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  1. Thanks for the new intel, Kentan. I saw it on Sunday and was informed it had been stuck at the paper on the windows stage since May -- perhaps they finally got all their permits?? Can't wait to try it though the idea of "gourmet" Mexican tortas per the signage strikes me as a bit of an oxymoron. ← Big time contractor and permit problems - they open to the public on Friday, I have eaten here twice the tortas are brilliant, they bake their own bread. I will be back for more.
  2. I hate to burst anyone's bubble about fancy Belgian waffles, there happens to be a french pastry chef Phillipe who makes these exact waffles you refer to his product is phenominal furthermore his waffles are egg free and have the pearl sugar in them and exactly what you are looking for - in fact he supplies the raw product to some the establishments around town nudge nudge wink wink say no more
  3. Contact Assefa at Nyala restaurant he makes them they are great
  4. I think it has moved, but I can't remember where. ← It will/has moved to the Sea Shanty location on Yew around Abigail's Party area. ← 1629 Yew St next door Cafe Zen, hoping to open by the end of Jan ← We are open - at the moment only from 5 - 10 pm - a short breaking in period
  5. I would be surprised these guys (Browns/Pinky's) are serious about what they do, they must have gone the legit route in such a high profile location, it must be something other than permits, hopefully they are not delayed for 60 days.
  6. I think it has moved, but I can't remember where. ← It will/has moved to the Sea Shanty location on Yew around Abigail's Party area. ← 1629 Yew St next door Cafe Zen, hoping to open by the end of Jan
  7. We have just had a request from Bon Appetit magazine for our clam chowder recipe which will be published in the R.S.V.P. section.
  8. Same here! Ten years ago, I spent quite a bit of time going back and forth between Beirut and Paris (which has some wonderful Lebanese restaurants) and I am pining for good arayess or habra nayye... The original Nuba location is at 322 Hastings. As for the Seymour one, I checked their sign again this morning and it actually says Fall 2006 / October 2006. My crystal ball is telling me this is not going to happen ... so we'll have to wait and see (or maybe phone them and find out what the timeline is). ← I know the owners well they are going to open - some city hall challenges are hampering this endevour- WHATS NEW!!!!
  9. Spice on West Broadway is Kosher
  10. I was informed by a reliable source that Hapa Itzkaya has bought Urban Well in Kits and will begin renovating pretty soon.
  11. 4th Ave. Don't forget two days notice please
  12. Call me 2 days ahead of time, I will make you paella. In fact I am looking at starting a light jazz duo Sunday nights and serving a few comfort food dishes eg paella, ciopinno and a bunch of chowders. BTW no chicken or meat products will be present in the paella. Marcus Fish 604.734.3474
  13. I dont mean literally treated like shit , but for those who need a broader explanation here it is, I am referring to worked hard , given the least desired tasks, early or late shifts and being the general 'get this do this boy'. I call this paying your dues, and yes a pat on the back goes a long way. Further more when I refer to no being paid what I was referring to was the fact that I was still in school and it was a part of the practical aspect to the training.
  14. When I went to hotel school we spent six months of our 3rd year in the kitchen of either a hotel or deignated restaurant, we were treated like shit and were worked like slaves for no pay. Is there an external i.e. away from the school aspect to the training at any schools in Vancouver. I am not sure that the kitchen staffing issues have everything to do with $$$ but more a lack of work ethic, a lack of spirit of entrepeneurship and a sense of entitlement.
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