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  1. Bob, you said a good place to get the Shapton Pro "HERE"...but it only sold Norton (maybe I misread it). Where's a good place to get the Shapton? Vaughan
  2. I have a new question related to knife storage. We're remodelling (completely), and one question is where and how to store the knives. We have 25 or so, from Henckels, Wusthof, Sabatiers etc to Bob Kramer, George Tichbourne and other custom knives. SO, we want the knives to be handy but not visible. Do knife drawers with wooden slots in them damage the knives? Is there some other way to store them unseen that doesn't take up 5 drawers yet doesn't damage the knives? Like most people I use 4 or 5 knives 90% of the time, but do use the Henckels etc (mostly the Goldhamster actually) regularly. Any tips or suggestions? Vaughan/Ms. Agrodolce
  3. I haven't heard of Murray Carter but will follow it up, sounds like a fascinating story. Really appreciate the advice on him and the knives. Vaughan
  4. It's great to have all this expertise, and I do need some advice. We have some 20odd Henckels, Wusthofs, Sabatiers, Goldhamsters etc, but my wife (I'm Mr. "Ms. Agrodolce") gave me a Bob Kramer 8" Chef's knife for Christmas and I absolutely love it. Also after reading Chad's article on knife sharpening bought the Spyderco 240, used it yesterday on the Kramer and it's absolutely razor sharp. My question is that I've ordered two more Kramers, the 6" Damascus Japanese Chef's knife (I use my 6" Henckels a lot) and one more just to "hold my place" in line (which I need your advice on). I like the look of the 6" Usuba Meiji as we do a lot of chopping etc in prep. On the basis of Chad's article also ordered a 3 1/2 " paring knife and 5" utility knife from Tichborne the (fellow) Canadian knifemaker from Ontario. I've never been happy with any of my Henckels etc of these sizes, and this is kind of a trial of his knives. I'm leaning towards the usuba as I think we'd use it the most, but would appreciate your advice. If I get adventursome I'll try to overcome my fear of trying to post under my own name, it's "Vaughan"...I'll figure it out one day. Thanks a bunch, Vaughan PS Am starting a major kitchen reno and have enjoyed lurking on all the appliance advice on egullet.
  5. I cruised the truck market this morning at 8:15 ... no Milan, no blissful tomatoes. He is usually set up by that time, so ... maybe next week?
  6. Made the Vietnamese braised scallops on Saturday. Pretty easy recipe. The sauce was tasty, the dish was pretty good, but we thought the sauce was too powerful for sweet, tender scallops ... a personal preference. I wouldn't hesitate to make this dish with chicken or some sort of white fish ... it would be excellent.
  7. Hi, I was all inspired by this thread, and on my day off, planned to make Mayhaw Man's chicken and sausage gumbo. Invited my Mom (a complete non-cook) over to "visit" with me while I puttered in the kitchen. We had a great visit and a big cast-iron pot of beautiful gumbo at the end of the morning. Had it for dinner Saturday night with a bottle of Jade Mountain Mourvedre--yum! On Sunday morning we served leftovers to "the folks" for lunch: 82 year-old Uncle Reg, Mom, Mom and Dad-in law--all in their 70s. Everyone loved it, all had seconds, even though a number of them claim to not like "spicy" food, couldn't possibly eat that big bowl, etc. It was a huge hit. I showed my 77 year-old mother-in-law (who bought a computer and taught herself to use the internet last year) e-gullet and the step-by-step pictures for the gumbo, and sent her home with my copy of the notes and ingredients list. She's going to make it this week. Next, the shrimp etouffe ... Thanks for the inspiration!
  8. The Dockside Grill in the Granville Island Hotel--been there for lunch twice in the past month. Has one of the nicest water/Vancouver skyline/mountain views in town. The menu has wide choice range. Both times, I had the Cobb salad and it was fab! Others at the table had chili squid (yummy), and pasta dishes (huge and looked very good). Prices are reasonable--$10-16. Beer is also good, as there is a brew-pub. This is a great place for lunch, especially on a sunny day. Dinner menu is pricier--haven't tried it.
  9. Has anyone else tried the black bean soup recipe from Douglas Rodriguez? Its in the Barbara Kafka book "Soup: A Way of Life", as well as in his books. Its super simple to make: black beans, onions, garlic, olive oil, and I think cumin. Lots of garlic and olive oil--I thought it was kind of unusual. Makes an incredibly rich, velvety soup. Good enough for company, and takes to all sorts of garnishes, so you can really "dress it up."
  10. Ms. Agrodolce

    Dinner! 2004

    Ling, where'd you get the Meyer lemons--Urban Fare? I made awesome Meyer lemon sorbet from Chez Panisse Fruit book last time I found some. Last night: made prawn and vegetable green Thai curry, served with steamed rice. Had it with some kind of rum cocktail made by hubby with lots of muddled limes, simple syrup and ice.
  11. Actually been lurking for almost a year. Careful, I know y'all.
  12. Noticed on the weekend at West 41st and Boulevard--half a block west, on the south side--windows are papered over, and a big sign: CAFE ARTIGIANO COMING SOON. I believe its the former Terrafazzione location. Love sharing an Autostrada panino for breakfast w/s.o.
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