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  1. Iconic chef Pierre Koffmann is set to return to the stove later this year in a pop-up restaurant at London department store Selfridges. The former three-Michelin-starred chef patron of the famous La Tante Claire restaurant will run the 80-cover pop-up restaurant on the roof of Selfridges for one week in October. La Tante Claire at Selfridges forms part of the inaugural London Restaurant Festival, which will run from 8-13 October. Koffmann will be joined in the kitchen by some of his former protégés including the Michelin-starred chefs Eric Chavot, Tom Aikens and Tom Kitchin. Raphael Duntoye, head chef at La Petite Maison, and Helena Puolakka, head chef at Skylon, will also be part of the restaurant together with award winning chocolatier William Curley. Pierre Koffmann told me he was thrilled to be getting back behind the stove. "It's fantastic to be at the stove again with some familiar faces with me in the kitchen," he said. He added that he's off on holiday now to the south west of France and will be spending most of his time coming up with recipes for the restaurant.
  2. Gordon Ramsay Holdings is to relaunch its former Michelin-starred Pétrus restaurant in London this September. The chef running it on a daily basis will be............Mark Askew !!!
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00f5...l_Bulli_Effect/
  4. Wondering if anyone can help me with this one. Trying to find the name of the company, and web-link, that supplys Fat Duck, GR and various other Michelin establishments with there tableware. Think it starts with a "C" Many thanks
  5. No not really.......just try and avoid the office partys!!!!! like anywhere really...
  6. Terre a terre in Brighton http://www.terreaterre.co.uk/
  7. I just finished a stagiaire at RHR this morning, amazing experience. I will tell more about it, when i catch up on sleep!!!!!!! Getting a table for dinner, will be hard at short notice, but they seem to be doing 30-36 for lunch every day......so may be worth a bash........
  8. The nice Brightonians could not support one!!!!!!!
  9. I have a few recipes from MPW that uses Heinz`s finest. He is also has a leaning towards salad cream!! John Campbell uses tomato ketchup in his spiced lentals recipe (Formulas for Flavour) For what it`s worth.........Chris Horridge, what a cock!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. [/quote/ Sold, well he pretty much gave it away - to Tom Kitchen to open his restaurant in Edinburgh. ←
  11. Jesus, I have been living in the south to long, to remember my dialog !!!!!
  12. My mate is the sous chef at RHR. He gave me this recipe a couple of weeks ago. It is currently on my menu, one of the best soups i have tasted in a long time. I have changed the recipe alittle, (I think, to the better) FIRST OF ALL Its not a roast potato consomme, as you may think it is. Baked potato consomme. I make a double stock, first of all with a basic chicken frame stock. 2hrs 20min. Then pan-roast 4-5k chicken wings,slowly. you want a golden brown colour.I mix 10g curry powder to the wings before roasting. After you are happy with the colour, drain in a colander. Same pan, add more oil, carmelize your mirepoix, again take your time. Drain in same colander as wings. Once drained, add to a clean pan, cover with your chicken frame stock, bring to the boil, skim and simmer for 1hr 10mins. Pass. Inbetween doing this, put 10 baking potatoes in the oven, 180-200 and over cook the potatoes till dark and crinkly, watch you dont get them to dark, you dont want a burnt taste. Once roasted, everything still hot, add your potatoes to the stock, and cover with cling film, for 25mins. Take out potatoes and cling film till cold. Put in freezer over night. This stage is called ice filtration method. next day, take your frozen block of stock, line a steamer tray with muslin,let it drip into another deep tray.Start off in the fridge, then you can take out, and let it drip over night in a cool kitchen. DONE!! RHR, burns onions, (i hate this) and uses soya sauce, for the colour. I think this affects the end flavor. And they use the convention-method for clarification of there consommes, egg whites. Again, I think this dulls the end result.
  13. wasnt talking about the foie gras with tea jelly....... Anyone interested in the "Roasted potato" Consomme recipe???? I have it straight from the horses mouth, so to speak...
  14. mmmmm You will also notice he has a 12 digit phone number BRAVO ARGUS
  15. I went to Alexander's Gastronomy last Saturday night, on the back of this (paid) review in the Argus http://www.theargus.co.uk/whatson/fooddrin...ndersgastronomy A new restaurant round the corner from Drakes. Never been so disappointed in my life.......He writes up a whole A3 at the front of the menu, telling you all about himself and the way you should eat. Fish caught that day, salad picked out the garden that morning,blah blah. 8 covers on his second Sataurday, does he chuck all the fish in the bin after service!!!!!! The menu reads well, after reading his autobiography. Lots of premier produce, £28 for 3 courses.
  16. There's more about it *here* on the Telegraph site ... ← April fools day joke guys
  17. I know for a fact, that Martin wasn`t asked. He has just opened a cook school round the corner from his restaurant, so he is into abit of self-promotion just now
  18. Why did they not pick 2 of the chefs who are at the forefront of cooking in Scotland, In my opinion Martin Wishart and Andrew Fairlie. I know tom very well, most of his training has been classical french and tony serving up smoked salmon..... I know he has been getting slated for it by so many chefs in Scotland and the local paper......... So to judge the level of cooking in Scotland ---"over the border" on these guys dishes is a bit harsh. Scotland has still got a fair bit to go....but no way the difference is that great. Remember only 5.5 million people in Scotland. 7.2 million just in the center of London!!!!!!
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