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  1. WD recently announced plans to close all Carolina stores. Fortunately, there is a lot of competition here in the Charlotte NC area: Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Bi-Lo, Aldi, Walmart, Lowes Foods. Myrtle Beach is pretty much a small southern town, especially in winter.
  2. It took me several batches of burned chicken to finally get the hang of it. Several important things: Big chicken - no worry. Asian cleaver. But don't take a swing at it. Chicken flys all over. First use the blade of the cleaver as a knife to cut down to the bone. Then lay the blade on the bone and using a dish towel to cushion your hand, apply pressure to the top of the cleaver. Cut through big thighs, breasts, even drumsticks. Rinse well to remove bone chips. Make double batch of spice. Put half in the buttermilk with the chicken, and a little sugar. Marinate overnight. Mix rest of spice with flour, coat the chicken, let air dry 30 minutes. This also lets chicken come closer to room temp, which helps in cooking I think. I got to know my pan/burner/oil. I use big cast iron pan, turn knob to 5 on electric range, add lard. I have heard people say bad things about store-bought lard, but they have not eaten my chicken. It seems to me fried chicken is a good example of cooking technique over recipe. Practice makes perfect (fried chicken.) I really enjoyed this topic. Look forward to the next one.
  3. Never tried the Nines, but I recall Romas as being pretty good. Not as good as Joe's back in the early '70's. And not as good as Scuteri's in my old hometown Watkins Glen, back in the '80's.
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