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  1. Get the Bartenders friend cleaner. It will make short work of stainless. Cheers Mac
  2. Hi I have a zyliss peeler which has a serated edge. It works wonders. It will also peel a tomatoe. Very sharp. The chinese use a lot of ginger so if you are close to an asian market you might check with them. Cheers Baconburner
  3. baconburner

    What did I buy?

    Hi Had the same experience but it turned out to be Hawaiian basil which is slightly different. Cheers Poorsh
  4. Went to a Shun knife demo at Gourmet Warehouse. They have several styles in stock. Also came across Japanese knives at Lee Valley Tool. They had a special offer on three knives for $200 made from VC-10 steel which I believe is the same material used for Shun knives. Cheers
  5. One thing which i heard of from a patron who was dining in a railway car where he had the best FT he had ever had. It was made the normal way or as desired. The secret was it was coated on the outside with rolled corn flakes and pan fried in butter.. Cheers
  6. Got a Broil King Signet two years ago and love it. Side burner and rear gas burner for rotisserie cooking. The electronic ignition still works! Solidly made in Canada so parts are going to be available if neccessary. Cheers Malcolm
  7. I live in Vancouver BC Canada and it has MANY sushi restaurants. Probably over 350. About ten years ago I was in a small sushi place on SW Marine drive. I sat at the bar and started to talk to the chef. During the conversation he casually mentioned that he was one of only three sushi chefs in Vancouver. My eyes opened and I asked for an explanation. He told me the apprentice program in Japan was TEN years. It took three years before you were allowed to make rice. The program involved learning every type of fish and going to the market at 4:00 in the morning to get the freshest fish. Then learning how to fillet and use each type of fish or seafood. Not sure about fugu.Then on to presentation etc.That to me was the difference between a pro and an amateur. Cheers Malcolm
  8. Think of where you are going to put the Thanksgiving turkey in a side by side with the bottom freezer. Have had a bottom freezer with just one door and replaced it with another after 24 years. Unless you go to separate units think of where you are going to put a large pot.
  9. I am an ex Montrealer who spent time in Nova Scotia,Grandparents and parents retired there. Also a stint at Cornwallis. I have in front of me the Dutch Oven cook book prepared by the Ladies Auxilliary of the Lunenburg Hospital Society from 1976. Many a good recipe which I still prepare. Soups and chowders and all the goodies. Bon Appetite
  10. Hi Got this recipe from Molly Ivens "All About Braising" Good book. To your list I would add 3 inch cinnamon stick and some dry sherry and one more star anise. Cheers Malcolm
  11. Hi French toast. Prepare as usual with egg vanilla etc. The secret is to roll the bread after in Corn Flakes to make a crust and fry in butter. Dust with icing sugar friut on top and use real maple syrup. Treat yourself Cheers baconburner
  12. Hi Not a shill for Ikea but they have a pepper grinder that sells for about $11. It is adjustable for grain size and has one other redeeming feature. You have to invert it to grind the contents. This means when you put it back on the table or counter there is no traces of what you just ground. Cheers
  13. Darienne They will gladly put you on the mailing list. Go to leevalley.com. Great company and great service. When Leonard Lee got the Order of Canada I sent him a congratulatory email. I said the only way I could feed my wife was to leave my wallet in the car when I went into his store. He replied thanking me for paying for the rent on his tuxedo. Cheers Malcolm
  14. Went to a demontration of Shun knives at Gourmet warehouse. They make left handed models. Not the top top of the line but very sharp and a lifetime guarantee. VG10 steel. Cheers Malcolm
  15. Just went to a Shun presentation. If you have a Shun steel just below the handle ( I think it is called the hauzel) there is a round on which there is a flat spot. If you hold the steel vertically and put the back of you knife against the flat spot it will give you a 16 degree angle. Just draw the knife 4 or five times on each side. Don't press too hard. The rep said if you send it to the factory for sharpening you only pay postage one way. They return it free of charge. Customs might have another thought. Cheers Malcolm [
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