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  1. We had one of the worst experiences i have ever had in Paris at L' Itineraires. I would never ever consider it again. They must have known who he was.
  2. I m so glad to hear it. We had a lovely dinner there last fall. I will make sure we go next time we are in Napa. They deserve to have support.
  3. Is there any way to tell what a restaurant is serving during Restaurant Week? I would like to try some of the places but I also would like to know if it was something I felt like eating. Do you have a choice?
  4. We are going to Cape Town for a week long meeting in two weeks. I need a few restaurants that I can take people.. Nice but not stuffy. I will make reservations at Savoy Cabbage. What about Five Flies,Greenmarket,95 Keeroom?I have a list from the Mount Nelson but it is just a list.I need help.
  5. i dined there a couple of weeks ago with a party of eight. it was a very mixed group and the waitstaff was lovely. Nothing was too much trouble. I like their food but I do not consider it outstanding. However, everything was well cooked and well seasoned.
  6. We went with out adult children to spend the holiday as a family. We are the foodies-they are not. We each had a couple dinner one night. Ours was at Bouchon. I was pleasantly surprised. it was much better than the last time we were there. i had a special for a first course-a citrus marinated salmon and it was wonderful. My husband had the trout and I had the chicken. Both were great. My husband had the creme brulee for dessert. Also great. Service was really wonderful considering it was a Saturday night before Christmas.I think I liked it better than Napa. We went to DB before Spamalot.The kids and I had the special pre fixe dinner. Both of them had the DB burger and were blown away. I had salmon with trumpet mushrooms but if there were any couldn't find them. Prefixe is served between 6-7 and is a great deal if you like what they aare serving. My husband had mussels. They were also good. Service was fine but for the thrid year running I told them it was our anniversery and they blew it. It is almost funny at this point. Delmonico's was Christmas eve. Not my favorite but last year it was great. This year it was not. the amuse was dreadful. I sent my steak back. Creamed spinach had an off taste. However, the kids LOVE the caesar salad made at the table. Sigh... We will probaby be back next year. However, the wine list had some nice bottles on it. Oh, Burger Bar was great.
  7. We are going to LV over the Christmas weekend and have one night to have dinner by ourselves sans grown up children.I would love someplace nice but I really don't want to spend the money for Guy Savoy. What to do? When I look at the pictures of Atalier, the portiions look tiny. I am not a big eater but they did look small. We have dinner res at DB the night after. One of the posters said that there are few B+ places and I guess that is true.
  8. We always go to LV during Christmas. However, we are Jewish so it is not our holiday. We usually do Delmonico's on Xmas Eve and it is always fine. If they open on Christmas I think it would be a lovely dinner. I be there are lots of places open on Christmas Day. The hotels will always have someplace to go. I would skip the buffet on any holiday. Mon Ami Gabi is probably open for something a little less fancy. I wonder if Bouchon is open.
  9. We are eating at DB and Delmonico's when we go to Las Vegas over Xmas. We are meeting our grown kids(30) . They are not foodies so I try not to overwhelm them with three fancy meals. I thought something Italiam and not too over the top.. We did Red Square laast year and they loved that. They did not love Barlotta..I think they want one meal that is fun. I still want good food. Is there a place for us?
  10. We are going to Natal Brazil for a conference next week and I wondered if there was anything special I should eat or any places that someone could recommend. We may not have a lot of free nights as my husband is the featured speaker but if we do I want to be ready.
  11. I loved DB at the Wynn and would try it again. The service and the food were wonderful and for Las Vegas I did not think it was all the expensive. I like FIX. I did not consider it to be the most fabulous but a good meal before a show. Lots of see and be seen but I ignore that. Skip Mesa Grill. So-so. I did not really love Olives. The service was dreadful and the food was no better than fine. It is difficult to find what one of the posters called the B+ restaurant. You are not into steak but my group who is loves Delmonico's. They have other things as well. The service is wonderful and the food is actually pretty good. I loved Rosemary's and might drive out there when I am next in LV.
  12. We had dinner there a few months ago and thought it was really good. They had wonderful veal cheeks. We are there before the theater and they had us out in plenty of time.
  13. I like the Gage a lot. It is not the most fabulous food on the planet but most of my meals have been enjoyable. We really like going there before Symphony. The mussels a few months ago were much spicer than they were the last week. I guess people complained but I really loved them. I also like the chicken.Fish is fine. They have a very broad menu that makes it easy to bring people that have food issues. If noise bothers you make sure you sit in the back.
  14. I want to make reservations in Barcelona and Girona. How early can we make dinner reservations? I know it chic to eat at 11:30 but I am an early to bed and early to rise girl. Also, other than Can Roca does any one have any other suggestions for Griona? Not as fancy -just good. Thanks.
  15. Actually, the Salon sounds perfect. I don't want to miss anything and we are going out to dinner as well. I will find it and do that. Thanks for the great thought! I knew one of you would have the perfect solution.
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