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  1. I'll be in Tokyo for a few days and was looking to dine at a high-end restaurant. But some do not allow solo diners. I was hoping to find 1-3 dining companions that would like to join me. I was looking at Narisawa, since they take online reservations (no hassle!). Please pm if this interests you! Click here for the terms under which this event is listed in eG Forums.
  2. i don't think these are the same thing as zongzi. they are 糯米饭 (luo mi fan) or glutinous oil rice wrapped in lotus leaves. which i guess are essentially the same thing. but, not. i guess the difference is in the shape and some of the ingredients. glutinous oil rice is more tasty. next time you go to asia cafe, i want in.
  3. sweet. i think all vegetable dishes should come with oysters and pork slices.
  4. i'm not sure if it's a regional thing. i've tried to find this out myself but have never been successful. i grew up (in houston) having peking duck with the flat wrappers. it wasn't until later in life i experienced peking duck with steamed buns. these "tortillas" were unusually thick. they should be very thin, like mu shu wrappers. i like the steamed buns better, but you can get more goodies in the thin wrappers. i'm torn!
  5. Peking Duck being carved Peking Duck served this duck makes me drool
  6. yimay

    [Austin] Tex-Mex

    is it necessary to call it "mex-mex". shouldn't it just be mexican? hee this amuses me. i just did a google search and omg people use this term.
  7. this chinatown dim sum looks crazy. i like shanghai more and more each time i go. i went today with a friend and we ordered off the dim sum menu. i gotta say that's the way to go (weekday menu ordering). everything is freshly cooked and piping hot. only sad part is no dou hua on weekdays.
  8. yimay

    Eating in Kansai

    does anyone know the name or location of the tiny sushi bar anthony bourdain visits in osaka in the japan episode of no reservations?
  9. the spa upstairs is not just a store but a full blown spa with private rooms, massage therapy, wet treatments, beauty services (mani/pedi, waxing, cosmetics) using all natural ingredients and treatments. there is also a classroom for classes on nutrition and wellness and you can get special chef prepared spa meals. i think it ties in quite nicely with the whole foods philosophy which is not just about food anymore.
  10. i have on one rare occasion had an overcooked burger at casino. but i still think overall casino's are better than jackalope's offerings. i always opt for the simple chicago burger with bacon, instead of the drippier choices (buffalo sauce/cheese).
  11. i just called it mochi but it's probably not interchangeable. my bad. but they are basically the same thing so i just call it mochi, because if i say nian gao, most people don't know what it is. i didn't taste any sesame in the nian gao, but i don't really remember since i didn't finish mine. i thought the filling was mung bean paste too, but the server said it was "soybean curd". i assumed he meant soybean paste.
  12. yeah the mochi itself was this odd, greenish-gray color. not sure why. the inside was filled with a sweet soybean paste.
  13. i remember there being wonton/dumpling wrappers actually made with meat that i've had as a kid a few times and then in taiwan a few times as well. i believe you can purchase them frozen. or am i crazy and just imagining this? it's possible the meat dough has flour in it though.
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