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  1. There's also this one that I've seen in the area: Dinner's Ready
  2. King's ransom not required: http://www.amazon.com/Julia-Child-French-Chef/dp/B0006VXMHG Cheers,
  3. We really enjoy the Caspian Grill, but haven't been in quite some time. The food is very good and authentic (my previous husband is Persian), but the service is sometimes awkward. Cheers,
  4. NE? NW? ← From Nancy Leson's column in August: Speaking of transitions Ever wondered what happened to Scotty Simpson, who sold his vaunted Blue Onion Bistro in 2004, returned — albeit briefly — with the upscale Capitol Hill restaurant Fork, then all but dropped off the face of the Earth? He's still around — though you might not recognize him. Simpson underwent bariatric surgery last year in Mexico and has since lost more than 200 pounds, now weighing in at a slim 190. "I'm half the man I used to be," he says, with his trademark laugh. And, if all goes accordingly, he expects to be in business once again — this time in Ballard. He's leased the little red building at Northwest 73rd Street and 15th Avenue Northwest (formerly inhabited by Ballard Brothers Burgers, vacant since Ballard Brothers relocated to its new digs near the Ballard Bridge). And he plans to spend the next few months transforming it into — are you ready for this? — The Lunchbox Laboratory, where he'll make "really ultra-awesome burgers, amazing milkshakes, killer sandwiches and soups" — exactly the kind of food I was hoping he'd do before he went forky with Fork. Scotty's thinking mac 'n' cheese, boneless short-rib sandwiches, homemade ice cream and hot brownies with marshmallow stuffing. You know, the kind of stuff that made him a minor culinary miracle at the original Blue Onion Bistro. With only 20 seats and 1,800 square feet, it sounds too good to be true. And if it isn't, well, I'll be one of the first in line to try his "Noble Oval," a burger named after the kiddie drum set he's planning on putting in the window.
  5. I, for one, would love to hear any comments from a former cheftestant. "I spy" this person in our midst: MARCELVIGNERON Marcel, would really enjoy your perspective! Cheers,
  6. Such a very unexpected treat - thank you! Hubby and I have 2-weeks planned. I was so nice and let him pick and he chose Tuscany. I figure that since I'm making the arrangements, he'll get on the plane and unexpectedly be enroute to Southern France in the 2nd week and LOVE it! I haven't been in the region since 1989 and am suddenly homesick. Such a wonderful peek into your blessed life! Cheers,
  7. I highly recommend Woodward Canyon Winery, outside of Walla Walla in the little blur of a town called Lowden (Louden?). Anyway, Rick Small makes some of the best Cabernets in the state. Cheers,
  8. I used to work at a place with a deli downstairs and I had tried, and was tired of, virtually everything they offered. Then I noticed they had egg salad and it didn't look too bad. I tried it that day and it was pretty bland. The next day I ordered it again on egg bread, and at my desk added packets of mustard, pickle relish, and horseradish sauce and created......the Devilled Egg Sandwich! That's the only way I can eat it now, and it's not bad. Cheers,
  9. Hi David: waving at you from the left side of the state. Now I understand how you know so much about the Seattle food scene even though your description says Spokane! Thanks for telling everyone about huckleberries so that you drive the price up! {LOL} Yes, they are a summer staple, and a delicious one at that. Looking forward to the rest of the week. Cheers,
  10. How sweet of you to wish that on us! You're a darling. I know Abra is perfectly capable of defending herslef, but you need to read her post again. NOWHERE did she wish any of that upon you or anyone else. She merely pointed out that none of us could possibly know what the future has in store for us. Who knows when we or our loved ones will get sick? Do you know you and your dearest will be in perfect health forever? Actually, it means exactly that. People who are sick aren't sick to annoy people, or because they think it's a fun thing to be, or because they want to make the rest of the world revolve around themselves. No, you don't have to enjoy the effects of someone's illness--NO ONE has said that you do. But you don't have to complain about them, either, nor do you have to think of the person as an "annoyance". By doing either of those things, yes, it does indicate that you lack compassion. ← Rona: thank you so very much for saying exactly what I would have liked to say if I had more time. There, but for the grace of God, go I. Cheers,
  11. That sounds really great! I love a good Greek lunch. But I'm curious about the "craft" of wine. Is that a special size? Like a carafe, but different? ← LOL!!!! no it's like art...and crafts!! carafe or K raft if you are so inclined... sorry about that!! ← You're too funny! I can see the connection now, but you really had me going! Cheers,
  12. That sounds really great! I love a good Greek lunch. But I'm curious about the "craft" of wine. Is that a special size? Like a carafe, but different?
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