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  1. Here's a new farmers market in the Puget Sound area, or at least a spinoff -- the Tacoma Farmers Market will add a new site this spring, near Freighthouse Square and the transit / Link Light Rail terminus on the south side of downtown. This is in addition to the popular Broadway farmers market on the north end of downtown. News Tribune columnist Dan Voelpel writes, "The new market will operate Tuesdays from 3 to 7 p.m. and limit its offerings to farm-fresh produce, nursery stock and processed foods from farms, such as canned jam, said market manager Melisa Evangelos." Looks like the Broadway market -- which operates Thursday mornings and afternoons -- will remain the focus for prepared foods, which in the past have included barbecue sandwiches, wok-fried dishes, Polish, Caribbean, Mexican and other specialties (my wife and I operate a Thai food booth there). But, for many commuters wanting fresh produce, you can't beat the convenience of the new location.
  2. Did Ezell's have Tacoma locations in the past? I wasn't aware of that. There was once one in the U District in Seattle. I mainly remember going to their mothership -- a tiny takeout place across from Roosevelt High School in Seattle. On a weekend night there would be a line out the door. Tasty! A chicken breast with incredibly crunchy skin/batter outside contrasting with the moist white meat inside. That was a few years ago -- I hope their quality has held up. I've taken to calling that stretch of 6th Avenue (roughly between Trafton and Pine Streets) with a lot of restaurants/bars "the Wallingford of Tacoma" for the density of its commercial life. Better start buying up real estate on the blocks nearby.
  3. Here's a few my wife and I like: Primo Grill (already mentioned) and Il Fiasco, both in the same neighborhood. Both could be termed upscale. Speaking of upscale, I see nobody is mentioning the pricy waterfront restaurants on Ruston Way...These have great views but for tasty food I'd try: Le Le on Martin Luther King (near the hospitals!) but stick with the Vietnamese dishes. Mekong, a Vietnamese place out near the Tacoma Mall. For Indian food, try Gateway to India on 6th Avenue, the owners are really nice. And, I'd be remiss not to mention the Thai restaurant my wife and I own -- Galanga Thai Cuisine, on Broadway in downtown Tacoma. Web site at www.galangathai.com. Take out or eat in!
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