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  1. GE Profile does make a 31" almost counter depth fridge (30 3/8 in deep). I forget the model number. ← The problem is that most counters are 24" deep. I wonder if you received an incorrect spec on the GE. ← Not sure if there was some misunderstanding. The largest width I can fit in the kitchen is 30-31" but I can only comfortably fit a fridge of that width if it's no more than a counter depth of approximately 24-25 inches. Those are fairly limiting requirements, I know. Thanks Azlee
  2. Check out Liebherr. They make good quality products in the dimensions you're looking for. Sub Zero is an excellent product too, but as is the base with exotic cars, the cost to repair them (non-warranty) are high. A. ← Thanks, the Liebherr CS1650 is now the front runner for my fridge!
  3. Well Bulthaup was only a possibility if I stayed within the kitchen's original 5x7.5 footprint, and it wasn't cheap but it was within my budget. I've come to my senses now and I'm going with Ikea and buying great appliances instead. I will still daydream about the 36" wide 80" tall stainless steel Bulthaup appliance garage. Gawd, it was beautiful.
  4. I just finished my project using Ikea cabinets which I'll eventually get around to documenting. Be sure to order your cabinets MUCH earlier than you need them. I ordered my cabinets 6 weeks before I needed them (Late October) for a December 1 delivery. They delivered the vast majority of my order but I waited a long time for some items. Some side panels and doors weren't delivered until the Monday of this week Janurary 10 and I finally got my toe kicks tonight Janurary 12. But other than the delay the people at Ikea were great to deal with. They were all friendly and knowledgable. And for the items that were backordered and was shippiable via UPS they sent to me for free. Unfortunatly only a single item that I had backordered was UPS able but they tried. ← Which cabinets did you choose and what type of countertops? Best Azlee
  5. I am considering the Ikea Applad white cabinets with Lansa handles and the Numerar legs. I'll try to find a link to post. Thanks Azlee
  6. Thanks. The folks at Drimmer's recommended the Dacor gas range EGR30 and the Dacor convection/microwave/vent PCOR30, the Miele 18" Incognito dishwasher and the 30" wide Liebherr which is just about counter depth and quite a bit less than the Subzero 700TC. Does anyone have these appliances? I'm most curious about the Liebherr. Thanks Azlee
  7. I'll try to get some links to cabinet styles up in the next couple of days. Does anyone know if there's a good floorplan software for Macintosh? Thanks Azlee
  8. John- Thanks very much! You and everyone else have given me much food for thought. My main interest in the Subzero was the fact that it measures 27" wide and is only 24" deep. That's about all the space, I have to spare. Admittedly, it's more money than I'd care to spend and it would be too weird to have a refrigerator that costs 4x the price of my cabinets. The Liebherr may solve that problem. The Northland is a possibility, as well. However, the listed distributor for NY seems to only sell them branded as Summit and not in the sexiest stainless and glass configurations. The same lack of space and need for a quiet machine dictates the necessity for the 18" Miele. When i was considering the Bulthaup cabinets i was planning on Stainless countertops. If I go with Ikea, what do folks suggest? I'm worried that natural stone may be too heavy for the Ikea cabinets. Thanks
  9. I am hoping to use "integrated type" appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator) does Ikea carry the inserts, so that the appliance doors are "seamless" with the cabinets? Thanks Azlee
  10. Check out Liebherr. They make good quality products in the dimensions you're looking for. Sub Zero is an excellent product too, but as is the base with exotic cars, the cost to repair them (non-warranty) are high. A. ← Thanks, Liebherr shows great promise, hopefully the freezer is large enough to hold a cookie sheet for freezing fruit for pies. I guess that's about the size that would hold a frozen pizza box. Liebherr will certainly be less expensive than the Sub-Zero. I was also considering the Fisher and Paykel bottom mount model but it would poke out a few inches from the counter.
  11. Thanks! I think the GE ones are 36" wide, which is too big for my space. but if they make a 30" it could workout. I did go to Drimmer's Manhattan store for my bath fixtures, so I can check the kitchen appliance prices next time I'm in. Does anyone know of any good scratch and dent places for the appliances? Or a good out of state place with low or free shipping and no tax? Thanks Azlee
  12. Thanks Fifi, I keep reading about Sub-Zero problems but everyone who I know that has one, is very happy. Maybe it depends which model. Also, I don't think any other manufacturer makes a 27" counter depth unit. If I did Ikea, I could definitely afford a larger range or an extra wall oven. I will keep Ikea under consideration. Thanks! Azlee
  13. The project planning continues and the budget concept has gone completely out the window. Now choosing between: Bulthaup and ValCucine cabinets (stainless countertops); DCS, Dacor and Monogram 30" all gas ranges; Miele or Monogram 18" dishwashers; Sub-Zero 700/TC fridge-freezer Cork or Linoleum floor Curious to find similar quality alternative products with which others have had success with or folks experience with the items currently up for consideration. This will be a galley or short "L" kitchen along a brick wall, the plan now is for the kitchen to be partially exposed into living/dining space. I've never built a kitchen before, so fear has driven me to kitchen systems with mostly integrated sinks, backsplashes and countertops and recommended expert installers. I am somewhat handy but realistically won't have the time to devote to putting a lot of sweat equity into the project. otherwise, I'd be all about doing this with Ikea cabinets and raising the bar on the appliances, backsplashes and countertops. Thoughts? Thanks Azlee
  14. Almost forgot. Does anyone here have experience with cork flooring in the kitchen? Is it easy to keep clean? Does it comes as tiles or in a roll? Thanks again! Azlee
  15. Thanks again to all for your advice. It's all very much appreciated and helped me to focus my thinking. Andiesenji, I did contact Designer's Challenge, as you suggested. Unfortunately, they are not looking for NYC area projects, at this time. Also, as it turns out, the kitchen renovation budget is now greatly reduced, other work in the apartment needs to be done first, so I will have to wait a few years to get my Bulthaup cabinets. A wall will still be coming down, opening the kitchen up to the livingroom, so the old 5x7 space will become a U shaped butler's pantry featuring a laundry area and a cork floor and a galley kitchen will flow from that space and will line part of the exposed brick wall facing the dining/livingroom area. The architect has suggested using Metro Shelving in the pantry space (not many people will see inside that space) to save in the budget for the galley space cabinetry and appliances. The shelving would be laid in in the same configuration as any future cabinetry, so that plumbing and wiring would be relatively unchanged when the happy day arrives. I wondered if anyone has used Metro Shelving so extensively in their residential kitchen and how crazy would it be to extend the use of the Metro Shelving in the galley space, as well, and top the cabinet height shelving with soapstone as a countertop. I would then use a console type sink, maybe a stainless steel or a porcelain farmhouse sink. I have alot of cookware and dishes that I wouldn't mind having on display and any items not fit for display can go in the pantry area. The appliance choices have been narrowed down to Bosch for the dishwasher and washer/dryer and GE Profile for the drop-in gas range (may still go with the Bosch range and matching microwave) and fridge w/ bottom mount freezer, all in stainless steel (GE fridges now come with a built-in Brita water filter). I am really curious if folks have any advice on using Metro Shelving instead if conventional cabinets or other alternatives. Also does anyone know if Metro make any shelving with doors? Thanks again! Azlee
  16. I could also live happily with scratch and dent appliances or floor sample cabinets. Any tips or notice of sales would be much appreciated. Are there any home or kitchen bath type shows coming to NYC anytime soon? Thanks
  17. My object in this project is to save cash wherever I can, without sacrificing on quality and functionality. While, it would be nice to work beauty somewhere into the equation, mostly I want to end up with a really excellent kitchen to work in. I spend alot of time in the kitchen and have never had an almost blank page to start from. It's exciting but it's also scary because everything is so expensive and there is so much beautiful stuff from which to choose.
  18. Thanks to everyone for your responses and advice! I definitely want to have a plan before I start buying or building. At this point, I am pretty sure that I want a bamboo floor and the bosch gas range and soapstone counters. I agree that a true commercial range would be overkill in such a small space and I also suspect the Coop board would object. I really want a Bulthaup Kitchen but given the fact that my project includes a kitchen and a bath it is unlikely that I can afford such an extravagant splurge on cabinets. I did sign up for Designer's Challenge, brilliant idea, Andiesenji. I am very grateful for the suggestion. I am grateful for all of your suggestions, please keep them coming. Azlee
  19. I will definitely give Ikea another look. Going at least partially with Ikea may allow more room in the budget for appliances and countertops. Perhaps I can purchase a few Bulthaup pieces to start weith for the public kitchen/dining space and expand over time
  20. Thanks very much for all the thoughtful advice. Actually the budget is not very large but I have scrimped and saved for this moment and the space is not very large, which should keep the costs down. If I go as high end as Boffi or Bulthaup it will be in stages rather than all at once which is the benefit of unfitted cabinets, with an open plan. I'm pretty sure that a wall will need to come down so that the space can be enlarged to provide more storage and counter space. This would be accomplished through use of lower cabinets used as credenzas or pantry type wall units. I am told that Bulthaup cabinets are very functional and well made, as well as beautiful, but if there are lower costs alternatives, I've love to explore them. I have nothing against Ikea but I understand that under heavy use they may not last more than a few years, I need something that will stand up to heavy use and time. The same goes for the appliances. Sadly, I think the AGA will not work out due to electrical limitations. Additionally, I will need to keep within the building codes. I would be very careful about that one. In most areas, even unincorporated, that will at the very least get your insurance canceled. You said "on a budget". That is one heck of a budget. With that list of choices, can we assume that you are enlarging the space? Your choice of applicances are a personal one based on the way you cook. I advise keeping a diary for a couple of months to see what you really do in a kitchen rather than what you think you do. The results can be surprising. It was certainly an eye opener for me. (And I thought I "Knew Myself".) On appliances, and to some extent cabinetry, look into reliability, service and parts availability as well as the funtionality. Some of the really cool stuff coming out of Europe is the devil to find anyone that knows what to do with them. That may not be a big problem in New York. I have friends that have spent upwards of $100,000 on a kitchen rebuild and have been miserable ever since. Everytime I go over there something else is on the fritz and they are waiting on a part. The latest casualty was the Sub-Zero fridge and freezer. They have been replaced. The cabinets have had hinges fail on a regular basis and if the drawer units aren't very carefully leveled, they don't work smoothly. They have fiddled with them endlessly. I forget the brand in this particular kitchen. They are drop dead gorgeous, cost a freakin' fortune, but the emphasis was on looks more than engineering. I can't imagine an Aga cooker in our climate. Certainly not the Gulf Coast. Maybe you can get away with it in New York. I would check with someone that actually has one. And what is wrong with Ikea? They have put the money into the stuff that really matters in the cabinetry. The drawer slides are a dream. They went functionality all the way. I have a couple of acquaintenances that have them, one for as long as Ikea has been here, and they are rock solid, the doors close like they are supposed to, and the drawers still work even though often overloaded. (They have drawers under the counter instead of cabinets and load all sorts of heavy stuff in them.) And now a disclaimer... I am one of those folks that have to feel that I am getting my money's worth in functionality so I really dug into this when designing the new kitchen. I also have to say that I am pretty cheap. Even though I could afford it, there are some things where I... just... can't... spend... that... much. ←
  21. I have an opportunity to redesign a small (5x7) kitchen into something better and more functional. This is my first time undertaking such a task and I will have to live with the chosen components for a very long time. I will likely need to break down a wall and create a kitchen/dining/living greatroom. Not sure how anyone was ever able to cook in that kitchen with only 24 inches of uninterrupted counter space. In any event it's pretty much a gut job and I am in desperate need of guidance as far as choosing appliances and kitchen cabinets and I welcome your comments and alternate product suggestions to my preliminary product wish list. Appliances are most important, then the beauty/functionality of the cabinets. Here's the wish list: AGA 24" Dual Fuel Range (need 220 electric service, which may not be possible) Bosch 30" Gas Range Bosch Microwave w/ vent Viking 24" Gas Range Fisher & Paykel Refrigerator Fisher & Paykel double Dish Drawers Miele 18" Dishwasher Boffi Cabinets Bulthaup Cabinets (probably aluminum touch system w/frosted glass doors) Stainless Steel Countertops Boos Butcherblock Countertops Soapstone Countertops Granite Countertops Bamboo Floor Linoleum Floor Tile Floor Many Thanks for your guidance, Azlee
  22. azlee

    Feeling Schmaltzy

    Garden of Eden Markets, here in NYC sell schmaltz in their refrigerated sections. I'm not sure how the product tastes or if it's pasteurized in the same way as supermarket lard is, these days.
  23. I have an almost 20 year old 14 cup Cuisinart. It works perfectly and I have only had to replace the original Lexan bowl, this year (the new bowl doesn't fit as well as the old one). I only use the Cuisinart for making pie dough, because I find that most everything else I could use the machine for can be accomplished better and faster by hand. I did buy a new KitchenAid when Kohl's had its big closeout, but haven't even opened the box. Whatever you do, don't go cheap. In my experience, Cuisinart or KitchenAid are the way to go and worth every penny. Happy shopping! Azlee
  24. Minute Maid sells "fresh" frozen lemon juice in your grocer's freezer. It has pulp and everything. I would imagine they might sell larger quantities for food service. Contact Minute Maid (owned by Coca-Cola) Here's a link to customer service at Minute Maid. http://www.minutemaid.com/mm_contact/index.html
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