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  1. Bon Jour! Check out Citypaper this week; there's an article cleverly titled "Liver Let Die" by David Snyder. It is "pro-foie". I am still fighting Hugs For Puppies and still serving foie gras! (week 8) If you want to rally with the protestors a bit you can either come by the restuarant Friday & Saturday (there's a protestor's discount, and foie gras), usually around 7:30, or join us and the protest for our Fairmount Bastille Day Celebration on Sat July 14th! Or do both! The street festival starts at 2:00 and the reeanctment with my beheading begins at 5:30! Hugs For Puppies have 5:30 on their schedule. Come fight the fight for freedom and choice! Fight the fight against foie gras. Terry B McNally London Grill
  2. cdh-lawyer you say? http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburgh...n/s_511792.html In May 2005, a top FBI official testified before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee that violent environmental and animal rights groups are the nation's top domestic terror threat [testimony transcript; JURIST report]. AP has more. http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/story?section=...orld&id=5334493 Pursuant to Judge Aiken's opinion that a "federal crime of terrorism does not require a substantial risk of injury," the government will likely seek harsher prison sentences under the terrorism enhancement provision of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Judge Aiken has retained discretion to determine whether the terrorism enhancement provision should apply to each individual defendant involved in arsons intended to stem environmental destruction and animal abuse. The ruling does require however, that the prosecutors prove that defendants' actions were directed at the government itself and not just at private or corporate entities. ←
  3. Katie, I will do my best! Well-spoken, which I am not a lot of the times. Protest update: hugsforpuppies were not out protesting yesterday (for foie gras-there was a big protest at SmithKline) BUT were seen in the neighborhood walking around. Yes, but doesn't one generally follow up by rubbing their noses where they've inappropriately soiled after scaring them with the newspaper? I've been very interested in following the unique perpective on this that Linda Terry and Alcibiades have offered us. I think this might be a PA eGullet exclusive, compared to the local media that hasn't really shone a bright light on the tactics of HfP and the lengths to which the restaurateurs must defend their personal/professional property, customers and staff from harrassment. Let us strive to keep this discussion to the facts and in a civil tone and buck the past trend of having all Foie Gras topics come to a screeching halt due to the digression into the "so's-yo'-mama" type of flame wars that this topic seems to generate. I'd be pleased to believe the PA forum could set the example here. ←
  4. Since articles like MKlein's recent one in the Inquirer and Rick Nichol's interview on Radio Times/NPR last week, where he outed Nick Cooney as a criminal and followed up with a piece in the Inquirer, I have some hope that hugsforpuppies and their foie gras campaign will hinder an upcoming ban proposal!? Their tactics are unsavory to say the least. I have yet to encounter any customer or neighbor who isn't outraged AT THEM, plus we are selling more foie gras than ever, so we now believe their mission goes beyond "foie gras".Let's hope they trip up somewhere soon. The problem is they know the law and are trained to walk the line while trying to get us to cross over it.
  5. I am personally feeling better hearing from sane like-minded people. Today I am literally sitting in my house, next door to my restaurant, waiting for these freaks to show up! My staff is on edge, my local district is driving by, some of my customers are looking for the show!...(and ordering all the foie gras specials-the chef's are searing, curing, moussing...) I have survellience cameras being put up next week; am meeting with D'Artagnan to discuss their support; calling Michael Klein again and retaining a lawyer.
  6. As we know now, the bill has been tabled because of all the murders... hugsforpuppies.com has taken over with their extreme animal rights protests under the guise of "foie gras". The leader is Nick Cooney and he has gotten lots of media attention, front page even. Scary. This is no joke. They are trying to terrorize and extort restaurants, their guests and employees by picketing with bullhorns, banners and large photos of caged bloody geese with metal tubes sticking out of them. They have been to my restaurant 5 times and have gotten people to engage by screaming "duck rapists", "terrorists", "scumbags" and "assholes", leading to several incident reports against customers and employees. Civil Affairs is in charge and since the Stu Bykofsky article the "9th" district isn't able to respond to our civil rights and are also being baited by these kids. Of course we know there is no reason to engage, we are adults, etc etc. Basically, we are sitting ducks, no pun intended. S Starr gave them power by taking it off all his restaurant's menus, after 1 visit to his home. Including his 13, there are up to 35 restaurants who have removed foie gras from their menus. Are we going to be told what to eat now??? Everyone-this is serious stuff! Any lawyers out there want to file an injunction for us? Can we jump on any existing injunctions? I don't have the 20,000.00 it'll end up costing! FIGHT the FIGHT against FOIE GRAS! Terry McNally co-owner London Grill Philadelphia
  7. Negroni-invented at a bar in Firenze. Gins are a matter of preference. Beefeaters is a good and affordable one. Recipe includes sweet and dry vermouth, equal parts; but the majority of bars use just sweet. Garnish is a lime but most places serve an orange since it is a popular Campari garnish. I love the Negroni! Eventhough I have seeked out it's original place of mixing I have not researched any other history of the cocktail. Ciao.
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