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  1. @Chocolot pointed out to me a couple of workshops ago that mold on freeze-dried strawberries could be an issue.
  2. Whole wheat Texas toast is just as wrong as raisins, or bananas.
  3. My Kindle Paperwhite and the iPad app both allow me to put my Kindle books into collections. You can sort each book into multiple collections. That helps somewhat, and you can do batch sorting from the Amazon website (under Account and Lists, choose My Digital Items, or something like that). Spend a little time thinking about how you want to organize your collections before you start.
  4. Depending on your fruit and its source, I'd also be concerned about the various types of bugs that can live in or on fruit: bacteria, mold and other fungi, and the like. I know they can't grow if they don't have enough water available, but sometimes you can't see how much is already there before you start. Anyhoo, as a chemist, my first thought would be to throw your fruit puree on a rotavap to suck off some of the water. No clue whether that would solve the bulk of your issue or not.
  5. This looks really good. Got a guess on how you'd substitute liquid milk for the dry milk powder and some or all of the water?
  6. Yup. It makes a huge difference in cookies, of course, since baking soda needs a source of acid to react with. Brown sugar is one common source of acid in cookie recipes. I don't know how much acidity is enough to mess with gelling, but it's probably easier to try it than to measure it.
  7. MelissaH

    2019 Farmers Markets

    And some of us prefer to venture into the city during the week!
  8. The one thing I'd wonder about is whether the acidity of brown sugar would cause any issues.
  9. @rancho_gordo suggests that if you cook your beans in a pressure cooker, after you release the pressure, let the beans continue to cook with the pot open for 20 minutes. We do this with great success.
  10. MelissaH

    2019 Farmers Markets

    How is this market on Fridays, generally speaking? (I am not a disinterested party. 😁 )
  11. Flour is one of my favorites. Everything I've made from it works, AS LONG AS I use a scale to measure.
  12. When we did our kitchen reno, we could not afford quartz for the immense number of linear feet of countertop we'd be installing. We put butcher block in a few select locations, and did the rest with cheap laminate. The laminate held up fine for several years while we saved our pennies. About 4 years ago, we replaced the laminate with the quartz we wanted, and have been quite happy with it since.
  13. MelissaH


    I've made BraveTart's fudgsicles. This reminds me that I need to make more of them.
  14. I'm not going to give specifics. But instead, I'll suggest that the registry include both big-ticket items and the little things. I'm aware that a wedding is supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime affair. But I've gotten frustrated when a friend or relative made out their registry list and included mostly the dream-type items, none of which would fit into my budget, or in one case, into the budget of myself and my sister put together. (It looked like there had been a few less expensive items, which were snapped up quickly by others.)
  15. Add me with an asterisk. You keep picking graduation weekend, which is also the weekend before the fermentation science class trip (if enough students sign up next year to have the class go). This means my husband will have to be at a commencement ceremony on Saturday morning, and we'll both be trying to pack for the trip. Fortunately for me, if you'll be in Buffalo this year, you'll be in day trip range, so I'm not ruled out completely. So there are a couple of possibilities. One is that I literally come over alone, stay through dinner on Saturday night, and then head home either immediately after dinner or first thing Sunday morning. The other is that the two of us head to Buffalo after the Saturday commencement and schmoozing, which means we'd get into town mid- to late-afternoon, join you-all for dinner and socializing, and then head home (either immediately after dinner or first thing Sunday morning). And a totally off-the-wall suggestion: if anyone will be driving across NY to get to Buffalo and has an extra seat in the car, I'd be happy to meet you in the Syracuse area. Then I'd get full workshop time, and my husband would be able to drive our car over to participate in dinner and bring me home. I'll know by the end of this year whether enough students have signed up for the fermentation class to enable it to run. From everything I've heard, it sounds like the planned destination for the 2020 class is Amsterdam. (Is there a bean-to-bar place there that would be open to a tour of a bunch of university students studying fermentation? Chocolate is fermented, so it's fair game.) Amsterdam is usually a pretty good draw, but in the event that signups are too low, I'd be able to stay through more of Sunday.
  16. That sounds like the next drinks in the series should be the Yes Definitely, the Reply Hazy Try Again, and the Don't Count On It.
  17. If you want fishless fish, that's apparently also available: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/10/business/fake-fish-impossible-foods.html
  18. Miracle Whip has no redeeming value. Hellman(n)'s does, whether homemade or store-bought. Ketchup (Heinz or bust, as any now- or one-time Pittsburgher will tell you!) is only for frites if mayo isn't available, and for burgers if a decent tomato slice is nowhere to be seen. I'll add a tomato slice to a grilled cheese sandwich, never ketchup!
  19. I've often wondered why airlines try to feed us things like pasta and hot sandwiches that really don't hold up well to either cold storage or reheating. This sounds like a marvelous idea.
  20. @Anna N, have you ever considered a headlamp? I have two: the older runs on AA batteries, and the newer (acquired when I was helping friends who are my parents' age with a home renovation project and I didn't know I was going to need more light) of which has a rechargeable battery that charges through a micro USB port like a non-Apple phone. Both of mine have a strap that goes over the top of the head in addition to the around-the-head strap, but that's really a luxury and certainly not usually required. The LEDs are quite bright, and my batteries last a really long time. I like headlamps better than flashlights because you don't need to hold them, and because they always shine the light where you're looking. Betcha Canadian Tire could supply you with something that will help. I have both of the two cookbooks you mention. For me, cookbooks are far more than just sources of recipes, and I enjoy reading Dorie's headnotes and directions. The Milk Street, however, I felt as conflicted about as the rest of you. I borrowed it from our local library, and was (for once) impressed by the range of recipes and the blessed lack of superlatives compared to old-style ATK writing. I also liked that for the most part, these recipes don't use ingredients that I have to make a special trip to acquire, and that most of them aren't Projects that use significant amounts of my time and energy to prep. Nonetheless, if I hadn't found it cheap, I wouldn't have gotten my own copy. People on my side of Lake Ontario are quite unhappy this year, thanks to the higher water and storms that have contributed to significant erosion. They blame the binational commission that's in charge of regulating the water levels in the lake, saying that they'd kept too much water in the lake so they could use it for power generation in the spring. Many locals keep loudly wishing they'd open the floodgates and let more water go downstream. (Never mind that if they'd done that earlier, they'd have likely flooded out parts of Montreal and other points down the St. Lawrence.) But all the water out by you, and in the rest of the Great Lakes, will eventually make its way down to us and out.
  21. If it makes you feel any better, the World Peace Cookies are notorious for not slicing neatly. Sometimes they do, but more often they'll crumble a bit, or the slices will fall apart, or the roll will self-destruct as you're in the process of slicing. And it isn't just me that says so; Dorie herself admits it! Just use a scale when you make the dough, to minimize any variation in the amount of dry ingredients, and go with it. If any cookies fall apart, push them back together and bake them. If the roll falls apart, push it back together and carry on!
  22. I'm impressed. For those of us who are not quite dedicated enough to keeping a starter (or three) up and going, I wish there were a bakery near me that had starters available for the public to purchase. Buy a little bit the day before, feed it to get more (enough to make the dough), and then make it into your bread. If you have some left over, you can try to keep it going; if not, oh well, you can buy a little more the next time you need some. I do fine with making bread from purchased yeast, but the frequency at which I bake is not enough for me to bother with my own starter. I've proven that multiple times now.
  23. MelissaH

    Dinner 2019

    Jacques Pepin's been doing something similar for years. His recipe is at https://www.geniuskitchen.com/recipe/jacques-pepins-potatoes-fondantes-274197 (among other places). I typically just use salted water for the parcooking. They're delicious.
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