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  1. I've had basashi a few times, it's one of my area's special foods. It was nice, though a bit bland. It's usually served with ginger and onion here. Before I'd had the chance to eat it, I wondered how I would deal with it, but it was just like any other meat. One of my friends is a horsey person, and he won't eat it, understandably, because he's ridden horses all his life, but he doesn't have a problem with anyone else eating it in his presence.
  2. I pretty much fitted out my entire (tiny) kitchen from my local Daiso hyaku en shop, apart from my kettle and pans. It's great, and they've actually got some nice ceramic and glassware - I adore my glasses, they have a cool indented shape and could almost be designer. The knife is quite crap, to be honest, but everything else is fine, as far as chopsticks, wooden spoons, utensils, strainer. Also it's great for cute bento accessories, like tiny animal shaped soy sauce bottles.
  3. I tried the azuki as well as the matcha kind a couple of weeks ago, and I was really disappointed. I love anko but the azuki kind had a really odd earthy taste. The matcha pocky tasted more of honey than of matcha, to me. I definitely prefer the kit-kat, that was really yummy - hmm I think I'll have to go get another one from the conbini soon...
  4. They`re called hane-tsuki gyoza - (made with a wing??). Here is more of an explanation.
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