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  1. FWIW, I'm not exactly sure what your point is, but the A A Gill under discussion in this thread is Ms. Alexandra Gill of The Globe and Mail, not the Mr. A A Gill of London papers. ← I read this as a discussion on the Gill Review of the Week thread, not the AA Gill thread. You may have misunderstood the reference to the Telegraph - I believe Kloom is comparing her style to that, not mixing up the two Gills. ← I had great difficulty parsing it at all...hence the "for what it's worth"
  2. FWIW, I'm not exactly sure what your point is, but the A A Gill under discussion in this thread is Ms. Alexandra Gill of The Globe and Mail, not the Mr. A A Gill of London papers.
  3. Many of us had our interest in Connor Butler piqued some time ago, although most of what most of us had to say was said elsewhere, as being largely off-topic and speculative. As far as the Senhor Rooster review you allude to, I feel great sympathy for your offended sensibilities, but I found the Penthouse Forum letter style of review to be novel and much more entertaining than many reviews, even those of Ms. Gill. And I stand, quite shameless, by my throbbing clam.
  4. Ms. Gill's bilious prose seems to have found a suitable target. Oh dear.
  5. Were the clams really "throbbingly good"? You have noooooooooooo idea!
  6. I think you are mistaking the intent...tiny tiny bit of a joke, you see. An homage, in fact.Wow! BCinBC has his own PR agent! Nice spin Deborah. A. ← BC is currently out of the country. :shrug: you can call me Dakota
  7. Well BCinBC I didn't know it was possible to turn a restaurant review into a sexist, somewhat offensive and yucky "I am a male stud" commentary, but you managed. Yuck! ← I think you are mistaking the intent...tiny tiny bit of a joke, you see. An homage, in fact.
  8. I would hazard a guess that it's a Croque Madame
  9. Yay Mr Wolf! I just had a stew on mine on simmer all night, with excellent results.
  10. I have been waiting and waiting until my kitchen was spotless to document my reno...and have finally realized that my personal kitchen is *never* going to be Better Homes & Gardens spotless, so I may as well go ahead on a day that it isn't too much of a disaster My kitchen in my new house is in a room that was formerly a bedroom I think...in any case it had nothing that was needed for a kitchen but since it's right above the utility room and next to the former kitchen (which kind of reminded me of a 1970s RV...*shudder*), it wasn't that big a deal to shift things over. Daddy-A did the design/layout, and his people took care of the cabinetry and countertops. My people took care (or didn't) of the rest of it, essentially, so things that are wonky or still unfinished are completely NOT his fault (see my odd broom closet, e.g.; I will find a suitable closure for it one day) Here it is in progress: Here is the "kitchen" I used for three months until the new one came online (using the utility sink downstairs as the only running water outside the downstairs bathroom for the same period): And here is the finished product: And a closeup of the orange glass tile backsplash, one of my favourite things: There are a few things I would change if I could...if I could get another 5 feet of countertop, I'd think I'd died and gone to heaven! and if I could switch a few drawers around (the two-layer silverware drawer, while awesome, I should really have placed elsewhere than its current location) that would make the space more functional. The other day I had a vision of a fold-down counter that would come across the doorway and act as workspace and passthrough, and would also have a bottom that would keep my dear darling dog out of the kitchen and the catfood...I have to think on that some more.
  11. Cheers! I still cannot believe it sometimes, and look at it agape...it even looks good when it's all grubby.
  12. I have a Wolf 48 in. (6 burners and a grill). I got the S-grates. There is a wok option, and the simmer is sweet (500 BTU I think? v low). I think it maxes at 15K BTUs at the top end so not as hot as some others, but fine for my purposes. My convection oven is the bee's knees, I am extremely happy with it. My second (smaller) oven runs cool but that's not a big deal. Here is the range: And a closeup of the S-grates, which I love. Edited for photo codes.
  13. Bacon could be hard to come by in an Israeli joint...call it a hunch!
  14. I suggest PMing eGulleter Daniel Rogov. He has probably forgotten more than most of us will ever know of such matters.
  15. Le Répertoire de la Cuisine lists "entrées et relevés of butcher's meat" as meat (as opposed to fowl) entrées.
  16. always considered it a break in sexual activity ... Entracte is usually called intermission ... can a meal run so long as to require an intermission?? ← Intermezzo = intermission.
  17. I'm with Megan in that parents have different rules, and I try to have stuff they like when they come (and they will bring stuff, too), and they always make sure there's whiskey when I go to stay with them. BUT when I have someone coming to stay, I always ask what they like to eat, especially for breakfast, since I often don't eat breakfast and often don't have anything in the house remotely resembling anyone's idea of breakfast. And the most annoying thing they can possibly say is "oh, anything!" OK, then, you can have some muesli with me As far as the coffee issue, bavila, I would have given my sister a coffee pot that I could use when I was there long ago! I have given french presses more than once as hostess gifts, since I am an absolute holy terror pre-caffeine. Edited for the emoticon!
  18. If by chance the auction email is not functioning, please use brian@rarevancouver.com, I know that one is working!
  19. Tina, as someone who's helping these guys out in a very small way, I want to add that yes, they're working hard as can be, and I think it's great, too! and I think everyone who is pitching in (and there are a lot of people!) is just happy that there is something that we can do to (hopefully) make things a little easier for you. :hug:
  20. I'd be more than a little irked by such treatment. ← I think I might have used a few strategic tears, and a very loud but piteous "BUT IT'S MY WEDDING DAY! AND YOU KNEW THAT!" Shocking.
  21. I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself!
  22. I'm pretty sure I've seen them in the seafood dept at Nesters, Nelson & Seymour but it's been a long time.
  23. I have no idea about the propriety or otherwise of placemats with. I would say the charger should be bigger than the plate above it, with the possible exception of an oversize soup or pasta dish. I would say that any oversized plate can act as a charger, or if you are serving in smaller plates/bowls, a regular dinner-sized plate would work. On the other hand, anything that looks OK to you is OK, too
  24. I used to eat there quite often, until I moved a little further away. I have had many excellent dinners there, but now that I'm living on the East Side, I tend to either stay in my neighbourhood or make a beeline for Main or Haro Street. Please do let us know about your meal, I don't remember seeing too many reports lately!
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