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  1. Yup, they do a lot of good dishes here [was lucky to get in on an pre-opening meal, sampling much of the menu. Yum!]
  2. I second many of the comments by Pontormo. On Friday, my dining group brought 30 people to the place for dinner [wasn't my choice to eat there lol, particularly on a Friday]. Reseration at 8:30, weren't ready for us. Had to wait 45 minutes only to be placed in a glorified mall lobby, with 3 tables being quickly setup. Food was overall bland & uninspiring. Those that got the seafood & oysters were generally happy, others not so much. To be fair to the mgmt, they did comp our drinks bought during dinner [not many of us, since we drank at the bar for 45 minutes waiting for our table] as a surprise. We were appreciative of the gesture & tipped the single waitress we were given generously. Will I go back for happies & occasionally burgers/sandwiches when I'm in that area of town? Sure...but not for anything else.
  3. ABC app? Saw it a while ago.About two weeks ago I saw "OPENING SOON - Positions Available - Inquire Within" ← On another board (CH), Mr Landrum posted on Feb 8th that they're looking at 6-10 weeks.Thanks, Kevin ← Sorry for not responding earlier Busboy. Works sometimes distracts me I last talked with them about 4 weeks ago. I know they were pushing hard for late March, which seems inline with Kevin's response. Hmmm..wonder if we should be coordinating an eG meal there on or soon after opening of the Silver Spring location. Might want to wait for the things to smooth out, but with a much larger location a "Calling All Carnivores" event might be in order Oh, & thanks for the warm welcome. Bout time I stopped trolling lol.
  4. When I think of Chateubriand, the words "classy" comes to mind. Been discussing with them about doing a larger dinner group [20+ from my Dining Group] once Silver Spring opens. Can't wait to introduce a pack of new converts to their steaks
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