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  1. The Ramada Radisson has a chocolate buffet on Fridays and Saturdays. The cost is $16.00 per person(not sure exactly). I think it is less if you have dinner. I have not tried it so I cannot advise on the quality. I passed by onetime and spied the chocolate layout. I can remember a chocolate fountain, parfait, little cakes. Have you tried Steveson? There are two bakeries that serve various desserts. You did not mention when so I gathered perhaps a weekend treat. Then, there is the chain restaurants that serve dessert.
  2. Thank you for the suggestions! I wanted to make sure the packaging makes it for the onboard portion. Not sure what the dining offerings are for BA. As I may be visiting friends, I will need to bring some local food type presents from Vancouver. What do you think of the obligatory maple syrup, canned salmon? I thought about ice wine(too heavy to carry in small carryon). I have planned the start and end of my trip. I will spending 7 days in London and the surrounding areas. The latter part is still up in the air. Then either taking the Eurostar to Lyon and then to Avignon(Provence area). I think
  3. I will be going solo to Paris mid April. I was wondering if some restaurants had tasting nights or singles nights. I do not know if that is gauche or tacky.
  4. I am leaving next week for London and Paris and possibly making my way to Southern France. My question, what should I pack as a light snack or small meal for the flight over? I am flying British Airways. I have been over to the French forum and picked up some ideas on where to eat and what chocolate shops and boulangeries to drop into.... But I need help in packing a lunch or dinner. My flight is a night flight and I arrive in London in the early afternoon. I thought about running over to my favourite Greek delis to pack some Hummus, cheese, buns, but I did not want to offend my seatmates. I
  5. Choices Markets, Whole Foods and other big supermarkets have the 7 layered dip. How about some of the Chinese bakeries? They sell mini treats...
  6. Is Burnaby out of your way? How about the Valley Bakery? www.valleybakery.com 4058 East Hastings, Burnaby, BC They have quiche, tart shells you can fill, cocktail sausage rolls, spanakopita, petit fours etc...
  7. Mangoe


    Have you tried www.viennatreasures.com? She makes Stollen. Cost according to her website is $8.50. I purchased her linzer tarts and cookies at the Steveston Craft Market and they were very good. Her cookies were light, spongy and tasty. She was at the Heritage Hall Craft Fair.
  8. Have you thought about putting together a book on the Toysan experience?
  9. How about a picture of the class and chef/instructors?
  10. Are you willing to travel to New Westminster? The Royal Tandoori Restaurant located at 246 6th St, New Westminster. 604-521-2247 is really good. Tho' I have not been for awhile. But very good from what I remember. www.royaltandoori.ca A friend mentioned the Clay Oven?? in Delta. I have not tried this place but perhaps someone can give us a review.
  11. I mentioned Ganache awhile back when someone was looking for a suggestion for bakeries...
  12. Yeah, karoake is thing up here in the Pacific Northwest
  13. Here is a game: everyone say their Chinese name at the table. Then you either draw a names out of hat. The chosen person goes around the table and tries to say each person's Chinese name. Oh, you have to have little prizes to give to the person(s) who remember the most names. Prizes can be inexpensive: beef jerky, incense, little tea cups etc...
  14. Well, let's see. Last year for fun, we celebrate a Robbie Burns/Chinese New Year. We dined on Chinese food and each got up to read a Robbie Burns poem. I copied a sampling of poems so everyone could read it in an old english voice. It was fun!! To put a spin on this, depending on if the restaurant allows it or maybe they have one in the back. Bring in a karoake machine with a monitor so the table guests can sing along. You could spin the bottle(bottle of soya sauce), the person chosen has to belt out a song for their dinner.
  15. How about red envelopes for each plate? You can fill them with party favours like: chocolates(non CNY), red candies, gingered and/or dried package fruits, money... The envelopes can be place name tags if you want to alternate boy, girl etc....that way you can mix it up a bit if your table guests do not know each other.
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