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  1. I in no way cheer this news. As a multiple-occasion diner at the original Studiokitchen, I was thrilled by the idea, moreso by the plan to incorporate the Studiokitchen concept. But watching the developments closely, talking to a number of industry insiders, and having reservations pages go up, book tables, and submit credit card information--only to have each attempt cancelled (the second two cancellations without explanation), I became truly skeptical. I'd love a resolution that brought studiokitchen to life. I'm sure if they built it, they would come. I would, if it happened. But I ain't letting myself buy into the hype again.
  2. As the world turns... Bart Blatstein Locks Shola Olunloyo out of Speck
  3. What was that I said? Oh yeah, "I'll believe it when I see it."
  4. @Buckethead--you are correct, sir. After two reservations cancelled--the latter on two-days' notice with no explanation--call me a skeptic. But hey, what do I know?
  5. Now fully in the camp of "I'll believe it when I see it."
  6. GRRRRRR Logged on to the site last week and discovered they started taking reservations again; made one for 12/4. Today it was cancelled and refunded--no explanation. I'm pretty close to being in the camp of "I'll believe it when I see it."
  7. Any recent visits to Coquette? Thinking about hitting up their dinner or late-night menu this weekend. Thanks!
  8. Sorry if I was unclear in my post (which was supposed to be about the FOOD, but as long as we're on the subject): I did really know what I want, I do make them at home, and I understand there's "no such thing"; my preferred method, as unorthodox as it may be, is one spritz of vermouth from a "misto", because I typically like _that_ much vermouth flavor. But I assume that's not a standard bar acoutrement, so I ask, without fail, for "a stoli martini, up with olives, no vermouth." Every time, every place (unless I want a traditional martini, in which case I say so--but do specify the gin. So I don't think my communication skills are lacking--but I certainly can't control what goes from my table back to the bar via the server. The first time, however, it was clearly about a 2/3 mix (yes, I know that's traditional); I did have to send that one back. The second time, it was still "vermouthy," so they either used the same shaker or the same glass. Either way, the point I was trying to make--was that the food rocked. Seriously, though, Katie--as a bartender yourself (I surmise), if you have any hints beyond how I asked to get what I want (would never try to get someone to read my mind), I'm all ears! No such thing exists. You want a vodka up, ask for a vodka up. Bartenders, no matter how good at their job, are not clairvoyant, and everyone's definition of "Dry", "Extra Dry" or "like the Sahara" is utterly subjectve. If you ask for a "martini" you are implying that you want a cocktail that is a mixed drink, with vermouth in it. If you want Grey Goose up with olives then you should ask for that and not blame the bartender for your lack of communication skills. Sorry to sound snippy, but I get tired of trying to read minds when folks ask me for a martini. I unfailingly have to pull teeth to get them to admit that they don't really know what they want, because they've never made one at home, and have no clue as to whether they actually dislike vermouth, or just think they do. Life would be simpler if folks could walk up to a bar and say "I'd like a 6:1 Bombay martini up with olives, please." Because a martini is actually a gin drink... ←
  9. I had a wonderful meal at Parc last night! Admittedly, I live about four blocks away, so Parc tends to be a go-to place for "the basics," but on a rainy Tuesday night, what we had couldn't be beat. There are some new additions to the menu, one of which is pan-seared cod over a "smear" of brandade with cockles. I don't know who was in the kitchen last night, but this thing was freakin' fantastic--the cod was perfectly cooked (and a very high, ocean-tasting, fresh, quality piece of fish at that), the brandade was perfectly flavored (not over salted, yes, salt cod can be over salted), the cockles weren't tough, and the broth was a brillilant fish/garlic/butter/lemon combination. So silly to say about a Starr joint, but man, I did not want the last bite of that dish to come! DC had moules frites--the frites were perfect. Moules were very solid--not the best ever, but definitely solid. Damn that was a good meal. Only clinker was Parc's inability to prepare a "super-dry" vodka martini. But I'll happily sacrifice that and get wine instead in exchange for that cod. I can still taste it. So big question: who came up with that dish, and who was in the kitchen last night?
  10. 13.49/lb? No WAY is that Copper River. It's 25.99/lb in Seattle, 2000 miles closer to the source! That being said, CR is not the _best_ salmon you can get; it's very subjective. Some of the line-caught stuff out of the Columbia River will knock your socks off. Lots of this is marketing...
  11. I used a recipe for pate sucree with more salt (the Fleur de Sel is a great idea, Thanks!) thinking that it would work. I did roll the crust out a little thin but the consistency wasn’t right anyway, so I don’t think remaking with a thicker crust would matter. The crust I tasted in Europe was somewhere between pate sucree and pate brisee. Suggested adaptations to split the difference?
  12. Does anyone know the story with "Entre Nous", a new (apparently) French place around 3rd and Stewart?
  13. Years ago, I had a chocolate tarte in Europe with a very creamy dark chocolate ganache, the crust was on the thick side (yet still flaky) and the most interesting part...had a distinctive salty flavor. I have with success recreated the ganache but still not been able to recreate the crust....suggestions? The combo of salty crust and creamy chocolate was a wonderful pair (did I mention that the tarte was garnished with blackberries and served with a late harvest port, yum!) Thanks in advance.
  14. Sorry--I should have been clearer! Prepared--at a restaurant. Curious who's "known" for it. Thanks!
  15. I moved here two years ago and decided to embark on a diet that primarily utilized the plethora of fresh seafood that is Seattle's culinary bounty. Recently, however, I have found myself craving that grass-fed wonder of the East, lamb. So I put it to you, my fellow Egullteers--where in this town can I find the best rack of lamb?
  16. Query why a french bistro with a very traditional menu would open three blocks from Cremant?
  17. I've been wondering about that place for a while! Yes, yes...input, please!
  18. Easy solution, which has worked for Matt's in the Market for years--buy yourself a couple of butane cooktops (also used for hotpot in Asian restaurants). You can get them at Bargreen Ellingson or other restaurant supply stores, together with canisters (which last a surprisingly long time).
  19. A few months??? Wasn't Fork only open a few months? Finally - been biting my tongue for a few months. ←
  20. Jamaican Jerk Hut (one of the (many) things I miss about Philly!). Terrible service, great food!
  21. $21.99/$31.99, respectively, at Fisherman's terminal (as of yesterday). Got a pound of sockeye to cook tonight, can't wait!
  22. Bumping this up to see if CR has arrived yet. Does anybody know?
  23. Pardon my ignorance, but...as a Philly to Seattle transplant who now shops at the Pike Place Market, I'm why are vendors not required to open when the RTM opens. Pike Place Market has an "authority" (it's really called that) that rules with a bit of an iron fist, and with a couple of exceptions (the union butcher's not open on Sunday), every vendor must be open by 8:00 and stay open until the market closes at 6:00 (5:00 on Sunday). Now, the fish guys are there at 4:30 a.m. to prep, get deliveries, and ship goodies off to you folks on the east coast, so if it's slow, they start packing things up at 5:30, but other than that, you _know_ things will be open. Hope I'm not opening a can of worms, but I am curious! Rebecca says she officially opens at 10 a.m., which might account for the paucity of goodies in the cases at 9:30. I've suggested to her that, at least on Saturdays, she might want to consider officially opening when the market does at 8 a.m. ←
  24. Thanks! And don't worry--there are loads there today!
  25. Actually...would you mind posting the recipe? Thanks in advance! Yes, Frank's Produce in Pike Place market has them right now, in mid-April. Frank's is in the Sanitary Market building by the cheese shop. I bought four bunches on Saturday, I think for $3 each. That's the only place I've ever seen them. Ask Frank for his special ramps pasta recipe with prosciutto and parmesan. ← I was just there last night and was going to post the same thing (not the pasta recipe but the ramps were in) ←
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