years ago, so I expect staff are even slower to warm up than they used to be. But I suppose all you can do is have the kids with you be well-behaved and hope the staff come around...which I admit is backwards logic, but... My last few restaurants: (aside from my Chinese delivery when I got back home tonight) Mantles, Delta Sun Peaks Resort: this was the second time I've eaten there, and it was just as good as the previous time, food-wise and wine-wise. We started with a bottle of Summerhill Cipes sparkling, first time we'd tried it, and found it quite good for BC. I thought the label blurb which compared it with Dom Pérignon was stretching it just a bit <_< but still it was quite drinkable, lemony finish. Then we had a bottle of 2002 Oculus which we enjoyed. My dinner was very good; the "smoked salmon cheesecake" and a grilled sablefish, and a ginger dark chocolate dense thing to finish, with the ever-popular (to me) Monte Cristo coffee. Powderhounds, Sun Peaks: this is my parents' every-day sort of dinner place, unpretentious but decent food. We were there for two meals while I was up, and the first time I had the Wiener Schnitzel which is decent, I've had it before, and then the other night I had Spaghetti Bolognese (which was actually linguine, not that I mind) and a fresh tomato soup to start that was very good, lots of garlic in it, far from Campbell's and all the better for it.
  16. Ling ... were we separated at birth? A. ← Oooooohhh....have you had the banana cream ones, though? I love 'em. And the cherry ones. And the pumpkin pie ones were fab!
  17. *wiping tears of laughter from my eyes* Who knew? I've never been to a men's room at Disney (three so far).
  18. Mmmmmm, burgers! I truly haven't the patience to wade throught the twelve pages of this thread, but my favourite burgers are all out of town, and so may not have been mentioned: The little cafe across from the Petro-Canada in Clinton, BC (north of Lillooet, on the way to...Jasper or Whitehorse or what have you, and once I went up there on a day-trip with a date (in a twin-turbo Stealth) just for the burger and turned around and came home. But I'm weird: about burgers and about driving. It's a very unpretentious burger, they give you at least a pound of nice fries with, and I honestly don't pass through that town without stopping to eat. I haven't been in a year or two, but my earlier visits were spaced over several years, so I still recommend. I am up and down the Coquihalla a fair bit as my parents are in Sun Peaks (north of Kamloops), and when I need to eat en route, I will stop at the Home Restaurant in Merritt. I have eaten at the one at the eastern-most Hope exit, and I was not impressed at all, but the one in Merritt makes a lovely burger. And if you get the senior's plate, you only have to leave behind half of the fries!
  19. I am so amused by the ringing endorsements of the Kolachy Shop in this forum. I eat there at least once a week, working nearby. The Christmas Ham was very fun, little potato in there. I usually get soup and a Greek on Tuesdays. The chicken curry was very very popular with me, and the pizza one is like a manageable little calzone that won't drip sauce all over your shirt. I always hesitate to recommend since the lines keep getting longer! The ranchero breakfast Kolachy goes down quite well in the a.m. when you have been celebrating a bit too hard the night before.
  20. $35 for a 3 coarse dinner in a fine dining restaurant that normally charges $25-$45 for a main course is a still a fantastic deal. $25 is barely break even point. ← I agree. It's amazing how much of the public feels they are "owed" something during events like this. $35 is a steal! A. ← Maybe that $35 menu will keep those tap-water-only people away...
  21. Being a server myself, maybe I'm not the best person to answer this but I think I will anyhow I never look at the amount before tax when I am dining out. I look at the final total and tip on that. Now, is 20% the norm? It is for Americans Seriously though, tip what you feel is appropriate. I do. For the longest tiime I tipped 20-25% regardless of service, keeping in mind that I am a server myself. I no longer do that. If I receive great service, wether it is a a local pub or a fine dining restaurant, I tip 20-25% on the final bill. Average service, average tip, @15%. Poor service, poor tip (10%). Lousy service, I tip enough to cover a servers tip out to support staff, which is usually about 5%.. NEVER feeel obligated to tip more than you think a server deserves just because it is the norm. On the other hand, great tips are very much appreciated when exemplery service has been provided ← I appreciate that, because I hate to undertip, yet I hate to feel as though I am overtipping in the vain hope of receiving better service the next time I go to a particular restaurant. Of course, some inebriated overtipping is going to happen, but by the same rule, some inebriated undertipping may also occur. And if I have been the recipient of stellar service, I do tip appropriately. I was a bit affronted by the sudden change in demeanor at the place I mentioned, though, especially as I had tipped quite well at several visits in the past. I think being snooty at a tip that is somewhere between 15% and 20% is poor manners. Cheers and rest assured, I'm normally at 20% on the total
  22. Can I ask whether you folk who dine out normally tip on the price before or after tax? If I have had a good meal (and particularly if I have had some good beverages), I usually tend to take the first two numbers of the after-tax total and double them, more or less, and tip that. Which is definitely more than 20% on the total. When I served, I was happy with 15% on the before-tax figure, and reckoned anything higher than that was gravy and a compliment to my service. Maybe it's just the higher cost of cute waitress outfits these days, but I recently tipped a scant 20% on the before-tax total after a very good meal that nonetheless had a rough beginning, and got a stone cold shoulder from my previously perfectly pleasant server for the remainder of the evening...I was also taught not to pout about a less-than fabulous tip, but then again, maybe that's just me. Is it now de rigueur to add 20% to the after-tax total? It reminds me of that story in Vancouver Mag, I think it was, about the server who ran after the couple and complained that the 25% she was left was not enough...I always thought anything over 20% was for extra-special service, not just service as it is to be expected somewhere where you're spending $80 or $90/person (or more, obviously)? Please tell me if I am just too cheap to eat out any more!!
  23. Best service in the past few years as I recall: Lumière Pastis Provence Marinaside Brix The last three in particular I remember being helpful without being condescending about wine, although the service at Provence and Brix can be a bit on the slow side if they are slammed. But that's only to be expected. Brix staff, also, were stellar when the power went out and the kitchen was unable to operate.
  24. I don't like salt shakers except for the salt I use for baking. My grinders match on my table. *shrug*
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