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  1. Hey Everyone! I am starting a new business in the Orlando area, and want to expand to start doing some things at Farmer's Markets. I would love to A)Make some preserves like pickles, chutneys, jams, and condiments for sale under my company name, B)Eventually maybe do pre-made sandwiches that are high quality and finally, C)Sell things like stocks, reductions like veal and chicken glace, duck fat, confit, my own smoked bacons, etc. The problem is, I can't find any resources for info on what permits I need or what agency to apply to for said permits. Any help out there for a lad who is tryi
  2. That is, by far, the most specific reply I have ever seen on eG. Thanks wlg.
  3. Do not venture to anything Emeril, please, for the love of God. It is touristy and not great. Better choices: Luma on Park in nearby Winter Park. Also there is a new place, called The Ravenous Pig, supposed to be rockin! Check out Doc's too, it is right downtown, and I have heard decent things. There is an outlet of Primo (full disclosure, I worked at the original in Maine), and I have never been dissapointed. Right next to Primo at the JW Marriot is the Ritz, which holds a Norman's (of Van Aken fame). Other than that, if you are into crazy Asian, check out our section of town called
  4. Tonyy13


    Whenever I braise rabbit, I add cream to the braising liquid. The fat in the cream helps keep the meat more moist than it would be otherwise. Other things I have done are curing and then poaching in clarified butter or duck fat. Good luck! TA
  5. Hey guys, I teach the process of consomme all the time to my students. Here is what I tell them.... Cold stock- you want as much gelatin in the stock as possible. you also want it cold, because if you put your raft ingredients into it while it is warm, you are going to end up with funky egg drop soup. Not nice. The Raft- consists of cold lean ground protein, egg whites, acid (usully tomato paste), chopped or food-processed raw vegetables, and sesoning/herbs Protein- You want this stuff LEAN! NO fat... not good for the clarity, and it will make a grease slick on the top. The protein does
  6. Hey guys, I wsa reading in here a few months ago that someone was using a tabletop proofer meant for bread to age their stuff in. Now, after going through 70 plus pages in the forum, can't find where those posts were! So, please, does anyone have one of these tabletop proofers? I am goign to try to get my boss to get one so I can teach more about this in my Garde Manger class. Thanks! TA
  7. I teach Garde Manger at a culinary school, and my vote is to cook it quickly. I see no advantage of not cooking it, and only downsides (such as a slight bloody taste, and health hazards if you don't heat the Nitrate if you have added any). And curing is a definite. For flavor and safety. My $.02!!
  8. So, I was filleting fish yesterday in front of my class, and my boning knife snapped in the middle of the demo! I have it on video too, which is pretty freaking cool, but anyway..... I need to send it into Henkel or Wusthof, but am not sure which is is, as I have ground the etching off. So, can anyone help me? It is a "full tang" from front to back, but the tang does not extend all the way to the bottom of the handle. Also, around the rivets are raised up. Here is a picture. I know you guys will help me out with what brand and series this is! Thanks! TA
  9. Hey guys, everythign looks wonderful! I have the wonderful privelige of working with Joe Utera every single day, and he is as nice a guy as one could ask for. The thing is, we work for the Orlando Culinary Academy Le Cordon Bleu (that's the official name anyway, I have no idea where the Ramirez reference came from other than the other competitor) You think they look good? I get to taste them from time to time! Haha!
  10. Orlando is quite spread out. I can drive for 40 minutes on a set of interstates, and still be within Orlando mailing addresses. A bunch of it is urban though, however, our downtown is dispicable. It is all clubs and bars for the kiddies on Friday and Saturday nights. We have some plusses: one of the largest population of Vietnamese in America and local honey is widely available. Socio economic makeup of Orlando? You can't use big words like that with a slow chef like myself LOTS of disposable income. Lets just say that.
  11. I was recently in Ottawa, and had a great meal at Beckta, but to be honest, it was the culinary highlight, other than Signatures, which is the restaurant at the Le Cordon Bleu school there, which is where I was getting some corporate training. Both meals were far superior and much more contemporary than just about anything you would find in Orlando. Much more exciting though, was the open market and shops near the open market selling produce and goods locally grown and produced. There were cheese and charcuterie shops, and high quality vendors everywhere. Here in Orlando, we have "farmer'
  12. She's crazy. I would tell the lady to come to the store, and if she could produce a reciept, I would give her a refund for the sandwich only. If she has a problem with that, I would just tell her it might not be a great idea for her to continue to be a patron of my business. This business is tough enough, you should tell her about this annoying customer who keeps ruining your day!
  13. Ok, so I have lived in Orlando for about three years now. Since moving down here, I have been appalled at the lack of a food scene in and around Orlando. Now, my poor reviews of places have been well documented, and had my hand slapped on more than one occasion by other EG'ers who seem to love the mediocrity of the food in our town, but I am not gonna stop singing my song. The lack of serious chefs who are determined to make a name for themselves, lack of artisinal ingredients, the lack of honest and educated food writing, and a myriad of people who don't know a great meal from a satisfacto
  14. Tonyy13

    Tourne Sizes

    Hey Guys, I need some help. I am almost embarassed to ask this question, but I have been doing research online, and just can't seem to find the names for the different sizes of tourne out there. I have waded through probably 100 web pages, the whole time knowing all my EG friends had the answer. So, anyone know?
  15. I'm sorry, can you explain your issues with this a little more? Demi-glace is a mother sauce, and as you add ingredients to it, it becomes a chive demi-glace, or mushroom demi-glace, so forth and so on. Also, if you take the literal meaning in France (demi- meaning half, and glace- meaning reduction to a syrup or by 90%), demiglace could be any liquid reduced by 50%, no? If I see Demi, I assume it is the mother sauce base, and I HATE demi, but I don't have a problem with people telling me the predominant flavoring addition in it! My favorite at the Asian Market: Boneless Pork Loin Beef.
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