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  1. Kim..great meeting you in real life too and love the recap of all your Paris food adventures. BTW, that night we all had dinner was the first night Thibault and I had gone out as a couple. All new then...but, now, we're living together! But, i often think back that that first night we went for the first time "together"! And as for identifying things....i've got brain drain. But I'll ask T - he's better at that stuff than I am. So, when are you getting back over here?
  2. and, yes, spring is open and good...but I wouldn't call it lounge and it wouldn't have music. (but it's a good place to stop for some wine or a meal)
  3. how about la Conserverie. It's a cocktail bar/lounge/restaurant. it's open late, has music, good drinks & food. the food angle is all 'conserved' food (so canned, preserved, etc) But, not bad conserves....apparently it's very good. I've only been for the drinks, which are excellent, so I can't speak on the food, but it seems to hit a few of your requirements.
  4. well, I haven't posted much here lately because there seem to be so few of us lurking around these days, but i wanted to give a little mention to La Conserverie, 37 bis rue Sentier, for their cocktails. Lots of fresh ingredients and TLC behind the bar of this hip, loungey stop.
  5. Forest

    Bar des Roses

    Thanks Saborosa! I'll do my best.
  6. okay people...that time of year again...seeking ideas for cocktail bars with really killer terraces for a drink in the nice weather! Thanks!
  7. Forest

    Bar des Roses

    This weekend Bar des Roses will be relaunching their tapas menu. I have other plans, so won't be trying it - but curious to hear any reports!
  8. Forest

    Bar des Roses

    yet another post on the rollar coaster ride of Bar des Roses. The original owners have taken it back over from their leasors, ditched the dartboard and seem to be making an attempt to bring back some of the original charm. No food as of yet - but they say it should be coming in a few weeks. We were there on the first reopening night - early when it was still rather quiet. They offer a choice of five cocktails: cosmo, mojito, clover club, a kiss from a rose, and a bourbon sour. (actually I'm a bit fuzzy on whether I have those last three names right, but if they're not, they're damn close)
  9. I'll be making a quick visit to Banda Aceh in the near future....anyone have any suggestions for eating, drinking, food shopping? Any and all info much appreciated!
  10. Unless I'm confused, there's only the choice of the Madeleine shop (two right next to each other - one being the bakery, I think) But, it's worth a trek up there as you can pass by Laduree, the maille store, and lavinia if you're so inclined! Enjoy!
  11. oh yeah...i forgot that Genin does chocolates. His caramels are the best I've had. Ever! but, the chocolates are damn fine, too. And, agreed with Daisy17 above...Pierre Herme...macarons...just typing that was enough to make me decide I'm going to get up from my desk and go get some right now!
  12. i don't eat a lot of chocolate...but people seem to like Gerard Mulot and I've gotten some very nice chocolates at Chaudun Michel. There's also a chocolatier right next to 10 rue Blanche (maybe 12 rue Blanche) which does some very good chocolates. i don't know the name offhand, but it seems like someone once told me it's the oldest in Paris. Don't know if that's the case, but if no one comes up with the name I'll dig it up and repost.
  13. well, i haven't been around here in awhile (in fact the entire France forum seems pretty quiet these days). But, due to a query from a fellow EGer and a search for cocktails for a pre-concert drink tonight I notice that my cocktail bar unchartered spaces on it. I am on the hunt for cocktail bars: 1. around champs de mars 2. around Bercy if anyone has any suggestions for these areas, feel free to send them my way!
  14. no problem! if you do follow Daisy17's advice on Experimental (which is great!) i would recommend Frenchie for dinner which is just around the corner. 5 rue du nil. The menu prices are great as is the food. It's a MUST to book in advance as the place is rather small. Also, for cocktails - I haven't blogged on it - I also really recommend the Experimental's 3rd bar that opened 23 rue Mazarine called Prescription Club which is excellent. (it's not really marked with a sign, so you'll just have to go to the address) I also ate recently at Chamarre Montmartre & thought the price/quality
  15. Forest

    Bar des Roses

    Just to let folks now, Bar des Roses is under new management - no mixed drinks, no more food. It's more of a stand at the counter and grab a glass of cheap wine or coffee place with a bit too much noise and activity thanks to the new electronic dartboard. So, ignore anything I've previously posted on it, since it's no longer the same.
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