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  1. Good Lord, I didn't know this was classified as nuts But, I just realized I do the same thing with Skittles....except it has to be two different colors UNLESS it's the purple ones. The purple ones go in two at a time I'm not going to sleep tonight worrying about this....... ← After crinkling open the packet and taking out the black ones. And tossing the two on each side that might have touched. There's just something transferrable about that dusty powder that conveys the licorice taste to its neighbors. And I LOVE fennel and basil and anise stars in stuff---just no black lick
  2. We're in Park Slope but somehow still do most of our shopping in Manhattan. Since I am all over for work and I have a flexible schedule I try to get to Union Square greenmarket during spring/summer for produce. I am in Chinatown/LES at least once a week so I can pick up stuff there as well. The husband works near Chelsea Market so on the way home he will stop there as well. Whole foods or Food Emporium Bridge Market occasionally rounds out the shopping. Saturday AM we typically do off leash hours in the park then the GAP Greenmarket. Bierkraft, Blue APron and Union Market also seem to be w
  3. My husband is going to be in LA for business and is looking for some good restaurants - he will be in West Hollywood but has a rental car. While on an expense account he would much rather eat at the really fabulous hole in the wall places that are overlooked by guidebooks and tourists. Suggestions?
  4. I know I'm late chiming inbut when I make hummus I use Sesame oil instead of tahini (I always have sesame oil- both kinds and never tahini) I use a combination of olive oil and sesame oil (untoasted) and I always mash with a potato masher (my husband prefers it chunky and I hate cleaning the food processor). Lots of lemon, some garlic (never tried roasted but maybe next time)and a bit of cumin... S&P to taste and you're done-- it also always tastes better the next day. I can live on it in the summer... it's also great for taking to a picnic.
  5. Yesterday - Eggs Florentine with Blood orange Hollandaise, Roasted potatoes with shallots This morning - Blueberry Muffins I made on Saturday with Fresh eggs and berries from the farmers market. I wandered into this thread accidentally and spent waaay too long drooling over everyones breakfast, especially the photos. Now I have to go catch up on an hours worth of work
  6. We went with the Basa (2004) It worked out ok... my husband wasn't that crazy about it, but he did have two glasses! Thanks
  7. Hi- I am making pasta with a saffron cream sauce and wondered if anyone had any suggestions for wine pairing (also-- I am on a budget and time constraint here). Thanks!!
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