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  1. I live in Kansas and i am trying to get buy groceries for our household for about 100-120$/weeks. "US" means my husband and i , our 2 daughters, 2 dogs and a cat. Those $100 need to hold for food as well as cleaning items. If i needs some good cheese, e.g. I have to order it and it does not calculate on the grocery budget.
  2. I tried the Stroopwafels after i received KAF Cookie Companion. They are delightful and so easy to make. Not at all sweet. I do not have a Krumkake or Pizzelle Iron so i used my Ice Cream Cone maker. Always worked for me.
  3. Sometimes i need Quark to make a good German Cheesecake. I have used Philly but that makes the cake dense. I also pureed some Cottage cheese in the FP, got me to a decent consistency and taste. But sometime i would like to eat some Quark on some bread etc. I googled and read about Creole Cream Cheese. It looks like i could substitute it and with the instructions i found i could make it myself. How do the Quark and the Creole Cream cheese compare? Thanks a lot ancameni
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