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  1. Man, I just read the fine print on the Visa contest for DOV, and find that I was supposed to be picking up that little Visa brochure thing to get the code to enter the contest...three restaurants down and no entries. Serves me right, I suppose. Ah well, four to go!
  2. :laugh: Happy to say I live just outside Yaletown. (They wouldn't let me in; I don't have the wardrobe! )
  3. Oh, you are to be commended for not committing murder.
  4. Karole, there is snow at the top, just not at the bottom...last weekend they had a 50% off promotion for food at Pika's, too...they're doing a lot to make up for the crappy weather. I'm not a huge Whistler fan on the whole, but they are seriously trying to make it worthwhile (they were giving free replacement lift tickets, e.g.).
  5. Last several; not counting West which was recounted elsewhere. Lunch today at the Kolachy Shop, new Muffaletta (yum!) and some cous cous salad, and then I tried to not want dessert, but I failed. Poppyseed kolachy washed down with a lovely new vintage Barq's to add that certain je ne sais quoi. Lunch yesterday, the misnamed but still delicious Philly Cheesesteak at the Beatty Street Bar & Grill, and I restrained myself from snarfing the onion rings (very difficult: they do them battered rather than breaded, soooooooooo good) and had a salad instead. Dinner Saturday: in Whistler, the Fondue Dinner at the Crystal Hut, Blackcomb Mountain, which is at the end of a longish and quite thrilling (or possibly unsettling if that's an issue for you) ride up on a snowcat. The fondue was surprisingly good (broth and cheese), the wine was Jackson Triggs, and the dessert was Bumbleberry Pie a la mode. Dinner Thursday: The Brewhouse in Whistler, I am trying to remember what I ate. I drank a Lifty Lager, I remember that much....I think I had some crab cakes and a salad?? Good Lord. Lunch Thursday: Taco Bell in Squamish. It wasn't particularly pretty, but it was fast and easy and they didn't want Timmy's. Breakfast Thursday: The Templeton for some yummy eggs and whatnot, with the superfab Rosemary Potatoes. We were very happy with the food, and since we were the first customers, we were lucky enough to score the Wonder Woman booth. What else can you ask for? Dinner Wednesday: took the Bride and Groom to Shiru-Bay on Hamilton Street, we ate edamame, the prawns with sweet chili mayonnaise, some fabulous salmon tartare, some great yellowtail sashimi with kiwi fruit and I can't remember the sauce, some seared mackerel thing, and really, I'm surprised I can remember that much. We had some nice cold sake with, the daily special, on top of the martinis and Jameson's consumed chez moi (edit: oh! not to mention the bottle of Lanson! )...my jetlagging friends were ready to collapse, but it was only 6:30 p.m., so I dragged them unwillingly into the HSG for (what else? ) the Gingerbread Pudding. They were agreeing with me only out of politeness. I said, trust me. Our puddings came (ye gods! huge portion! I had only seen Peppyre's Birthday Extravaganza) and the only (semi)coherent words out of the two of them were WOW and OMIGOD DEBORAH. The Groom polished his off, and then finished what the Bride and I could not. More converts!!!
  6. It's all pinned up there, if you want to do a meetup or whatnot then you be the guinea pig, Andrew! I have so many meals planned for the next two weeks, I will probably have to wrap myself in potato sacks or something as my clothes will stop fitting.
  7. Paper plates: only for outdoor events, basically. Although I recently served a wedding cake on some (nice ones!) because they went with the theme, and we were in a rented chalet with no foreknowledge of what we might find, dishes-wise, and no budget for real stuff. As it happened, we had enough proper cutlery for all, and even enough plates, but I used the paper ones because they set off the cake better than the Denby. Paper napkins: only for parties, I get cute ones that go with my red dining room. I wouldn't dream of using paper with dinner except if I were eating some kind of really greasy finger food, probably takeout.
  8. How about cream puffs? you could fill them with regular cream or something pinker, and put a pink or red glaze on top. You could do some chocolate topped ones as well.
  9. So it seems...I missed it! but the muffaletta is nice! it's different from the ones I've had before, salami, ham, olive relish, sun dried tomatoes, other stuff I can't remember but maybe Arne will... I just had a poppyseed one for dessert, and confirm my thought that I'm not all that crazy about poppyseeds...ah well, perhaps next time, the apple and cheddar will be up. (Wonder if they store their cheddar in the crisper...)
  10. :laugh: Thanks for sharing that, Neil. "If we just show up, you would be forced to take us!!"
  11. I haven't eaten at Gotham, but I've eaten at (and gone back to, several times) Hy's Encore. I like the quasi-tacky 60s Brat Pack feeling the place has, and the small filet is all I ever want in a steak (I am a pedestrian steak-eater, and I tend to go for the smallest cut as I know I can't eat it all!). Their cheese toast is sin wrapped in tinfoil, and they make a very nice Caesar tableside.
  12. Kolachy of the Week: Muffaletta!!! Report later!
  13. Oh! I forgot to include the HSG DOV lunch on Monday! Diva - Thursday Blue Water Café - Friday HSG lunch - Monday Brix - Wednesday Parkside - Friday Next time most of you see me, I will, no doubt, be rolling down the street like Violet Beauregarde, rather than practicing my usual pedestrian perambulation.
  14. Thanks Research, sourcing, shopping, stuff like that? unknown. I read 6 cookbooks and all kinds of stuff on the net. I took two days off work to do the baking and covering. Preparing the green fondant for the leaves: about 45 minutes (not counting running to the store to find more colours) Making the leaves: about 4 hours with a friend to help--that was my first time with fondant though. Baking the cakes themselves: about an hour per layer; my oven is not big enough to do two at once, and I don't have the equipment. Maybe a little longer; I had forgotten the time I spent taking the stringy things off the eggs as I cracked them, and there were 21 all together. Preparing and applying the ganache and white fondant: about 3 hours, including time I spent putting them back in the fridge or freezer to keep the ganache stuck on beneath the fondant (I goofed the proportion for the ganache and had too much cream, so it was runnier than I would have liked). About 2 hours making the raspberry sauce, straining, reducing... About half an hour preparing the packaging (time well spent as they got up that curvy highway in perfect order). About half an hour assembling it. So about 13 hours not including non-kitchen preparation, and then cleanup and like that...there was a severe learning curve involved, though, so I expect if I did another (maybe one day if I catch my breath!) I'd probably be able to cut that down to 10, or maybe even 8. I left myself enough time to do things slowly out of a fear of messing up irrevocably if I had to hurry. If I had a bigger kitchen and someone to help me wash things, and all the bowls and spatulas in the world, it would be even quicker! Would I obsess any less? probably not! although if it's not your best friend you probably don't care quite so much whether you make a good impression.
  15. I experimented with a few Chinese places (including New Sun, which I must not have ordered the good stuff, as I never ordered from them again...I can't remember specifically why though) and like Peppyre and Sushicat, ended up with New Grand View (they have a website, too, if you want to check out their menu). I love their General Tao's Chicken to distraction, and it certainly has a place in my life (and on my hips). They're not 100% consistent, but I have always been happy with what I got, which is saying something. Mmmm, I think I may need some of that chicken and some Shanghai noodles to get me through this week!
  16. If I have enough time (around 2 hours), I like to do the Jacques Pépin Mémé's Apple Tart. It has this nifty crust with Crisco, baking powder and warm milk that I have not been able to mess up yet, although my pastry skills are poor at best. I have also altered that recipe to add ground almonds and nutmeg to the crust and used apricots in season for a nice tart. It's quite popular, and makes a good breakfast if there are any leftovers.
  17. Oh, how delicious! I started with the Pork Terrine and a glass of the Nk Mip Pinot Noir (?? Merlot?? it was red, and dry and fruity, and it was good, and I cannot remember the varietal I thought I would be able to check the list online to confirm what I drank, and find I cannot!) Then the braised veal, oh, how delicious was that, and the polenta was as creamy as can be...Peppyre and I shared a half-litre of the Kettle Valley red with our mains. With my Bavaroise, I had a glass of Bolla Recioto della Valpolicella, a red dessert wine that was much thinner than the wonderful things my table-mates kindly let me try, but actually was probably a better choice for me inasmuch as I have drunk a LOT of wine over the past several days and a whole glass of something as rich as the 30-year-old stuff Chef Metcalf had (wow, that was good!) or Peppyre's 20-year-old stuff (wow, that was good, too!) might have sent me over the edge. Thanks to all for a wonderful evening
  18. I just made Ruth Levy Beranbaum's Chocolate Oblivion Torte to rave reviews. No flour: chocolate, eggs, and butter only. Add 2 TBS of liqueur (Chambord in my case) per lb. of chocolate, and holy cow.
  19. Here it is: People seemed impressed, and certainly it tasted marvelous!! The McCall's white chocolate fondant was quite tasty! not as good as my favourite type of icing, but more than edible, and nobody peeled it off. With the cream and the raspberry sauce I made (and squizzled on the plates like I knew what I was doing ) (sorry, I didn't take a photo of a plated piece!), everyone ate their whole portion, which I take as an accolade. I will not be doing this for every friend that comes along, though...so stressful! Thanks again, everyone! the rope didn't make, it, btw, but I managed without.
  20. Added Blue Water Café next Friday, my first Frank Pabst meal in how long? and they're putting our party in the private wine cellar or whatever it is. Yay!!
  21. Well, I have one layer (top) down, one to go! Working with this fondant is not too bad! It's a bit more pliable than the Wilton stuff, and it tastes good. My results are not perfect; but I made it thick enough that it's got that nice rounded edge, so it looks like a real cake and the parts at the bottom that did not turn out as smooth as I would have liked (because the fondant caught a chill from the cake and became less pliant, I think) I can cover with my decorations! Thanks so much to everyone for your help and advice, photos will follow! Edit: there are photos in my ImageGullet if anyone cares to look.
  22. Who are they with??? ← Mr. Doebeli is with the William Tell Restaurant in the Georgian Court Hotel.
  23. No doubt that would be a holdover stubby Old Style...and when he's finished it, our Don'll be off to the minor-junior pro-am invitational bonspiel.
  24. K...I was trying to look at the HSG website but got a 404...will try again later when I can take a look at my calendar etc. Clandestine burgers...ye gods. Next I shall sit with my back to the room and wear a veil. ← Try www.diningoutguide.com I have my own website and I host it myself but am experiencing some problems. Perhaps if I spent more time trying to fix that than playing on egullet I could get a few more things done - Ok, there , my addiction exposed again ← I was looking for the lunch menu, which I thought you had posted on your page...but what more do we need to know than your description! and I doubt I could manage pudding on top of that burger!!
  25. OK, one of these days I will go to this Elysian Room (Chambre Élysée? ) and try the coffee. I should have gone Saturday while I was circumnavigating Vancouver (twice) running all my errands... Edited to correct my French gender stupidity.
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