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  1. Mr Mikes is still around. Click. They are calling themselves West Coast Grill or something like that. I was just discussing this with my brother over a cold one and he brought up the gold foil spud too! Hope their new concept works...but it will always be the 'plastic doness cow' stuck in your steak kinda place to me. John
  2. Sour Cream and Onion Soup Mix chip dip!! I still eat it to this day!! John
  3. Hate to burst your bubble but: Foodborne illness (or food poisoning) may be caused by any one of the four organisms: bacteria, viruses, parasites and toxins. These organisms may already be present in the food or may be directly introduced by unsafe food handling practices. Food must be cooled quickly (preferably in a ice bath....) before you place it in the cooler/fridge. To prevent the multiplication of disease-causing organisms food must be kept out of the temperature "danger zone". The temperature "danger zone" is temperatures between 4°C - 60°C (39°F - 140°F). Organisms grow very quickly when they are within the temperature "danger zone" range. However, once the food has been cooked and is ready to be cooled it must reach a cooling temperature of 4°C (39F) within a two to four hour timeframe. Food can be cooled quickly and safely by: * Dividing large portions into smaller pieces. This will increase the surface area that is being cooled and as a result decrease the amount of cooling time required. * Cool foods using 4"-6" shallow containers, not large, deep pots. Using shallow containers enables the food to cool down to below 4°C much faster. * Add ice cubes to the food, or cool by immersing the container into an ice bath. * Never leave hazardous food at room temperature or in the temperature "danger zone". Leaving a hot soup in the cooler allows it to stay in that dangerous zone for too long. John
  4. Inspired by another thread (gee..which one?) I started to think of all the places that I used to frequent but had forgotten about. First up on my list: La Bodega. Now I'm craving a pitcher of Sangria and some patas bravas! John
  5. It sat here for years after expo was done. At the rate McD's change and upgrade their stores, I am sure it is in a HazMat site somewhere. ← I got pics...they are in ImageGullet under "Don't believe us? The infamous McBarge." or Pics!(clickety-clackety) Enjoy. John
  6. With all the talk about Expo around here how could we forget.... The McBarge! Any recent sitings? Where is it I wonder? Did they sink it off the coast as a potential dive site? Would be fitting I think. John
  7. The Ole Cantina ? That sort of rings a bell. ← That's it... Eventually closed.. but I think one of the cronies from the Keg (actually a bunch of them) went to work for the company that bought or owned the rights to the concept...nice one guys!...they are the elephant and castle group...also Rainforest Grill or whatever the hell that was..oooo curly fries! Nice. I just checked their stock....trading on the small board...time to jump ship I think! John P.S. I did like the cock-aleekie soup though!! JB
  8. I'm not sure but Allan is a most hospitable host and I'm sure he can answer any questions you have. Maybe Appreciator can help out? John
  9. I think you misunderstood... I only ate there once... Whenever my parents went, "OUR" house is where my Big Bro would kill me in a wicked game of tag. John
  10. Yeah...but it kept my parents busy for a few hours!! And as a result...I have a hankerin' for cous cous now and again! John edited to say: Thanks for the info...I'm going to drop this name on my Mom when I see her this weekend...sure to bring a smile to her face! JB
  11. Jamie maybe you can help.... Cous Cous Restaurant?? Might have been Afgahni??? The only reason I love this place is because it had a cool name..(I was 7 or 8 at the time) and when ever my parents went there it meant my big bro was babysitting and that was always a blast......tag in a dark house, with only the light of the Lloyd 8 track stereo illuminating the living room...too cool. John
  12. Right after Expo I worked at a mexican place in Richmond that also had a restaurant at Expo....something Cantina??? Anyway, one of my first shifts as a waiter I dumped a Strawberry Marg down the back of a visiting Asian toursist. Two kickers here.... 1) He was wearing an expensive Polo (wow...do they still make that Ralph Lauren stuff??) sweater 2) He said it was OK!!! Apparently this guy thought it was good luck (?) and gave me a $100 bill on the spot!! I instantly knew I could easily pay my way through University if I could just find enough well dressed Asian tourists wearing yellow Polo sweaters!! John P.S. No it wasn't tied around his neck, hanging off his shoulders like in Miami Vice...but the dude could dress!! JB
  13. The Saskatchewan Pavilion was thre first place I thought of when the whole Expo chatter started. I do remember some very interesting experiences there! My Mother is from Sask. but she never cooked like that! John edited so I could capitalize Mother...as it should be! JB
  14. Paesano's in Richmond....1983 as a busser. Paesano's used to be considered quite a fancy italian restaurant. Really true italian...simple and fresh. The place was always full of mafia wannabees and made up dames. The owner was Mama Rosa. She did all the sauces, most of the prep and on many occasions was in the pit scrubbing pots. Really true italian...simple and fresh. "I dirty them...why I no clean them??" Everytime you entered the restaurant before your shift you had to kiss Mama and sit down at a huge table where the whole staff would enjoy dinner together before we opened. Dinner at 4:00 and we opened at 5:00. I felt so grown up with my scampi and chianti and watching all the waiters smoke and talk about their tips. These guys were making like $200 a night in 1983??!! Sweet gig. After your shift, (no one left until the last table was gone) there were always parties, but Mama would never let me stay. "You are too young...take some food with you.. go home...don't be like these crazies!" I still think about that place when I'm stuck in traffic on #3 Rd. on the odd times I have to venture into Richmond. I wonder whatever happened to Mama Rosa and the cast of characters I met there. She was definately a huge influence on my future career choices and to tell you the truth....she was a good kisser. I mean I miss her... John
  15. "What did you say..." "Yoots...the two yoots.." My cousin Vinnie...sweet.. Funny you should mention it...... I was involved for a brief time with a growing restaurant chain from the Interior, and we had a tour of the defunct Sharkey's about 2 months after it closed. Talk about creepy!! There is already something creepy about walking through a failed restaurant space (dashed dreams and all that) but the fact that it used to be a funeral parlour...now I get why I was so creeped out while I was there! I still have an original menu from Sharkey's in a box somewhere!! But to keep on topic..... I nominate as a place that is shut down and I miss as: Any place that served deep fried ice cream! I know not very epicurean of me but.... Hey Neil...deep-fried gingerbread ice cream??? Pumpkin in the fall?? John
  16. Personal bellwether: (In Victoria anyway) The piano bar in that hotel just up the block from Big Bad John's ....nuts...can't remember the name....for introducing me to single malt. A love affair that continues to this day! John P.S. Boy are we off topic or what?
  17. Current obsession is Doritos Guacamole Tortilla chips......awesome. Standbys include ....Salt & Vinegar, Dill, All Dressed. However...I never buy Lays....dunno why...just don't like 'em. John Anyone want to start a Vancouver Chip Club?? John
  18. And Brother's has to rank right up there too!! John
  19. Under chinese I think you forgot 'The Wei (sp?) Inn' in Chinatown. I'm sure it is gone now, but it was a place that many an adventerous diner would frequent. Very good authentic chinese (take that as you will) I also remember on the exit they had a sign...'The way out!' John
  20. Anywhere along the Steveston harbour, early on a sunny, weekday morning (the weekend crowds are just to much) before the throngs of people take over the place. Just beautiful. Try the little coffee shop right on Moncton (forget the name...something like Steveston Coffee Co. (?) ) walk up to the pier and just sit and relax on any of the very comfy benches. Boats, water, people, sun....and a book if you like!! John
  21. I had a pie from Aphrodites about a year ago, (I saw that appreciator went for brunch and it reminded me) and it was fantastic! A little steep at $16.00 for a pie but man....was it good. Allan (I think that is his name ) is the owner and is part of a collective of organic farmers, so he gets his produce fresh and it shows. We had a strawberry rhubarb number and it tasted just like the kind my aunt used to make from fresh wild strawberries and rhubarb straight out of her garden. ( in Twin Butte, AB...Smith Creek to be exact..) Has anyone else been? I think they may have expanded since I was last there and taken over a spot next to them on West Fourth. Any comments? John
  22. Life Savers! ← Thats what I thought of right away...Life Savers....Rum Butter... or ...Butter Rum....or Butter Scotch...I think they were made from the same batch and then some crazy Scottish Guy sprinkled some of Ireland's...oooppsss... I mean Scotlands's best (probably a fine douse of the Speyside) on the sweet little drops. Naw... It it must be the chemicals that make me crave it fort-nightly.... Never-mind... John
  23. starting with certain ingredients...not really knowing where you are going...and just making something happen in the kitchen. The best part of this is when your spouse says.."Wow...How did you make this?" You just shrug and say..."Damn...I should have written this one down....." John
  24. Curly hair? Where, on your palms? Pimples on your face too? ← It is true!! Try cutting a 'slicer' cucumber (you know ...not the long english variety) and just let it sit for a few minutes. Come back to it and you will see it is "weeping" (pronounced liquid build up on the cut side) Now lick it!!!!! Bitter.....I never believed this one until I tried it. By rubbing the two ends together I think it may blend the bitterness back into the cuke where the "underlying" bitterness resides. (a trait of all good cukes) I still think the traditional cuke gives a much better bite in it's raw form than the hybrid/GM version. John Ooops...wrong quote.... I was quoting the cucumber debate..just up a few posts!! JB edited to let you know I suck at posting!!
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