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  1. i, too, saw mckibben's article in gourmet, and really liked it. but isn't one's ability to do the 100-mile diet sort of linked to what season you start it? for example, i'm right now buying crates of fresh produce to can, dehydrate or freeze from the farmers market nearest to me in northern Illinois. i'm reasonably confident that i could, with some sweat equity, provide for those lean months of winter by working like a beaver right now. but if i tried to begin such a plan in october, i'd be in dire straits pretty shortly. so the author of that couldn't make jam without sugar. but s
  2. i've come across several references in recipes for swedish holiday lucia bread or buns, which includes saffron. somewhat to my surprise, most say that using too much saffron will make the bread dry and hard. why would saffron do that? i have to think that if it's true for bread, it would be true for other baked goods with saffron as well.
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