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  1. Does anyone know what happened to Marie's Bakery at 212 Lacey Road in Forked River. They were the BEST when it came to cheese filled crumb cake and pastries. We stopped by last week and they were totally gone. I hope that they are planning to reopen somewhere down there. Thanks for any info you may have!
  2. Yes, they did close. This is what they said: "After a 15-month run, we are sad to say that we have sold Broad Street Smokehouse & Grill. We came to the decision that while we would have liked to ride out the turbulent economy, it was just too much to handle. We would like to say a personal 'thank you' to the many people and families that supported us - literally from day one. It has been our distinct pleasure and honor to serve you. While the new owners will not be serving up the same cuisine, we hope you will welcome and support them as they are not strangers to Ridgewood. All our best, Broad Street Smokehouse & Grill"
  3. Tracey, We went with friends a couple of years ago and we had a great time. I don't remember long lines for anything. Maybe we hit it on a good day at a good time. I don't know. The food was great, the music wonderful, the guys loved the beer and we all had a really good time. We talked about going back this year, but, we were away for the weekend. Maybe next time.
  4. Hi from a NJ egullet member. A good friend of mine is going to a business conference at the Marriot Palm Desert resort. He needs some good restaurant (besides the ones at the Marriott location) recommendations in the area to take clients out to. Does anyone have some suggestions as I would really appreciate them. TIA
  5. nizza


    Well Dani I will be in Rutherford the week after next and I will definitely stop in. Thanks for letting us know that you opened. Good Luck!!!!
  6. Cornellrob - wow, sorry to hear that your pad thais was a coagulated mess. We've had the pad thai at Brookside a number of times and it's never been a coagulated mess. It's always been a delicious. Maybe it was an off day for them when you had it.
  7. Don't you just love the atmosphere in their new restaurant. We've eaten there several times since they moved next door. I've always loved their food and it seems to me they are even better than they were. Also, did you know that they still have their retail store. I had asked about it and they said that they still have it, but, now you have to walk down the hall past their "desk" (where you pay for take out food) to enter it. They haven't updated their website yet to reflect the new restaurant. http://brooksidethai.com/
  8. Thanks for the recommendations! I'll check them out and present both to my friend.
  9. Hi a New Jersey member here, but, need some help for a friend that will be in Boston as the end of the month. Can someone recommend a really good restaurant for someone going to a trade show. They will be eating at Anthony's Pier 4 - they have no choice as they have to attend a dinner there. Any other really good restaurants in the area of the Pier? Thanks for any and all suggestions!!
  10. We've met friends from Lunch and Dinner at the Iron Horse in Westwood. Each time the food was very good and their soups were just delicious. We haven't been there in about a year or so though.
  11. Interesting, we have friends that live down there and they have been there twice and really like it. In fact, that is where they plan to take us the next time we go down to see them. Fusion On Main We all love the food at Viva Mexico. It seems the link in your message goes to Amazon.com. Here is the link for Viva Mexico
  12. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I will present them to my friends and take a vote on where we'll go. Thanks again!
  13. Have to make a trip into Trenton. Will have 2 – 3 hours to kill. Any really good places to eat in the Trenton area within ½ hour ride. Please don’t suggest Delorenzo’s for pizza – been there done that. Thanks for any recommendations!!
  14. I used to work in Secaucus and there is a great little Italian restaurant on County Ave. called Lorenzo's. You can eat in or call ahead and take out. Their food is very good. Here is a link to a website that has their menu's and info about the restaurant itself. http://www.ardore.com/listing.asp?r=lorenz...c=Hudson&m=c&u=
  15. I used to work in Secaucus and there is a great little Italian restaurant on County Ave. called Lorenzo's. You can eat in or call ahead and take out. Their food is very good. Here is a link to a website that has their menu's and info about the restaurant itself.
  16. Franci - thank you so much for posting. I look forward to seeing your pics. I look forward to trying to make these as my Mother used to always make them and I never wrote down the recipe. Thanks again!
  17. Franci - I would love to see your recipe for Chiacchiere. Thanks!
  18. I was just at a really great Italian restaurant today. This was the third time in the last year or so that I have eaten there. A small group of us met for a holiday lunch. The name of the restaurant is: Castalia Trattoria 997 McBride Ave West Paterson, NJ 07424 (973) 785-8880 http://www.castaliatrattoria.com/ They are also a BYOB and I noticed today that they had a small party room. It is in the almost same location (if anyone should remember) as the old "Ernesto's" restaurant on McBride. Today, we had a number of appetizers and main courses and each one was delicious. This is definitely not one of the "red sauce" places and I would highly recommend them and look forward to going back again.
  19. pnapoli - did you mean Marc's Cheesecakes on Valley Road in Clifton? He has has really good cheescakes. I think he makes over a dozen different kinds. His brownies are awesome, too. I was in Costco's in Wayne today and they had some delicious looking pumpkin cheesecakes.
  20. SORRY, but, by no means did it have to be combined with a seafood store. Far from it! I really just meant a restaurant that served really good fish. When i said that we did not eat seafood - I guess - I should have just said fish and not use the word seafood. Well, anyway, I will recommend what was posted above, but, if there are any more now that you know I was really asking for a restaurant - please post as I really appreciate all the input.
  21. A friend of ours needs a really good seafood restaurant for next week. We are not seafood lovers and so I don't have any suggestions for him. Can anyone suggest an excellent seafood place in either Essex, Passaic or Bergen? Thanks!!!
  22. EMcD - is that the place on Valley Brook? I passed it a couple of months ago and have not had the opportunity to stop in. Is it really a good place for pickles and olives???
  23. Well my friend emailed me back with some info for you. "If this unfortunate fellow is coming from San Francisco to Vineland, he is going to undergo a huge decline in the quality of his dining-out experiences. From my memory, San Francisco was about as good as New York for quality restaurants, just fewer of them. South Jersey is still hickland. In the immediate Vineland area, my favorite is Winfield's on High St. in center city Millville, just south of Vineland. It's affordable, good quality cooking. I've been there about 6 or 7 times. Vineland has a new one called The Garden Room (I believe) that I sampled once. It wasn't bad, but not quite as good as it THINKS it is. But still decent. That's on the corner of Lincoln Ave. and Landis Ave. I had a good experience at Positano's on Delsea Drive (right near corner of Chestnut Ave.) for Italian food the last time I went there. I've been there maybe three times, but the last time (a few months ago) was the best. Many locals speak well of the Maplewood restaurants -- there's one in Vineland and another in Hammonton, but I haven't been in one in 20 years, so I can't really comment. I always liked the Greek place on Delsea Drive called Olympia that's been pretty consistently good for about 25 years. It's also near the corner of Chestnut Ave. but south of the intersection, while Positano's is north. There are decent little kitchen-type places here and there for lunches, take-outs, etc., like Jim's Lunch in Millville and various deli's that are good for subs, cheese-steaks." He is going to ask his brother, who really goes out to dinner quite frequently, which places he would recommend and get back to me. I hope the above helps you out somewhat.
  24. Stephen, I don't live down that way, but, a good friend of mine does. I will ask him and I will post any little gems (I really doubt there are many) that he recommends. I do know of a great pie/bakery place. On his last trip up here I asked him to stop and get me a pie and they were outrageous!!! The name of the place is Penza's homemade pies at the Red Barn cafe. You really have to try one or their muffins. Their located in Hammontown which is not far from Vineland.
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