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  1. We like to wait until a restaurant has settled into its own skin and got past the opening bugs and jitters so had been planning on trying Gastropod out for some time. It has been interesting to see the accolades and awards it has been receiving for such a new restaurant. We had been curiouser and curiouser. When a restaurant gets as much hype as they have you have to know that expectations are high, however as one who doesn’t listen to hype, we tried to go in without too many expectations. Arrival – A large group pf people at the door waiting. Being that they all had a glass of something in hand we assumed their wait had been more then just a few minutes. Rather then get lost in the crowd, we stepped around them in front and looked over the dining room. A very attractive simple design. Great light fixture over the bar. Crisp room, good lines. We waited for a greeting or an approach. And waited…and waited. Lots of staff dashing about, no one making eye contact with anyone. Eventually a youngish man strolled toward us, kicking a piece of paper, not once but a purposeful 3 times, along the floor and under the counter. Perhaps he feared germs and didn’t want to pick it up? Looking vacantly into our eyes he asked, do you have a reservation? It was the first indication that he actually worked there. We were told tables were being set and as the large group was moved to their table we sat down in the entry way for a few minutes before another staff member came to take us to our table. In the entry way was an umbrella stand and a shelf with what I can only assume are postcards (I was hoping they were small menus) and business cards. Upon opening the menus we discovered that there really wasn’t anything on it that we found appealing. A lot of Sous Vide, that in my opinion more often then not seems to leave all the meat the texture of corned beef. There were odd combinations that were difficult to image working with their fellow ingredients and just an absolute lack of ummm, that sounds good. We settled on dishes that we felt we would be “OK” with and ordered a glass of wine. My main was, as I had guessed, an odd combination of sweet and savoury with meat that had no texture change from the outside to the in, and the texture of afore mentioned meat. Oh I thought, if only for a nice seared piece of meat. How I wish for a lovely caramelization and light char with the succulence of well prepared meat on the inside. Mean while my table companion had fish that was almost cool, had a most unlikely accompaniment and a crust that tasted like a combination of salt and pepper potato chips and Kellogg’s corn flakes. The table service was attentive, yet somehow unpolished and jumpy. The food somewhere between unremarkable on my plate and inedible on my companions. 2 glasses of wine each, one main course each and the bill was over 100 dollars. Probably the worst value I have experience in a long time – in fact, almost shocking. Room 4 out of 5 Service 3 out of 5 (although we really should deduct another ½ point for the host and make it 2 ½ out of 5) Food 1 out of 5 Likelihood or returning – Zero!
  2. OK I looked at their web site and I still don't see the point. They could not possibly have served the food that's on their menus therefore they must have served food that is not related to what they actually cook. So what was the point? Did they want to show that even though the food on the menu is casual and uses crappy ingredients that they really do know how to cook and use good ingredients but choose not to? Or does Chris Mills want to prove that he just works there for the money and is secretly embarrassed about the food? What a huge waste of time and money for the chain, and for the sponsors. What happens if those people from New York come to Vancouver and eat in a Joey's restaurant? They will be very unpleasantly surprised I would guess. Michael Noble at Earls seems to be able to support the culinary scene while not participating or dragging Earls into any involvement with it and besides, Earl’s food has always been good and has gotten even better since he joined the chain. They are what they are, not what the Chef feels he wants to be. OK that was crappy English but I seem to be frustrated to the point I can't clearly write about it. Joey’s and Earls are related to each other aren’t they? I thought I read in the National Post last week that Joey’s, Earls, Saltlick were all owned by various Fuller brothers who all work for their Dad, who owns the parent (no pun intended) company?
  3. I was shopping on Granville Street when all the power went out down on the north side of the street as well as a bunch of other streets in the area. I noticed that West was in the dark (that was just before 7:00) were they able to keep going until the power came on or did they have to close? As for those diners who didn't leave a tip after getting their meals comp'd because of what was obviously a city transmitter problem not the restaurants power, I say - you are the worst of those bad dine out customers and by not leaving a tip you show ignorance, rudeness and disrespect. Not to mention it shows that you and your table guests are cheap assholes!
  4. Drove by Benny's Bagels on West Broadway on the weekend and noted the window were all papered over. There was a sign on the door but I was too far away to read it. Are they closed? Renovating?
  5. Although I think I vowed never to return to Joey's, except for perhaps a drink in the summer on the patio, for some reason we decided to forgive and forget and tried it again this week. I think the menu was even more horrible then I remember. I was almost unable to find anything I wanted on the menu, in fact I was unable too and ordered something that sounded the least awful. That choice turned out to be dreadful, quite inedible. Poorly cooked, poorly executed. It just tasted awful. My table mates at least found theirs edible, but only just. While we were there I noticed some big thing on the menu about the James Beard House, are they nuts! If they did cook at the James Beard House there is no way it was anything from this menu, so what was the point? Ego stroking? Just what benefit would a restaurant like this see from cooking at the James Beard House? Anyway that's it! I will never return to eat at this (Broadway) or any other Joey's. Service by the way was fabulous! At least someone knows what they are doing!
  6. Congratulations Gerald, how many Burger and Taco places is that now? I have lost track
  7. A number of restaurants seem to have started their Dineout menus early and are extending them later. A waiter pal told me that Tourism Vancouver gave one restaurant shit for starting early as if they were the only one, but didn't seem to notice over a dozen others that also started early. Is it OK to run Dineout longer, but not OK to start early? Just what are those rules anyway? The Teahouse (Sequoia Grill) started their Dineout about 2 weeks ago. I heard them being interviewed about it on the radio. Tried to make reservations this week for dinner and found many of my choices were already doing their DOV menu - and only their DOV menu! Parkside, Raincity Grill, Savoury Coast are all doing their DOV menu know (well Savoury Coast is offering choices from their entire menu for DOV so I guess you can't really say they have started other then the set price) I hear Aurora Bistro, Rare, C and Nu are all running their menus an extra week. Who else is starting early? Who else is running it later? Will we be Dineout saturated? Are we already Dineout saturated? Will there be a cap or will only lower end restaurants do it? Lots of the high end places pulled out this year. Will there be 250 restaurants doing it next year? Yawn. If you have to be a member of Tourism Vancouver to participate what do you have to do to be part of Tourism Vancouver? I thought you just joined?
  8. Side note: Have seen some comments questioning price points for DOV menus in restaurants. Please note that the price point that each restaurant may participate in is dictated by Tourism Vancouver. If your average entree is over a certain price point they will not let you have a DOV menu in a lower price, even if you are just on the edge. There are a lot of restrictions and rules that Tourism Vancouver dictate to the restaurants with lots of threats of dumping them from ever participating again or cancelling their membership if they don't comply!
  9. I agree! I am sure the restaurants would prefer if you gave up your large table on the busiest night in prime time (during Dineout yet!) and let them refill it. In fact my guess is they will fill it with tables of two and four within seconds of you releasing it. Not so sure it was a cool thing hogging tables during Dineout for a what-if...and I am quite sure that double dipping (holding 2 large tables during prime time on a prime night) (during Dineout yet!) was a cool thing. That’s what gives Dineout customers a bad name. And you people wonder why restaurants overbook! It’s so when this type of attrition happens they aren’t left with their best table open on a Saturday night! Naughty, naughty you! (and by that I mean something that’s a lot ruder) FB
  10. Bargain! - The Korean sub style sandwiches at the back of the Asia Market on Hastings near Main. Chinese sausage, various other fillings. $2.50 gets you a good size sandwich! Other bargains - Don't need your prosciutto or salami's in perfect slices? Planning on chopping them up anyway? Then ask for the ends. They are often sold off cheap!
  11. FWIW, I'm not exactly sure what your point is, but the A A Gill under discussion in this thread is Ms. Alexandra Gill of The Globe and Mail, not the Mr. A A Gill of London papers. ← I read this as a discussion on the Gill Review of the Week thread, not the AA Gill thread. You may have misunderstood the reference to the Telegraph - I believe Kloom is comparing her style to that, not mixing up the two Gills.
  12. Being that I could be accused of not having a sense of humour, although I stand by my opinion, whether or not it was meant to be funny, that bcinbc's item on Senhor Roosters was sexist and offensive (and shame on you Deborah for supporting it) I will say that I am surprised that most of you failed to see the humour, hilarity actually, in Connor Butlers' various communications over these past few months. I thought they were very funny with a unique perspective and I laughed out loud a number of times when reading his various posts. It has really peaked my interest in him and his restaurant, which I suppose was his objective. Clever marketing if you ask me. Even our own funny guys, Morrison, Maw and "Daddy-A" failed to see the humour in it. Ms Gill I understand, as she is not known for her sense of humour, but Mr. Maw and Mr. Morrison (the latter whose humour is similar enough for me to ask if his middle names are actually Charlie and McCarthy) are normally known for using a lot of humour, hidden meaning and double & triple entendres so I was particularly surprised that they failed to see the witty sarcasm and self deprecating humour in Mr. Butlers writing. I think it's quite refreshing to see his own writing rather then that of a publicist, although he perhaps should have taken a wee bit of pr advise on how to let those rather thick readers know that they were actually reading humour and not the ranting of an egotistic dickhead as you all seem to have taken him for. It sounds like his restaurant might be a bit out of my price range however I really wish him well and look forward to reading more of his writings (and rantings!)
  13. Well BCinBC I didn't know it was possible to turn a restaurant review into a sexist, somewhat offensive and yucky "I am a male stud" commentary, but you managed. Yuck!
  14. Went to the new Bosa location and I will certaibly now make that my number one shopping place for meats, Italian products, condiments and gifts. It was fabulous, so many quality products and I thought prices were good. Deli section is fab!
  15. Just read the new issue of Vancouver Magazine, best one yet! I was starting to give up on it but this issue is so different. Fresh and new info, especially on restaurants. How nice to read other writers and about different restaurants for a change. There is also a fabulous section on environmental careers. Great stuff!
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