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  1. Are any of your group employees of Bank of Hawaii or First Hawaiian Bank? Both banks have meeting rooms where lunch and dinner can be served (believe that you have to be in management to qualify). You can also try the Plaza Club in Pioneer Plaza.
  2. You might want to try Sam Choy's Breakfast Lunch and Crab on Nimitz, Palamino in the Harbor Court Condo on Nimitz and Bethel St. (Downtown) or Chai's Island Bistro in the Aloha Tower Market Place. They're not far from the airport, so the cab ride shouldn't be too expensive. You'll get good food, but not in the class of Chef Mavro or Alan Wong's. You could probably go to Sam Choy's in shorts. There's also Mitch's, a sushi bar in the airport area that was reviewed by Honolulu Magazine and Hawai'i Diner. I hope the link works: Hawaii Diner.com
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